Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 25 - Aurora Shot And Aguile

Chapter 25: Aurora Shot And Aguile

Chen Rui never practiced kickboxing in his past life. He didn’t have much fighting experience. He was slightly nervous at first, but he felt more relaxed the more he fought. Gob’s fierce attacks did not even touch him. Instead, Chen Rui quickly moved to Gob’s back and kicked right at his ass. Gob flew out with a classic fall down with hands and legs in the air.

Ganke noticed that the cloaked man was powerful. He took the hammer handed up by his underling and came forward, “Who are you? Haven’t you heard of my name, Ganke in the Dark Moon City? If you don’t want to die under my hammer, leave now!”

The cloaked man sneered, “So you are Ganke. I heard that you were subdued by a woman with one hand and begged for your life.”

What Chen Rui said was the time when Ganke was almost split into half by Athena at the city gate.

Ganke roared, took the hammer and rushed over. Ganke was also F-class, but he was much faster than Gob and his combat power was obviously higher. It seemed that the same rating still had a huge difference in strength. However, at present, the <Analytical Eyes> at Star Collector level couldn’t provide many detailed data.

Although Ganke’s strength was above Gob, in Chen Rui’s eyes, he hadn’t reached the point where Chen Rui couldn’t dodge. Chen Rui quickly adapted to the fighting rhythm. He took the opportunity, continuously leaped backward and distanced himself from Ganke. He then imitated the posture in the skill tree icon; opened all his fingers on his right hand and aimed at Ganke, then he said in his mind, “<Aurora Shot>!”

A white light filled the alley. In the horrified eyes of Gob and others, a huge light ball about two meters in diameter spurted out of Chen Rui’s palm and whooshed toward Ganke.

When the <Aurora Shot> was released, Chen Rui felt that the Star Power of his body seemed to be emptied by half. However, the hugeness of the light ball also shocked him. It wasn’t so exaggerated in the illustration video. That’s not <Aurora Shot>, it’s <Aurora Cannon>!

Ganke tried to dodge to the side, but he was still hit by the edge of the white light. His strong body was blasted off by nearly ten meters and fell heavily on the ground. The hammer fell out of Ganke’s hand, and coincidentally flew right over Gob’s head who just stood up. He was scared out of his wits.

The white light didn’t lose its momentum and finally hit the stone wall in the distance. The thick stone wall was suddenly penetrated into a huge hole; there were ridiculous cracks around it. Then, the whole stone wall collapsed. Fortunately, when the Ganke’s group was extorting the father and daughter, the sensible passers-by had escaped. Even if they heard any noise, they did not dare to come.

Ganke’s strong body fell on the ground like mud; his eyes were full of fear; his breastplate was torn and deformed by the terrible force; his hands were bloody; he was involuntary shivering and completely lost his ability to move. The centaur understood in his mind: I was just hit by the edge. If I was being hit directly, I might lose my life.

Gob and another acquaintance then realized they provoked a horrible enemy. They were so frightened that they quickly asked for mercy.

Although <Aurora Shot> emptied most of the power, the power was far above the imagination. Ganke was defeated in one shot. Chen Rui immediately felt kind of proud in his heart. He felt that the pressure in his heart since rebirth was completely swept away, and his confidence boosted tremendously.

“If you still dare to bully the weak, I will take three of your heads and hang them at the city gate!” Chen Rui pointed at Ganke who fell to the ground. “Now I give you two minutes. Before I change my mind, take this guy and leave!”

If I don’t bully the weak, am I supposed to look for someone strong like you to get killed? Crazy!

Gob mumbled in his heart and didn’t dare to say more. He asked his acquaintance to lift Ganke together and left in a hurry; he didn’t even dare to pick up the hammer.

The <Aurora Shot> consumed 10 Aura Value. Deducting the 2 points for <Analytical Eyes>, there were only 10 points left.

“The glory of sir is comparable to the dual-moon in the night sky of the Demon Realm! I truly appreciate your kindness.” The rescued elder dwarf stood up and kneeled before Chen Rui’s feet, together with the female dwarf.

Chen Rui greatly satisfied his hero complex since young. Immersing in the dual-moons purple light, he felt strong and powerful at this moment. He suddenly thought that he forgot to take back the money that was stolen away from the father and daughter. He could only endure the pain and take out a purple crystal coin, “Get up, this is for you, take it to buy food.”

The dwarf initially wanted to offer the few white crystal coins that he hid, but he didn’t expect Chen Rui to give him money first. He was stunned for a while, then immediately took the purple crystal coin as if he was scared that Chen Rui would renege, “Thank you, sir…!”

Didi thought in his mind, It’s so lucky today to meet such a blur-minded man, not only he fought off Ganke, but also gave me a purple crystal coin.

The Demon Realm advocated respecting the strong. Generally, the weak was meant to be bullied. Few demons would help and give money, so it was no wonder the dwarf thought this hero was crazy.

Didi pondered and said, “Sir’s kindness toward us is deeper than the Dead Sea. If you don’t mind, Didi is willing to give my daughter, Sasa to you as a concubine.”

The old dwarf was planning well. Although this man is dumb, he does have strength. Even the famous villain, Ganke couldn’t rival with him. If my daughter can follow him, then I’ll no longer be afraid of people like Ganke’s. Maybe I can even ride roughshod over the demons in the Dark Moon City.

The old dwarf’s daughter, Sasa heard those words and revealed her shyness, looking languishingly at the foolish hero.

Chen Rui’s heart and soul were shocked as if being hit by lightning.

Sasa was very delicate; her height was only at his waist; strange dark-green spotted skin; her face was pretty like an abstract art; both ears were big and long; bulgy eyes; protruding cheekbones; snub-nosed; gigantic mouth …, even the famous female internet celebrity in his past life had to admit defeat!

Chen Rui had a few chills. Such a devastating beauty — let’s give it to those in need.

Under the firm refusal, the old dwarf had to change his mind, “We received your kindness and had nothing to give in return. We can only devote ourselves to you.”

Chen Rui’s whole body twitched, and he shook his head hard. He then realized he hallucinated after the shock. The old dwarf meant to worship Chen Rui as the master – sticking to the strong was a common survival mean.

Chen Rui already had an imp servant who would brag and flatter. He couldn’t afford another one, and he didn’t want to expose his identity. He was helpless being pestered by the crying dwarf, but he didn’t want to lose his image to kick the dwarf away. So, he gave the dwarf another two purple crystal coins and finally got rid of the enthusiastic Didi and his daughter.

“Master, please leave your name!”

Seeing that after giving three purple crystal coins, the old dwarf still didn’t stop calling him master, Chen Rui was secretly saying that the old dwarf was greedy. He didn’t plan to increase the price anymore. He thought for a moment, and left a spontaneous demon name, then he disappeared into the dark.

“My name is… Aguile!”

He left after the incident without revealing his name. It was indeed cool but it was laborious and costly. Chen Rui made a helpless conclusion on his way back: Being a hero is risky. I must be cautious before starting this career.

The old dwarf looked at the cloaked man who had disappeared and kept rehearsing the name of the master in his heart. After a long time, he said, “Don’t worry, master. Although your brain isn’t very clear, Didi will definitely make good use of the money you left!”

Chen Rui didn’t know that in the next few days, he suddenly became the wolf’s skin for the old dwarf. He also didn’t know the spontaneous name “Aguile” would cause a huge commotion in the Demon Realm. At this moment, he was immersed in his great happiness of the newly-gained power.

After sneakily bypassing the guards in the outer courtyard and returning to the lab’s room, Chen Rui was still unable to sleep on the bed. He gradually calmed down from the excitement. Ganke was the small leader in the Dark Moon Guards. Based on the previous fight, his strength should be able to easily bully the ordinary demons soldiers. However, recalling the power that Shea showed at the Imperial Garden, he was still vulnerable. Not to mention someone as strong as Paglio.

Chen Rui wasn’t dispirited because regardless either Star Collector or Alkaid state was just a beginning. The road of getting strength was clearly displayed at his feet. It was just a matter of how to proceed.

Although Super System was awesome, he was still at the most basic stage. The Demon Realm had too many dangers and powerful existences. Before his strength was strong to the extend of controlling his own fate, he must be low-key and modest. The identity as an apprentice of a potion master together with <Breath Holding> were the best disguises.

Currently, Chen Rui had identified his direction. He was no longer the weakling who could only rely on luck and intelligence to resolve crises. In this unfamiliar and dangerous world of demons, he finally had a true asset to stay alive.

For the first time, he was full of confidence in the future after rebirth.

Aura! The most important thing at the moment is to try to increase aura. Not only for the skills, but also for the training ground, warehouse storage, exchange center… and many more…

The next day, Chen Rui began to try taking some poisons to increase aura but the effect wasn’t ideal. A bottle of deadly poison worth hundreds of purple crystal coins only grew aura by 2 points. Also, there were only a few bottles of this poison throughout the lab.

Aldas took it as Chen Rui was testing potions while studying. He looked distressed and tried advice Chen Rui to start testing with basic materials, and don’t be too ambitious. Luckily it was Aldas; if it was another master, this apprentice who only spent money and didn’t pay for tuition would be expelled.

Chen Rui also felt that the costs were too high, so he had to look for another way.

Sandro failed his challenge, the huge amount of money that was used as a bet was naturally left. Yet, it wasn’t completely owned by Aldas. Instead, most of them were given to Princess Shea for the development of Dark Moon City. Anyway, he was following her. If he really needed money for experimenting, he would then ask from the boss.

Chen Rui got a split of five black crystal coins. There should be more. It wasn’t because Aldas was stingy, but it was Princess Royal’s order. Therefore, Chen Rui could only accept it. Anyway, money wasn’t as important, staying alive was everything. Especially since he implicitly confessed to his female boss, it was good enough that he didn’t challenge her taboo.

If a white crystal coin was one cent, then the five black crystal coins were equivalent to five thousand dollars. Together with the purple crystal coins cheated from Kemp, although it couldn’t be regarded as the first bucket of gold since he came to the Demon Realm, it was definitely a small fortune.

The magic crystal coin itself was a kind of crystallized energy. The demons could enhance their strength by extracting the energy in the crystal. The higher the purity, the more expensive the magic crystal. The black crystal, purple crystal, and white crystal were currently circulating as currencies. Above black crystal, there were higher quality blood crystal and gold crystal, which were rare. No one would use them as currency.

Chen Rui tried to use <Aura Conversion> on the purple crystal coin last night. Indeed, it was able to convert and absorb. As shown in the icon, after successful conversion, the purple crystal coin was turned into a pile of powder, but the Aura Value didn’t rise; perhaps it only increased little amount after the decimal point.

Judging from the situation of the purple crystal coin, it would be not bad if the black crystal coin could exchange for one aura. He had only five black crystal coins which were equivalent to more than two hours of <Automatic Aura Absorption>. The direct conversion was not worthy.

That’s right! I can simply use these currencies to buy something that can add more aura!

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