Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start

Chapter 553 - 553 This Is the Scumbag They're Talking About, Right? He's in the Way

553 This Is the Scumbag They’re Talking About, Right? He’s in the Way

Just like that, Li Hao carried Linda and left the hall with the three Holy Lords as if no one was around.

The Duke of York’s expression was extremely ugly, but he did not say a word. He could only let Li Hao leave with Linda.

The nobles of the United Kingdom were shocked beyond words. They looked at the Duke of York differently.

“Dad, are we just going to let him take Princess Linda away?”

At this moment, Walker came to the Duke of York’s side and said, his eyes red.

“What else?” said the Duke of York in a low voice.

“But Dad, I’m not convinced! Princess Linda is mine! Mine!”

Walker saw his father’s expression but said directly, his voice filled with extreme anger and hatred.

Not only had the goddess he liked been slept with, but she had also been snatched away at this engagement ceremony in front of all the nobles.

It was a great humiliation!

This was a huge humiliation for Walker.

The Duke of York glanced at his son, but then his gaze landed on Elizabeth Yale.

“Queen, shouldn’t you give me an explanation for this?” The Duke of York said to Elizabeth Yale in a low voice.

Just now, Elizabeth Yale did not say a word and watched Linda being taken away without stopping her. This made the Duke of York very unhappy. Linda was her daughter, and she was the one who had promised Linda and Walker to get engaged.

Elizabeth Yale’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the Duke of York’s words. She could tell that he was hostile.

“Explanation? What explanation? I didn’t arrange for Linda to be taken away! Besides, I’ve already handed Linda to you. You didn’t stop her from being taken away. You can’t throw this on me, right?” said Elizabeth Yale directly again.

“But you didn’t discipline your daughter well! There are men outside,” said the Duke of York coldly.

“From today onwards, Linda doesn’t belong to me, Elizabeth! She’s also not a princess who doesn’t fall from grace… Everything about her has nothing to do with the Elizabeth family!”

At this moment, Elizabeth Yale spoke again.

Hearing Elizabeth Yale’s words, the Duke of York’s expression darkened again.

“Do you think it’s enough to expel her from the Elizabeth family? Hmph! This matter isn’t over!”

The Duke of York snorted again and said angrily. He glanced at Elizabeth Yale coldly with an inexplicable look in his eyes and said to Viscount Walker beside him, “Let’s go!”

Then, the Duke of York left, followed by Viscount Walker and the York family.

After what had happened, they were too ashamed to stay any longer.

After the Duke of York left, Duke Barker, Duke Devon, and the others also left.

The originally lively engagement ceremony ended after the protagonist was taken away. There was no need to continue.

Duke Cavendish did not come to Elizabeth Yale’s side until many people had left.

“Queen! You have to be careful… York will jump over the wall in desperation!”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If the Duke of York was forced into a corner, he would attack.

At that time, the entire United Kingdom would be in turmoil.

“Thank you for the reminder! However, Duke Cavendish, whose side are you on?” Elizabeth Yale asked Duke Cavendish directly.

“I’m on my side,” said Cavendish calmly again and left.

After everyone left, Elizabeth Yale still stood there calmly and muttered, “Linda, are you leaving just like that? You’re lucky! But the Elizabeth family is in a dead end…”

Elizabeth Yale knew that the Duke of York would not let this matter rest. If the engagement ceremony was successfully held, there might be a chance to turn things around, but it was impossible now.

Elizabeth Yale did not expect things to turn out like this, but there was nothing she could do at this point.

The current calm should be the calm before the storm.

Linda felt dizzy in Li Hao’s arms.

“You guys can go back!” Li Hao said to Adam and the other two who were following him. Then, Li Hao prepared to go straight back to China.

“Yes! Sect Master!”

The three of them did not dare to disobey Li Hao’s instructions because they had already signed a contract with him.

Hence, the three of them left and returned to the Holy Church of Light in the Sunset Kingdom.

However, beside Li Hao was a beautiful figure in white. She looked at Li Hao quietly. It was Ye Hongxiu.

“And who is she?” Ye Hongxiu asked Li Hao in a low voice, her eyes filled with hostility.

“Uh, she’s my… woman!”

When Li Hao heard Ye Hongxiu’s words, his heart skipped a beat. If he had known earlier, he would not have brought Ye Hongxiu along.

When Ye Hongxiu heard Li Hao’s answer, her expression turned cold.

“You already have Baiyi… Baiyi is someone you have to marry,” said Ye Hongxiu calmly again.

“Boss, who’s Baiyi?” asked Linda in surprise.

Speechless, Li Hao said to Ye Hongxiu, “What do you mean by having white clothes? I haven’t even touched Mo Baiyi! I didn’t ask her to marry me… She insisted on swearing…”

Hearing Li Hao’s words, Ye Hongxiu glared at him again.

“I was wrong about you, Li Hao! This is the scumbag they’re talking about, right? Hmph…”

As Ye Hongxiu spoke, she floated away without another word.

‘What? Scumbag?’

He was actually a scumbag.

Li Hao was speechless.

Alright, so what if he was a scumbag… Men were scumbags until they died…

“It’s good that you left! Don’t get in the way…” muttered Li Hao again as he watched Ye Hongxiu leave.

“Boss, in the way? What’s in the way?” Linda heard Li Hao mutter and could not help but ask curiously.

“Call me Hubby!” said Li Hao directly.

Linda blushed again when she heard Li Hao’s words.

“Hubby!” Although Linda was embarrassed, she still shouted obediently.

Hearing this, Li Hao’s heart itched.

“How obedient! Let’s go and do what we love to do…” said Li Hao directly, a naughty smile appearing on his face.

“Huh? You’re so bad!”

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