Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler

Chapter 389: Odd-Eyed Race, A Stranded Alien?

--- Chapter 386 ---

Dream Beast Galaxy, Lonely Dream Star Field.

The Devil Star Exploration Team, led by Kaina Tsutsumi(Lady Nagant) and Kai Chisaki(Overhaul), has been exploring the vast universe of Douluo Dalu-6969 for a whole month.

They traversed from star to star, solar system to solar system, and galaxy to galaxy. They have met countless races in this vast field, yet none seems to possess intelligence.

The Elven called them Space Beasts.

Space Beasts are dangerous as they are unfortunate creatures left behind from the early creation of the universe. In a way, they belonged in the same era as the Divine Beasts. Except they didn't grow nor become Divine Beasts because they don't possess wisdom granted by the Universal's Laws, causing them to stay as wild creatures that only know to roam in space and destroy everything.

That's what Elven stated, but there seems more to it.


Inside Fraxinus S73's Training Field, Kaina Tsutsumi faced Kai Chisaki with a calm expression and rushed forward.

Kai Chisaki frowned and rushed forward as well, stretching his glove-covered hands.

After being beaten to near death by Empress Bibi Dong, Kai Chisaki developed a deep trauma toward little girls. It was so bad that when he saw Eri or any little girl, he'd run away and throw up, remembering a hideous experience.

One might wonder just how badly Bibi Dong dealt with him a few years ago. And it wasn't physical trauma, but spiritual trauma created by a God-Level Being that can't get healed unless he pays a hefty price.

So, in the past three years, Kai Chisaki has repented for his past mistakes and done many good deeds to ease his Bad Karma. Right now, he can get considered to pass the test placed by Bibi Dong and become part of Bright Spirit Empire's Special Squad, Heavenly Retribution Squad.

Heavenly Retribution Squad is a group of people that maintained the balance in the Bright Spirit Empire. They observed everything from afar and acted like a silent social order system.

After cultivation for three years, Kai Chisaki has surpassed his past self by a million times. He could kill his past self without moving at all.

Still, Kaina Tsutsumi is no pushover.


A faint film of red energy covered Kaina and Kai's arms as they clashed mid-air. It's the improved Mysterious Jade Hands from Tang Sects and now can be called "Asura Body.", which allowed one to harden all their body parts and imbue a crimson jade-like quality to them.

Not only does the Asura Body enhance one's physical prowess through continuous training, but it also helps one manifest natural energy.

In a way, this technique allowed one to become a Sage-like person in the Shinobi World. Of course, there is no specific nature to the Asura Body like Snake, Slug, or Frog, so each stance used is unique to oneself.

It all depends on their belief, training, and talents.

For example, Kaina Tsutsumi's body gained a metal-like luster with Wind and Fire Elements flashed between her palms, which reflected her quirk of "Rifle." and Wind-Fire Elements from her Martial Souls.

On the other hand, Kai Chisaki's body looks rather ordinary. His entire body was clad in white and black matter, swirling infinitely.

Overhaul utilized the impact from Lady Nagant's attack and redirected it with his kick. A white light penetrated the air as Lady Nagant dodged three inches away, launching a punch with her other hand.

Looking at his failed counter, Overhaul laughed and brought forward his knee. π›π—²ππ—»π—Όπ˜ƒπžπ—ΉοΌŽπ—»πžπ˜


Lady Nagant clenched her thigh and smacked his knee away.

They are currently in a deadlock.

Then, Lady Nagant took the initiative to break it.

"Rifle." Her finger suddenly transformed into a miniature rifle.

"Tsk." The target clicked his tongue in annoyance.


Overhaul freed himself from the deadlock and pulled the glove in his right hand. He stretched his hand and watched a bullet made of blood cutting through the air.


The blood crumbled upon the touch of Overhaul's hand and turned into a small red needle. "Take this back!" He threw the needle at Lady Nagant.


Lady Nagant indifferently shot another bullet and hit the needle that was even thinner than a hair. She assumed a stance and marched forward.

'Gun-Fu!' Overhaul's mouth twitched. Everyone in the army knew that Kaina Tsutsumi(Lady Nagant) was one of the best candidates for the Goddess of War's Position.

No one could rival her besides the Three Commanders and some special squad members in short or long-ranged battlefields. Her Quirk: Rifle and cultivation are blessed as their synchronization rate is over 120%, allowing greater power like Gun Devil(Juu No Akuma) to manifest.

It was enviable.

A unique case like Kaina Tsutsumi only happened once in millions. Even Bright Spirit Labs was trying to increase this chance, but no result was available for three years besides some theory.

'I think I need to get serious now, Shit-!' Overhaul was about to do something when Lady Nagant suddenly disappeared from his field of vision.

As if she was teleporting, Lady Nagant had arrived before Overhaul and pulled her finger like it was a gun.

"This is my victory." Lady Nagant said while patting the end of the finger on Overhaul's forehead.

Overhaul's hand was about to reach her stomach, but he could only smile bitterly. It was only a spar, not a life-and-death fight.

If they weren't in the spaceships and any other places, Overhaul wouldn't be this passive.

Their wristwatch suddenly rang as a voice came out, "Captain, Vice-Captain, you guys should see this!"

"We'll be there soon." Lady Nagant responded while wiping her sweat off her face.

"Let's go."

Overhaul nodded, and they immediately teleported to the control room, where several people had gathered.

"What happened?" Kaina asked while sitting on her captain's seat.

A young man with black-rimmed glasses stepped forward and opened his mouth, "We detected an unknown distress signal from a planet 3,871,091 miles away."

"Distress Signal?" Kaina frowned slightly.

They haven't met a single race with intelligence so far.

Even after traveling across countless galaxies, making it odd for everyone.

Except for finding new territory in this vast space and slaughtering Space Beasts, their Exploration Team hasn't encountered something like a "Distress Signal." at all.

"Dr. Wei, Contact the Headquarters first." Kaina decided to play safe.

"They'll decide how we should contact the Distress Signal."

"Okay." The young man with black-rimmed glasses nodded.

After Dr. Wei sent a message, Kaina told others to send some Reconnaissance Drones to monitor the surrounding area.

Near 4 million miles seems far, but Warp Engines and many other bizarre abilities nullified that. They should be more cautious in a situation like this.

An hour passed, and Dr. Wei returned with a positive response.

"Made contact. That's what the headquarters ordered."

"Also, be careful... Whether they are hostile or not, we should keep the target alive for more information."

Kaina rubbed her forehead and said, "Activate the Barrier and Warp Engine."

"Yes, Captain!"

The massive spaceship released a bright white barrier and disappeared, moving to the distress signal.


They arrived, and what they witnessed was mind-boggling.

"This is..." Someone in the control room muttered.

"What is this?"

Before the observation screen, they saw a red planet with an asteroid belt made of metal scraps.

<Scanning... > A female voice echoed in the control room. It was Alice(AI), which was "actually." created by Saiko.

<Several unknown lifeforms are detected>

<A signal connection is requesting a link?>

<Danger Level: White>

<Captain Nagant, Should I accept it?>

"Yes," Kaina responded calmly.

An additional screen emerged on the observation screen, and everyone focused on it. A red-skinned male humanoid similar to an elven appeared, but weirdly this fellow had a slit on its forehead.

"Ah, finally..." A hoarse voice echoed from the speaker. Surprisingly, it was human's language.

"Finally, someone accepted our distress signal!" They could hear the excitement from the red-skinned humanoid.

"Hello, traveler. My name is Arum Nok."

"I'm Odd-Eyed Race from the Dream God Planet and stranded in this place due to the spatial disturbance."

"I released the Distress Signal because the Space Shuttle I used was "heavily." damaged by the spatial disturbance. It's been one year..."

"P-Please get me out of this place!"

Kaina didn't respond and glanced at someone from the Intelligence Division.

The leader of the Intelligence Division blinked a few times and said, "He didn't lie."

After hearing that, Kaina walked to the screen and said, "Hello, Arum Nok."

"My name is Kaina Tsustumi. I'm the captain of the Bright Spirit Exploration Squad."

"How can we help you?"

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