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Volume 11 - Yamata no Orochi: Chapter 45 – Female Prison Hell

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Volume 11 - Yamata no Orochi: Chapter 45 – Female Prison Hell

“Then where is the boundary monument?” Lily inquired, feigning compliance as the two guards escorted her. Unsure of the prison’s size, she surmised the monument couldn’t be far.

The guards had bound her in shackles, which Lily sensed were no ordinary restraints. While troublesome for those below the throned monarch level, they posed no challenge to her. The guards themselves also possessed throned monarch level strength.

“A simple guard with such power… This must be a special space in Yomi, or a place that both belongs and doesn’t belong to Yomi,” Lily pondered.

They traversed a cliff within a vast cave. Below, nearly naked women, shackled at the neck and connected by iron chains, toiled with shovels, mining ore. Numerous guards, clad in leather and armed with whips and sticks, were ready to punish any prisoner who slacked off.

Lily noted that the female prisoners were all strikingly beautiful. She wondered what misdeeds they had committed to end up here.

As they continued, Lily observed the cliff walls lined with cages, some even suspended from the ceiling. Many contained women enduring harsh punishments, some too brutal for Lily to bear witness. She turned her head away, her cheeks flushed.

“Ahh, feeling shy?” taunted one guard, noticing Lily’s reaction. “Quit pretending. Only the worst end up here.”

“Exactly. If you were innocent, how could you be here? Everyone here is a reprehensible wretch,” the other guard added.

Ignoring their taunts, Lily focused on sensing the boundary monument’s location. Most prisoners were mere souls, with few having entered this realm in body. Those who did faced disgraceful punishments. While most guards were of the throne realm, Lily noticed a few single-soul Big Dipper guards. Yet, she still hadn’t located the boundary monument.

There was no urgency for her to break free. Her spiritual sense spanned a wide area, suggesting the monument was near her initial appearance point.

Suddenly, an ancient, chaotic, and ethereal will, tinged with femininity, transmitted into Lily’s consciousness: “Those who wish to uncover the secrets of the female prison hell must endure one of its punishments.”

“What!?” Lily was taken aback. This message, beamed directly into her consciousness, might be a vestige of ancient will. Could there be truth in it? Or was it a trap?

“Suffer a punishment here? In this embarrassing and shameful place? No way!” Lily thought, skeptical of the will’s intentions.

“Hmph, what ancient will. It’s likely nothing but a ruse,” Lily concluded dismissively.

They arrived at a clear space along the mountain wall, where four women stood, one of whom was especially striking. Over 1.8 meters tall, with dark green wavy hair, she wore revealing leather armor akin to a one-piece swimsuit, complemented by intricate black stockings. Her appearance was both commanding and alluring, a rune glowing on her chest.

This woman, Meina Megumi, exuded a powerful aura, likely the strongest guard and the leader of the prison. She circled Lily, her laughter rich with mature charm and authoritative arrogance. “Ahahaha, to enter this hell with a body… You’re no ordinary woman. Such strength, yet committed to evil deeds. I shall see to your thorough punishment!” 𝓯𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝓷𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝙤𝙢

“Who are you? What is your intention?” Lily questioned, maintaining her composure.

“Me? You should feel honored that I, Meina Megumi, head of this female prison hell, will personally administer your punishment. My methods are beyond your imagination,” Meina declared with a hint of pride.

Approaching Lily, Meina remarked, “You have a delightful scent… truly a beautiful woman. Only the most disastrous of beings are confined here. If a disaster like you hadn’t arrived early, you could have wrought havoc in the world.” She lifted and sniffed Lily’s hair, murmuring, “Mm… smells so good…”

Lily, unsure of how to respond, remained silent.

Two guards brought forth a peculiar box adorned with depictions of various Yomi female demons and ghosts. The box featured a round hole with two planks above and below it, creating a bizarre appearance.

“Put her in,” Meina commanded.

The guards seized Lily’s arms, attempting to force her into the box.

“Enough!” In a sudden burst of strength, Lily shattered the shackles and repelled the guards.

“What!? Capture her!” came the outcry.

Several guards lunged at Lily with spears, but she effortlessly dodged their attacks. With a graceful sweep of her sleeve, Lily sent multiple guards tumbling away.

This female prison hell likely constituted a section of Yomi specifically designed to punish women guilty of adultery. Lily, not wanting to recklessly kill and disrupt the cosmic order, recognized her own intrusion into this realm and could not entirely fault the prison for its actions.

“B?i?t?c?h?! It seems a real lesson is in order!” Meina’s hand produced a long whip, which she swung rapidly, sending a crimson wave slashing towards Lily.

Lily deftly dodged, but the crimson wave unexpectedly struck her exposed thigh beneath the kimono’s slit.

“Ah…” A shiver ran through her body. Meina’s whip bore a special effect designed to subdue women, inducing emotions and weakness. Despite her strength, Lily had been momentarily careless.

“Ahh…” The whip’s contact sent a wave of heat through her body, forcing a groan from Lily.

“Your screams are delightful! Let me hear more!” Meina taunted, her whip swirling forward like a crimson tornado.

However, Lily was now more vigilant. Even without employing her full strength, she managed to evade each strike of the whip.

Not seeking needless conflict, Lily leaped down into the mines. In a fit of rage, Meina gave chase. Guards converged from all directions, activating various mechanisms and traps of the female prison hell.

Lily’s agility proved superior. She expertly navigated the minefield of traps and formations, each specifically tailored to subdue women.

“You are skilled!” Meina acknowledged, a desire to conquer this elusive woman growing within her.

Lily continued her evasion, eluding traps, guards, and formations in search of the boundary monument. Yet, its location remained elusive.

“What’s going on?” Lily pondered, growing increasingly anxious. Time was of the essence, and any delay could spell disaster for Izumo. Moreover, without locating the boundary monument, not only would she fail to destroy it, but she also risked entrapment within this realm.

“Why is this happening!?” Frustration mounted as Lily continued her search, finding no trace of the monument. If she didn’t find it soon, time would run out.

Her thoughts turned to her sisters and the other boundary monument breakers, potentially facing their own perils. Did she have no choice but to heed the ancient will’s suggestion and endure a punishment?

Resigned, Lily decided to act. As a celestial battle maiden, her defenses were formidable, and she could easily escape any danger. Given the prison’s all-female population, enduring a punishment seemed a lesser evil.

Feigning weakness, Lily allowed herself to be ensnared by a descending rope. The guards rushed in, securing her with their strongest ropes, designed to restrain even a triple-soul Big Dipper expert. freewebnovel.c om

Meina approached, lifting Lily’s chin with her whip handle. “Heh, thought you could elude me? There’s no escape from the female prison hell,” she boasted, her voice dripping with smug authority.

Lily averted her gaze, her eyes shut and cheeks flushed, refusing to respond.

“If not for breaking the formation, I would never have let myself be captured and endure such humiliation!” Lily thought, feeling both embarrassed and indignant.

“Escaping and resisting my guards warrants severe discipline. You’ll understand our rules soon enough. Put her in,” Meina ordered, pointing to the strange box.

Lily was pushed towards the box. One side opened, and she was maneuvered through the hole, leaving only her lower half visible. Shackled and blushing, she heard the click of Meina’s heels and the whistle of her raised whip.

Suddenly, amidst the box’s darkness, Lily noticed an ancient stone stele.

“Boundary Monument!?” Lily exclaimed, her statement interrupted by the sudden, sharp crack of the whip against her skin, fueling her humiliation and fury.

“If only I had seen it sooner, I wouldn’t have had to endure this unjust humiliation,” Lily thought, her eyes filled with vengeful anger.

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