Chapter 787 - 787 One Against Seven (Part 1)

787 One Against Seven (Part 1)

The strange monster who was the leader had a smile on its face.

“Interesting… I really didn’t expect that the backward East continent would give birth to such a powerful sword expert.”

As he spoke, Heavenly King Li’s gaze was fixed on Ye Xuan, who also locked eyes with him.

“You are their leader, right? You don’t seem like anything special though.”

“Sigh… I originally thought that I could enjoy a good fight, but it seems that I got my hopes up for nothing.”

“It’s okay. All of you, come at me. Otherwise, it’ll be boring.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone’s jaws dropped in shock.

Why was this guy so arrogant?

Was he going to fight seven ancient realm experts when he was one himself? Sure, he was a peak-level ancient realm expert, but still…

At this moment, the onlookers within the defensive formation shuddered.

One on seven?

For real?

On the other side, the six monsters behind Heavenly King Li were furious. West Heavenly King unhesitatingly drew his sword.

“Damn it! This guy is simply too arrogant. Big Brother, hurry up and give the order. Today, I must tear him into pieces.”

“He actually dares to look down on us like this. He’s not taking us seriously at all!”


“Since ancient times, this is the first time I’ve been looked down upon like this. Big Brother, let’s make this fellow experience what it means to be better than others.”

Looking at the furious faces of his comrades, Heavenly King Li’s face turned ashen. The initial plan was to have North Heavenly King fight Ye Xuan one-on-one. This was a form of respect and acknowledgement for his strength.

However, who would have thought that Ye Xuan would challenge all seven of them?

Heavenly King Li said, “Wait for a while. Let me test him and see what he is capable of.”

“Damn it! You really are incomparably arrogant.”

He released his peak-level aura and directed it toward Ye Xuan.

“He’s also at the peak of the ancient realm?”

Everyone was extremely shocked, and began to worry again. However, Ye Xuan simply ignored Heavenly King Li.

Heavenly King Li said coldly, “Come! Show me what makes you so confident in taking us all on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Heavenly King Li launched an attack without hesitation. A pitch-black sword appeared in his hand and tried to stab Ye Xuan.

“Oh no!”

From such a short distance, it would be difficult for most people to dodge. However, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Xuan stood there in a daze, watching as the enemy stabbed the sword into his chest.


The pitch-black sword could not advance at all. It was blocked by Ye Xuan’s clothes.

“Huh? What happened?”

Everyone was extremely surprised, and they stared at each other, not knowing what was going on.

All of a sudden, a powerful force burst forth, causing the Rainbow Robe to flutter. It repelled Heavenly King Li’s attack and forced him to retreat.

“Big Brother!”

The remaining six monsters were all shocked and rushed forward. Heavenly King Li only stopped after retreating hundreds of steps.

“Just what is that robe?”

He had never expected that Ye Xuan not only had a divine sword, but also this robe with incredible defensive properties.

His sword strike had been completely blocked by the robe alone!

In that case, unless they had a soul-type attack or even stronger divine powers, they would not be able to harm him!

After seeing their shocked expressions, the corners of Ye Xuan’s mouth curled up again.

“Hehe, not bad, not bad. You have some strength. Your sword strike made me feel a little pain.”

Ye Xuan said these words with a serious expression, which infuriated Heavenly King Li.

Was this not a blatant insult?

This was also the first time Heavenly King Li had been humiliated by his opponent.

“Damn it!”

After cursing fiercely, Heavenly King Li disregarded his reputation and shouted, “Everyone attack! I don’t believe that the seven of us can’t beat you!”

The other six strange monsters immediately charged.

“B*stard, eat this sword strike!”

North Heavenly King was the first to attack.

The other five monsters also unleashed a series of attacks at Ye Xuan..

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