Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 38 - 37: On The Other Side Part 2

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When the girl opened their eyes again there were inside a room, the room was plain with nothing inside it. The three advanced and pushed open the door, immediately what greeted them was a big hall filled with a lot of Adventurers.

Some were taking quests, some were simply chatting exchanging jokes among themselves while some were drinking at the bar.

However, the bustling atmosphere inside the hall stopped as all eyes were directed at the three before whispers soon followed.

"Ugh... Aren't the three celestials?" asked one of the Adventurer who seemed to be drunk.

"Yeah, it's them. Beautiful as always. If only-" replied another Adventurer who didn't finish before being stopped by another burly Adventurer.

"Stop daydreaming, it's not the like of you that can have this kind of girl, there are celestials after all. Only the like of the first Prince could dream of. I said dream of, mind you, not that he can have them."

"Fuck your mother, I wasn't saying that, nor I have never thought of something like that. It seems that you don't love yourself. Continue saying something like this outside and you won't know when you heard have left his original place to roll at your feet." rebuked the Adventurer who had been stopped mid-sentence.

"Moron, It's why I'm freely talking here." the burly Adventurer responded while shrugging his shoulders.


The other Adventurer's laughter rang inside the hall, this was a daily occurrence whenever the girls came to the Adventurer guild.

As for their nickname, it was something that happened the day after they arrived at the capital. Everybody knew who they are, coupled with their beautiful appearances that don't lose facing the Imperial Princesses, no they were more beautiful than the Princesses, they were thus named Celestials.

Maria and the girls advanced toward a receptionist counter not paying any attention to the commotion they have raised after coming out of the room, the room they often appear in after using the teleportation scroll, calling it Returns Scroll would be more appropriate.

The Returns Scroll, something extremely rare and valuable only found inside the chest of a high-Level dungeon, many have tried to reproduce this Returns Scroll, something from the Lost Era but failed to reproduce it. Only inside a high-level dungeon one could obtain it. Thus only High level noble, or extremely wealthy merchants can own a few. It went without saying that the Royal family owned the majority of Returns Scroll coming out from the dungeons.

This scroll as the name suggests was used for one purpose, to return to a previous location designated as an anchor point by ripping the scroll. It works within a certain distance, hundred kilometers (50 miles) were the limits.

The girls owned few of these Scrolls something they received for safety purposes when they started adventuring refusing the offer to dive into the Royal family's dungeon. A privilege they deemed unwise to accept considering that it came with a shackle, the membership to a faction. Not planning to partake in any political issues for the moment, the three refused while Leonardo eager to enter the Princess' pants accepted.

"Welcome back, how was your day?" Asked an elf receptionist, it was a beautiful blonde haired Elf, she has a pair of green eyes reminiscent of a forest.

This Elf receptionist was named Ella, Maria, and then a girl's personal receptionist. It was strange to see that even the three have an Elf lady as a receptionist like a certain someone.

If one were to look closely, this Elf lady features seemed to be the same as Leena, Alex's personal receptionist. Who knows the two may share some degree of parentage.

Smiling Maria looked at Ella, the Elf lady she and her two best friends become acquainted with on their first arrival in this hall. Ella was the first to welcome them and since that day she had become their receptionist.

"Good afternoon Ella, same as usual, today wasn't different. 'La routine' like French people in my homeworld often say."


Sakuya chuckled while Luna lost in her thoughts didn't offer any response.

Ella heaved a sigh, having been accustomed to Maria suddenly speaking in different tongues she never heard of, Ella wasn't surprised knowing the girl's origins.

"A?, A?. Please bring out the monster's material." Ella says.

With the flick of her fingers, the proof of subjugations was brought out. A quick count left Ella rubbing her forehead feeling a headache coming.

The number of Goblin's ears in front of her numbered in the fifty, if only it was that, she would not be feeling headache, there were two rare species goblins ears mixed among the Goblin's ears, that's not all, there were several orcs ears as well coupled with few ant daggers (proof of subjugation, it grew on their back).

Ella was furious, they may be Rank 2, not far from Rank 3 but killing this amount of monsters with three members was borderline reckless.

"Say girls, can you not be more reckless?" Ella asked, eyes glaring at the three.

Knowing that they went a little overboard, the girls dropped their shoulders in surrender.

"Next time we will be more careful and kill only the strongest ones," Sakuya says innocently but what she said wasn't something someone who knows she was wrong would say.

Maria and Luna glared at their friends who don't know when to stop teasing others.

"Hehehe! Nice one Sakuya. Tomorrow I don't want any of you here. Tomorrow will be your daybreak, understood?" Ella announced with a smiling face, a smile that wasn't a smile.

The girl gulped, Sakuya wanted to say something but she received Luna Holy Bash skill on her head.

"Ouch, it hurts, why did you do that, you gorilla woman?" Sakuya spat while rubbing her head fearing it would leave a bump on her head.

Luna ignored Sakuya and acted as though she had heard nothing.

"Understood, Big sister Ella," Maria replied in the girl's stead while inwardly cursing at Sakuya, she vowed to teach the latter a later once they go back. Tomorrow she was planning to advance into Rank 3, Maria did not want to be left behind by Leonardo, who by now would be a Rank 3 already.

"Guess not everything went as the way one planify." Maria inwardly thought while glaring at Sakuya who shrugged her shoulders acting like she didn't know why Maria was glaring at her.

Luna on the other hand just rolled her eyes and once again was lost in her little world.

"Good answer. Be happy, Big sister Ella will accompany you lots tomorrow. Let's go on shopping sprees." Ella added, killing any ideas of secretly slipping away in the guise of sleeping.

Having seen that their fates were sealed, the three accepted the money after selling the monster's materials.

By the way, today they have earned Five gold coins after selling all the monster's materials.

The three left the guild after deciding on the hour and place where they will meet for tomorrow's shopping sprees with their Big sister Ella. Indeed, she was like their Big sister, It wasn't the first time that the four went out, they did it several times, sometimes Ella even sleeps in their Mansion when it was too late to go back to the Guild.

Eager to quickly go back to their Mansion, clean themselves before taking an afternoon nap, the three quickened their footsteps, unfortunately, they were forced to stop because in front of the Guild was a carriage, that could not be flashier, this carriage was automated one, bigger than the one the second Princess brought, like hers this carriage was white with the Drexia imperial insight on it.

Maria heaved a sigh feeling headache coming, she knew the owner of this carriage, someone she doesn't want to encounter, alas fate thought otherwise.

Luna frowned upon noticing the White carriage, like her friend she didn't like the owner of this carriage, he is too flashy, too clingy to her taste.

While her two friends were not happy seeing the carriage Sakuya was smiling, she put on a beautiful smile, a welcome, a smile of someone that is about to watch something interesting and as a bystander, she must enjoy the show, too bad there wasn't any popcorn close by or everything would have been perfect.

Maria and Luna glared at Sakuya whose mouth was curved up, she seemed to be enjoying their misfortune, and they knew she was enjoying herself.

The two braced themselves, ready to deal with the scourge that was about to come out from the White carriage.

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