Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 47 - 45: A Way To Increase One’s MP

While the girls were chatting inside Lea's room, Alex sat on his bed legs crossed. He decided to check the skill that Silveria had given him.

Thinking about the new skill in question, a blue panel window containing the skill's description appeared before his eyes.

『Blink: Skill that grants the user the ability to disappear and reappears at will within a certain range.

Skill Level: 1

Blink's Range: 100 Meters (328 ft)

The more the skill's level is high the more distance your Blink will cover while the amount of MP needed will reduce.

MP needed: 350』

Alex sucked a mouthful of air, it was indeed a nice skill, used wisely you can catch your opponent off guard by appearing behind him and fire a bullet at point-blank range. The problem was the amount of MP needed to use the skill, with his current MP Alex could only Blink three times before running out of MP, he needs MP to fire bullets, at best he could use this skill one time with his current MP.

Shaking his head at how unfortunate it was not to have a lot of MP Alex decided to ask Silveria's help maybe the latter could have a way that could help him increase his MP permanently besides leveling up.

"Silveria, is there any way to increase my MP besides leveling up?"

〖There is〗Silveria answered.

"Good, care to share?" Alex asked Silveria to explain.

〖The only way possible for you to increase your MP is to eat a dragon's heart.〗

"You must be joking right?" Alex asked not believing Silveria, thinking that she was joking with him.

Unfortunately, Silveria wasn't joking, her next words confirmed it.

〖And why would I joke about something so serious? I'm dead serious, you need a dragon's heart. You'll eat raw while eating it I will help you convert it into MP.〗

"Bleurgh! Don't joke about something like that. Why would I eat raw? I'm not some sort of fuckin cannibal. I've never eaten raw meat, it must stink like hell." Alex responded doing his best not to vomit. Just the idea of eating a raw heart makes his stomach churns.

〖It's either that or nothing.〗Silveria announced.

Seeing that there was no way out, sighing Alex asked fearfully, "I understand but where would I search a dragon heart? You don't intend to make me fight a dragon, do you?"

〖Not necessary and I doubt that there is a true dragon in this world. Well, for now, a wyvern's heart will do. You can only use wyvern's heart twice before it will become ineffective. The next time you will want to increase your MP you'll need a higher dragon heart.〗Silveria explained.

Hearing Silveria's explanation, Alex thought that it made sense. For now, he will search for a wyvern's heart, maybe he can purchase it because with his current Rank it was night impossible to face a wyvern. If he were to do all he would earn will a ticket straight to hell.

"I will ask Leena later if it is possible to buy a wyvern's heart. Hell, I bet it will be costly. Well, let sleep, good night Sil." Alex said before switching off the luminaes illuminating his room.

〖Goodnight Master〗Silveria replies as darkness enveloped the room.


The next day, the bright radiance of the sun had infiltrated the night sky completely.

Night was over and it was the start of a new day.

Alex woke up to find Gracier sleeping in the bed using his arm as a pillow. Smiling because he was sure that Gracier had sneaked out of Lea's room to appear here.

Alex left the bed gently trying not to wake up her. After doing his usual morning stretchings Alex went to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth. After finishing he came back into the room and get dressed in his Adventurer's gear.

By then Gracier had woken up, seeing the dressed Alex, she stood up and greeted Alex before proceeding to the bathroom.

Half of an hour later the two were eating their breakfast on the first floor. Lea was glaring at Alex. The latter had an idea why she was doing this.

"We will be going. See you tonight." Alex said after finishing, Gracier followed after whispering something into Lea's ear, the latter seemed to have calmed down after hearing Gracier.

Alex passed by Smith's store. Today there was a customer already inside the store browsing through armors and weapons. Sera was busy, seeing Alex enter with someone she had never seen, Sera stopped and glanced at Alex.

"Morning Alex. Who is the beautiful young lady beside you?" Sera asked with curiosity.

It was at that moment the other customer turned his attention on the new entrants. He was surprised by Gracier beauty. From his outfit, Alex judged that he should be a Mercenary.

"Morning Sera. This beautiful girl is my little sister Gracier. Sera this is Gracier, Gracier this is Sera." Alex introduced the two.

"Nice to meet you Big sister Sera," Gracier said politely.

Smiling because she started to like the red-haired girl who wore an eye patch, Sera replies


"How is your Old man? Did he finishes my orders?" Alex asked.

Tearing her gaze from Gracier, Sera replies while giving a change to the customer Alex considered to be a Mercenary. The latter had brought a bastard's Sword. He left after glancing at Alex.

"He's fine. He's not done yet. He was trying to find the best material possible to make the black jacket and the black pants, as for the shirt I have finished it."

"That's good but tell him to make it quick. I'm going to take an exam to become a D Rank Adventurer soon. I'll need them to complete the exam. Also, I would like to order another set of four throwing knives, they must look exactly like the previous one. If possible I want an enchanted robe for my little si-"

Sera cut Alex off and said "Oh so soon. Congratulations then. As for the enchanted robe, Leave to me. What color would you like little sister?"

"Red will do," Gracier responded. She seems to like red because two robes among the three robes she had brought yesterday were red.

"Nice choice. It will be Two gold coins. As for the four throwing knives, it will be Two gold coins and-"

"Hold on." It was now Alex's turn to cut her off.

"Can you reduce the total amount of money a little? I'm practically from the house you know." Alex pleaded.

Rolling her eyes at Alex because the words he said could be misinterpreted as him being her man. Sera sighed before deciding to reduce the total amount of money a little.

"It will be Four Gold coins then. All your orders will be ready in three days." Sera said.

"Thank you. Oh! I forgot to tell your Old man that I want to change how the belt I'll be wearing on top of the jacket will be."

Taking out an already drawn sketch Alex give it to Sera, the latter observed it before nodding her head.

"So, you want this belt to be altered so that it could hold your throwing knives?" Sera asked.


Hearing Alex's confirmation, Sera smiled before receiving the four gold coins. "Good, I'll tell him."

"We will be leaving then. Today will be Gracier's first day as Adventurer meaning her first quest." Alex declared.

"Oh? Good chance then little sister, be sure to listen to your Big brother. Alex, please don't go too hard on her." Sera advised.

"Don't worry Big sister Sera, I'll listen to Big brother Alex," Gracier answered with a smile.

"Good. See you in three days."

"I understand.Bye Sera, Greet the old man for me." Alex said.

"Bye Big sister."

Alex and Gracier left, leaving Sera behind, the latter mumbled "Alex is sure interesting. To think he will have a Half-elf as a little sister. you're a really interesting person."

She went behind her counter afterward praying that today they will have a lot of customers as they used to every time Alex visited them, he was like their lucky star after all.

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