Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler

Chapter 384: The First Step into the Greater Sky

When everyone heard Saiko Intelli's words, they were enlightened and felt dumb to forget such information. The Elven Races have migrated to the Douluo Planet for three years, so not realizing this caused them to feel embarrassed even.

"Have I gone senile?" David smiled wryly. He had been hiding in his lab and barely made contact with the outside world, and even if he went out, it was to test his weapon.

Kyudai rubbed his bald head helplessly and said, "The Elven, huh? They are living on the Life-Transcending Island near the Extreme North."

"Even though we were allied to them, the Elven never made the first move to help us. Of course, that doesn't mean we were on a bad term as our custom is too different."

Momo and the others had a troubled look when Kyudai mentioned this matter.

"The Elven Race hasn't integrated themselves much into the Douluo Planet." Saiko Intelli said while sipping her tea. "However, If we asked them to share their knowledge, they'd give it without much problem."

"I have read several books regarding their ancestry and origin. They have a Spaceship, but most parts were created not by engineering nor better technology but Nature Sorcery/Magic."

Mei raised her hand, "If I could get my hand on the Blueprint of the Spaceship, I can create it." 𝗯𝗲𝗱𝗻𝐨𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

"But the spaceship would only have the same durability as your cultivation base..." Intelli retorted, making the pink-haired girl gasp in realization.

"Damn, that's true..." Mei fell into contemplation.

Momo opened her mouth and said, "Why don't I mimic it?"

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"The Golden Orb of Alchemy allowed me to scan any materials I touch."

"As long as I understand the structure, I could create and alter them to match our field of Engineering."

"Melissa, your Science, Engineering, and Technological Squad should be able to assemble the parts, no?"

"We can," Melissa nodded confidently. "Just like Mei said earlier, All I need is the parts and blueprints."

Yunlong smiled slightly and contacted Yun Lingxi through their Spiritual Connection. The Elven Queen gasped a thousand miles away, hearing Yunlong's voice.

"Lingxi, come to the palace."

He then created a portal, connecting the Conference Room and the Life-Transcending Island.

But their sight is quite interesting.

"W-wait, Master. I'm not ready!" Yun Lingxi blushed hard, clutching her near-transparent white bathrobe. She was about to take a bath when Yunlong contacted her.

"Yunlong/Your Majesty!" The other four ladies in the room glared at Yunlong.

David and Kyudai swayed their heads away, not daring to take a peek at Yun Lingxi. The Elven Queen might appear sheepish before Yunlong, but she's a literal t-rex when angry.

"My bad." Yunlong faked a cough and created a light curtain, shielding Yun Lingxi.

After a while, a reddened but dignified Elven Queen stepped out of the light curtain. She wore a royal green dress and white stockings, covering her perky bosom and sizeable rears. The clothes capture her voluptuous body and meaty white thighs perfectly.

Yunlong coughed again and said, "Continuing the topic."

"Lingxi, can you lend us your Elven Spaceship for a while?"

The Six Researchers' eyes dimmed, waiting for the Elven Queen's response.

Yun Lingxi was caught off guard and then understood what Yunlong meant. She giggled and answered, "Of course, Master."

"I'll lend our Spaceship, but I'm afraid it would only provide reference and idea for the Bright Spirit Labs as "Elven's Arc." is made of our Ancestor's Ten Thousand Years Effort."

"You also want the Outer Space's Map, correct?"

"Yeah." Yunlong nodded in confirmation.

Yun Lingxi giggled even further and added, "Then, I advised the Master to prepare everything meticulously."

"The space beyond the Douluo Solar System is dangerous because countless powerful races and monsters live there. Some even occupied the entire galaxy."

"Don't worry." Yunlong smiled confidently. "As long as I'm the ruler of this Bright Spirit Empire, Humans, Spirit Beasts, and Elven Race won't be on the losing side."

Everyone in the room believed Yunlong's words. After all, he was their Supreme Ruler.

Their God-King.

"Very well, then I'd send Elven's Arc soon. Some of our sorcerers will also come along to share our Ancestor's Knowledge."

"I hope we can unite and exceed our current prominent stage." Yun Lingxi gracefully bowed toward Yunlong and the Six Researchers.

"Leave it to us, Elven Queen!" The Six Researchers nodded simultaneously. They are excited to build a spaceship.

Saiko Intelli suddenly clutched her head and released an unbearable Mental function. It shocked everyone, excluding Yunlong, who knew what she experienced.

[Ding! Subject: Saiko Intelli has fully absorbed the Demi-God of Knowledge and Widsom's Package]

[Saiko Intelli's "Mage's Brain." has experienced a secondary awakening...]

[Mage's Brain has become Great Mage's Brain]

Saiko blinked a few times, sensing the change in her Spiritual Sea. Her eyes turned red due to the Red Demon Eyes she cultivated.

She noticed the surrounding area turned brighter. There are also countless atomic elements hovering around.

Saiko Intelli stared at Yunlong and saw a boundless Spiritual/Mental Power oozing from his body. It was incomparably powerful, making her feel suffocated as if a heavy starry sky dawned on her face.

"Uugh..." She gasped painfully.

Yunlong chuckled and commented, "Congratulations, Intelli."

"You have broken through and reached 69,000 Units of Spiritual Power."

"Your Mental Capacity is similar to Wild God, meaning your next step is to raise your Spirit Energy and convert it to Immortal Qi. If possible, you should also refine your physique."

"Your Majesty, you are..." Saiko Intelli was nervous.

Yunlong waved his hand casually, "This is nothing."

"I didn't even know what level of Spiritual Power I am right now."

"Oh, okay." Saiko Intelli nodded, calming herself.

She was "literally." humbled by Yunlong.

The others are puzzled.

Yun Lingxi observed Intelli with an amused expression, thinking this young human has great potential. Even though she didn't know how high Intelli's achievement in Martial Arts was, it can get honed.

"Okay, the meeting is over." Yunlong clapped his hand.

"Bring your men and take every information we could get from Elven's Spaceship."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" The Six Researchers responded firmly.



A day later

Bright Spirit Lab No. 12, Spaceship's Development Center.

A massive black arc made of wood and vines is floating. It gave off suppressing feelings.

Melissa Shield scanned the arc and began writing something in her notebook, her Runic Pen dances, and mapped every detail of the Elven's Spaceship.

Mei and Momo entered the arc and took some samples, bringing them to another department to tackle.

Kyudai and David are talking about the Sun and Moon Empire's Technology, trying to incorporate them into the newly designed Spaceship of their own.

Meanwhile, Saiko Intelli held a meeting with the Elven Sorcerers and thought of a way to copy their method through reverse engineering.

She drank her tea and mumbled, "Anti-Gravity Field, Stabilizers for the Long-Ranged Teleportation."

"No, it's not just teleportation..."

"A warp?"

Rubbing her head, Saiko Intelli brought a whiteboard and wrote several equations.

"The Elven used "Spell." to distort the local "Space Continuum." and then moved the Spaceship at velocities that could greatly exceed the speed of light."

"To protect and stabilize the Spaceship. The spells used are generating a "Warped Field of Space." and forming "Spatial Bubbles." to envelop the Spaceship."

"Did they also use Wormholes?"

Several ideas popped into Saiko Intelli's head, rendering the elves around her speechless. They would have never thought a human could deduce so many points their Ancestors used on the Elven's Arc.

Respect filled the elves' hearts, watching Saiko Intelli in enthusiasm.

"If I knew there was someone like her in human groups, I'd have visited the Bright Spirit Labs earlier." An elderly elf sighed.

"Such a wise and talented fellow."

Saiko Intelli finished her equation and mumbled, "Warp Engine..."

"We needed a Warp Engine to do Interstellar Travel."

"My equation is at the right spot. We need someone to design it."

A smile appeared on Intelli's face as she mumbled, "Mellissa could design it. Momo will make the raw materials and components. And Mei will assemble them first as prototypes."

She recalled Yunlong's determined look and said, "I'll not let you down, Your Majesty!

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