Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

Chapter 246

Chapter 246

2-17 Invitation to Silver Church

“Rose, what have you done to Ester?”

“Brother Axel, it has been a long time. What did I do… I just [retrieved] Sister Ester, as instructed by the Queen.”

Condemned by her brother, the second prince, at the entrance of the mansion, the second princess Rose lightly poked her sister, who was lying on the ground, with the pointy toe of her knight’s outfit.

“I could see that you’ve done something! Hey, give me Ester!”

“Feel free to have her. I don’t need her anymore.”

Rose shifted to the side, and Axel’s followers rushed to retrieve Ester. But…

“Axel-sama, Ester-sama is unconscious!”

“…This… it seems like her spirit has been broken…”

Axel glared at Rose when he heard the voice from his follower.


“Sister Ester should be handed over to the Holy Kingdom as it is. Even if she never wakes up again, handing over the culprit will save the face of Silver Church.”

Axel looked again at his sister in front of him.

Compared to the wild Ester, Rose was quiet and plain, and he did not even remember her face well, but he did not expect her to be so ruthless and capable of easily disabling Ester.

Her face, too, was more well-formed than Ester’s, and the doll-like features that lacked a human touch horrified Axel, making him back away.

It was unlike the golden girl, who was also doll-like, but had the same doll-like appearance, but with a somewhat faded human smell.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some business to attend to.”

“Wait, where are you going, Rose?”

Rose turned her back and gave Axel a dark, horrified look.

“This is my original purpose for coming to this place. If you interfere, I’ll get rid of you too.”


Without further conversation with the exclaiming Axel, Rose trotted her horse to its destination.

“You collected it first? It’s surprisingly troublesome, that [Golden]…”


“Yurushia, Princess Rose of Silver Church, has requested to see you.”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll see her.”

Yesterday, after hunting down Ester in various ways and taking only her soul power, I had no choice but to leave her to Axel in the end, and only the crippled Ester was handed over to me that day.

Neither Axel nor anyone at Silver Church held their tongue, but it was said that Rose, the second princess of Silver Church, who was only 12 years old, was dispatched on short notice from Silver Church and took care of Ester.

I was at the castle because I thought she would probably come to the castle to greet him, but she didn’t show up until the next day, which is a lame excuse.

I heard that Rose had an audience with my uncle, the king, and asked to see me straight away,

“Uncle, can you leave the Silver Church business to me right now?”

“…Don’t be too reckless, okay? We can’t start a war with the neighboring countries, you know?”

“I’ll take care of it.”

My uncle returned to his office and chatted with me, looking a little sick to his stomach. Still, since it was an open secret that Silver Church was using Chimera, it was decided that it was best for me to leave so that I could deal with it.

Well, father was against it until the very end.

But now, with the King’s approval, I became the contact person for Silver Church. They gave me a lot of grief, but let’s see what they have in their hands.

So, I had a private meeting with Princess Rose at the end of the castle.

“Nice to meet you, Yurushia-sama, my name is Rose.”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

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