Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 4 - 3: Explanations

After some time, Goddess Mea finally spoke.

"You've all seen your status, now I'll explain about Gift and some little things.

First Gift is a mysterious thing, I won't dwell on it, but you must know that your Gift is related to your class. That being said, your Gift determines your class. Take, for example, that blonde guy over there, his Gift is the Holy Sword Excalibur; you all know from the fantasy story back in your homeworld what Excalibur is, it's linked to Arthur Pendragon, wielder of Excalibur, he was claimed as the king, and at the same time as a hero. To make it short, if your friend there got Excalibur as a Gift, then his class will be without a a doubt related to the Hero class. His class is a hero, as you have seen.

Now, you will all summon your Gift, inwardly think that you want to summon it, and it will come out on its own."

Following what Goddess Mea said, Alex and the all summoned their Gift. When Alex was calling his Gift, he felt a little discomfort with shining light; his Gift appeared in his hands. It was a gun.

Yeah, his Gift was a gun, no two guns, to be exact. Appearances-wise, they were fantastic, one Silver while the other was Black. The silver gun looks like a Desert Eagle 50 EA (RAE-713 IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX Speedloader) with beautiful carving on it; it was an unknown language. The black one looks like Taurus 44 Raging Hunter .44 Remington Magnum Revolver.

Alex was dumbfounded looking at the two guns; what use can guns have in a fantasy world with magic, sword, and monster? The other world isn't Earth, you know.

Having calmed down a little, he looked at the other's Gift, as he thought, their Gift looks Fantasy like.

For Leonardo, it was the Holy Sword Excalibur. It was a golden double-edged longsword with beautiful carving on it, it gives a Holy aura, and at the same time, it emits intense pressure enough to make you want to kneel. Still, for some reason, Alex could feel the hatred coming from the two guns in his hands directed at Leonardo Sword.

'It must be my imagination.' Alex thought.

Dodolus's Gift was a big silver shield emitting a Holy aura. Kevin's Gift was a beautiful red sword longsword radiating powerful heat. Camilla held a medium red staff with two beautiful gems on top of the staff; one was red while the other was green.

Looking at Maria, Alex saw two beautiful crystal white daggers emitting a frosty aura, enough to freeze one soul.

Luna Gift was a beautiful white medium staff radiating a Holy aura that could calm one soul from any impure thought; she resembled the Virgin Mary holding that staff, breathtaking. She was a beauty before holding her staff, blonde hair, gentle golden eyes, an excellent proportion, her height was around 1,68 m (5.48 ft).

Everything about her seemed perfect however she was missing something to be genuinely perfect. But now, seeing her hold the Holy Staff, she seems perfect like a goddess, the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary; you can only worship her beauty, not have any impure thoughts.

Lastly, a Japanese girl named Sakuya, a beautiful girl, what Japanese people call Yamato Nadeshiko, black hair and black eyes, a little taller than Maria 1,72 m (5.64 ft). Her Gift was a Katana in a green sheath. When she unsheathed her Katana, a small wind tornado formed by numerous wind blades appeared around her.

Suddenly, Alex was interrupted in his thoughts by Kevin's laugh; looking at him, Alex saw him point his fingers in his direction, precisely towards his Gift as he said.

''Pfft hahahaha, looks at that loser, even his Gift is trash as well. Two useless guns. As expected from the man less than a goblin.''

Looking at him spouting those hateful things, Alex's expression did not change, nor was he upset; Leonardo was just a clown seeking attention whenever he could, not worth ruining his already lousy mood for.

Leonardo and his crew were laughing hard, almost rolling on the ground.

"If you have so much energy to waste, why not use it to think about what you will do on the other side instead of mocking others, and the worse is that the one you're mocking showed no reaction; to him, you look like clowns. Stop embarrassing yourself."

Suddenly, Luna's voice could be heard, which stopped the laughter; upon seeing that Luna admonished them, Leonardo clicked his tongue, not saying anything while Camilla glared at Luna; the latter did even spare Camilla a glance as she kept talking with Maria and Sakuya. They didn't seem surprised by her reaction.

Alex was shocked, not expecting Luna to be the one to speak. Looking at Luna for a moment, Alex sensed something, as if he was about to remember something; however, he couldn't remember what it was, no matter how hard he tried. Shaking his head, he decided to drop the matter for the moment and concentrate on something more substantial.

Alex vowed once again to make a name for himself in the other world even if his Gift turned out to be useless. He won't give up no matter how many hardships he would face on the other side.

From the start, Goddess Mea looked uninterested in Alex and other little shows as if she didn't care about it; looking at them, she finally spoke.

''Very well, you've now summoned your Gift, you can feel a connection between you and your Gift, if not it's either because your Gift is useless, by the way, it means extremely low tier Gift. The second case will be if it's sealed. You can only unseal it yourself if it's the latter.''

Leonardo and his crew at Alex with a sneer; they did not feel anything coming from his Gift; therefore, they judged his Gift useless.

Goddess Mea continued her explanation.

''Now, I will explain some little things about your status. As you've seen, your status looks like that of the game, so don't worry, everybody on the other side has one. You also understand what Class, Intelligence, Agility, Attack, and Defense are. Luck is related to your drop rate, while Magic Power MP for short is related to your magical capacity; it will increase as your level goes up.

BP is a bonus point, and it's used to increase optional stats, for example, Attack, Defense, MP or Luck, and so on. You got hundreds of BPs; use them wisely.

Skills are related to your Gift. You all know what appraisal is: it's a Skills to appraise various things. Some of you have normal appraisals, while others have advanced. For normal appraisal, the amount of information you'll get when appraising something comparatively to someone who has advanced appraisal will be limited.''

After taking a deep breath, Goddess Mea continued.

''Now I will talk about title, taking, for example, your title Otherworlder that you all possessed. This title gives you some advantages over the native on the other side. You will be given a

unique growth boost, allowing you to obtain more experience than average. It will also be easier for you to learn skills. The amount of BP you get per Level will double; if a native on the other side gets 10 BP per Level, you'll get 20 BP.

To put it simply, titles give you some bonuses, some advantages, and it's up to you to discover these advantages by yourself.

Language comprehension allows you to understand most of the language on the other side without learning them.

Item box is an isolated space where you can store non-living things; the time there is frozen, so the things you put there won't spoil. Your item box space capacity will increase with your Level going up. To use it, you have to say item box and space would appear, to store thing inside it, you have to touch the thing in question and wish to store it, and it will be done.

One last thing, to Level from Level 1 to 2 you will need 100XP, from Level 2 to 3 200XP and so on, it increases by 100 points each Level.

This is not a game; better cherish your life; if you die this time, you'll die for good, live well, you can choose to become whatever you want. I won't impose any shackles on you like to defeat some Demon king, nor I have some kind of expectation sending you there; live your life. Live well.''

Leonardo and his crew nodded their heads, pleased to learn that.

And naturally, Alex did not believe her; there is no free meal in this universe. There must be a reason for her to patiently explain things, not doing anything to Maria when she could have after Maria's outburst.

'Well, we'll see what she has in store for us later.' Alex became lost in thought.

Meanwhile, Maria was also thinking the same thing, her early outburst was a test to confirm something, and now that she'd confirmed what she was after, there was no she would believe Goddess Mea's words.

Looking at them, especially Alex, Maria, Goddess Mea seemed to know what they were thinking; she smiled before waving her hand; a white light covered Alex and others, sending them away.


Once alone, Goddess Mea sighed, suddenly a white light manifested, and from that light, a woman silhouette came out; she was beautiful, not less than Goddess Mea; she had black hair and dark eyes like the darkness itself.

Not in the slightest, disturbed by the newcomer's arrival, Goddess Mea said.

''So, how was it on your side, Nyx?''

The newcomer Nyx answered, ''Not bad, but you have a lot more promising seeds on your side than me, but there was a useless (low tier Gift) one that got missed in, it seems.''

''Useless, you say? No, I don't think so, his Gift is just sealed, and I don't know why but it seems that I have seen a record about his Gift somewhere, but I can't recall where it was. Ah! Forget about it.'' Goddess Mea replied.

''Oh! I'm interested now, but what is the Supreme Being thinking about making us do something like this? I don't get it. Mea, do you know anything?.'' Nyx asked, her eyes shining.

''Do not question his decision, you won't understand his will, me neither, we have to carry out his orders, that's all. Let's go; the others are probably waiting for us.'' Mea just said before vanishing.

Nyx pouted while muttering, ''It's not fun at all.'' before also vanishing.

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