Earth’s Greatest Magus

Chapter 1992 Top 8

Chapter 1992 Top 8

?The anticipation in the arena reached a fever pitch as the lineup of the top eight warriors was announced, their battle powers determining the matchups. Like a symphony of power, four warriors with higher battle ratings were pitted against their counterparts with slightly lower scores. The list of the four strongest contenders was unveiled: freewebnovel. com

Brandt, 35 years old, battle power of 125

Eir, 38 years old, battle power of 115

Artha, 35 years old, battle power of 110

Mars, 27 years old, battle power of 108

In a seemingly random draw, they were matched against their lower-rated counterparts:

Broken sword, 55 years old, battle power of 96

Gwen, 33 years old, battle power of 95

Octavius, 24 years old, battle power of 94

Glita, 29 years old, battle power of 90

The arena crackled with excitement as the matchups were revealed. Brandt, the Vanir warrior, found himself facing the formidable Broken Sword, a legendary figure with years of unparalleled skill. Simultaneously, the valiant Gweeneth prepared to engage in combat against Eir, the esteemed Valkyrie warrior.

The senior monks overseeing the tournament signaled the commencement of the battles. "Fight starts!" echoed through the arena, and the four figures entered the battleground.

Brandt stood at the pinnacle of his power, drawing upon both innate talent and the ancient legacy bestowed upon him by the Venehiemer king. A mere step away from entering the prestigious magus realm, he exuded an aura of dominance. Facing the legendary Broken Sword, Brandt's prowess became apparent as he asserted control over the seasoned swordsman, compelling Broken Sword to admit defeat.

In another arena, the audience was captivated by the dynamic duel between two northern beauties—Gweneth, the valiant female knight, and Eir, a Valkyrie warrior from the north. Their impressive clashes of sword and spear painted a vivid picture of strength, skill, and unwavering determination.

Eir's spear technique was a testament to her flawless skill, mirroring Brandt's prime form in the adjacent arena. The audience could sense Gweneth grappling with the formidable challenge posed by her opponent. Every strike from Eir seemed to carry the weight of precision and experience, creating real trouble for Gweneth in the arena.

Emery couldn't help but take a special interest in her struggle against Eir. He has heard that Gwen had faced Eir in practice fights before, however never emerging victorious without the aid of the Excalibur. Klea, sensing Emery's concern, reassured him with confidence, "Don't worry, she will win." fr eewebn

Despite the formidable challenge posed by Eir, Gweneth, fueled by an indomitable fighting spirit, never faltered. Even without wielding the legendary sword, the Britannia Queen appeared as if touched by the power of light, radiating an aura of resilience.

The battle between the two northern beauties unfolded with a fierce exchange of blows, each strike a testament to their strength and determination. After a prolonged and grueling fight, Gweneth managed to secure victory, albeit by a narrow margin.

All Britannia knight who had accompanied her erupted in cheers for their queen's hard-fought triumph. From a distance, Emery, couldn't help but share in the jubilation, silently cheering for Gweneth's triumph over adversity.

The spotlight then shifted to the last two battles, featuring two of Rome's top fighters, both clad in the distinguished centurion armor. Octavius, a Roman noble hailed as the number one genius, stepped into the arena with an air of confidence. The second Roman figure, ragged and towering, stood as another tribute, akin to Titus and Arminius. This Gaulic descent warrior was bestowed with the grand title of the Roman god of war himself, and bore the name Mars, symbolizing the epitome of martial prowess among his peers.

On the grand stage, Octavius found himself pitted against the same monk who had earlier defeated the renowned Marc Anthony. Despite being in his twenties and facing a considerable difference of 15 battle power points, Octavius displayed a remarkable showcase of sword and shield skills. The audience watched in awe as he held his ground against the formidable monk, challenging expectations and proving his mettle in the intense clash.

Meanwhile, the attention of the spectators shifted to the other arena, where a seemingly simple-looking girl named Glita, adorned in primitive leather clothes, stood against the claimed Roman god of war, Mars. The audience expressed their disbelief, voicing concerns about the seemingly unfair match.

"This is not a fair match!"

"I cannot see this... The girl is going to get killed!"

"Do not get yourself hurt, girl. Get down!"

However, their predictions took an unexpected turn when, after a few clashes, the seemingly cornered and vulnerable Glita underwent a startling transformation. In a sudden metamorphosis, parts of her body became covered in fur, and her claws grew sharp.

Followed by a battle roar and empowered by this mysterious change, Glita deftly toyed with the giant figure and emerged victorious. The spectator's jaws dropped in astonishment witnessing the unexpected turn of events.

"That was crazy!!"

"She is a scary monster!"

"I pitied that Roman"

The sight of his comrade's loss only fueled Octavius's determination to new heights. With precision and impeccable timing, he deftly blocked Artha's fiery palm with his shield, swiftly countering with a skillful shield bash technique. The impact of the move left the monk winded, nursing a throbbing headache from the unexpected maneuver.

What transpired next was a masterful exhibition of Octavius's combat prowess. He unleashed a series of well-timed and intricate combinations of attacks that, while not devastating, dealt a series of moderate blows to the monk.

The spectators, caught up in the intensity of the battle, erupted like a wildfire. The haters of the Romans found a renewed voice in the supporters of the monks, creating a tumultuous atmosphere. Yet, Octavius, undeterred by the division in the crowd, displayed his undeniable talent, gracefully defeating the skilled monk.

Seeing the final disciple fall in defeat, the Abbot, couldn't help but release a long sigh. He turned to Fuxi and admitted, "I wasn't as good a teacher as you, master."

Despite the Abbot's remark, Fuxi and even the magus emissaries vehemently disagreed. Their discerning eyes recognized the genuine talent residing within Octavius.

This revelation left Emery in a state of dejection, despite Octavius's undeniable potential, fate had denied him the privilege of proper facilities and training within the magus universe. Ocativius being only 24 years old further accentuated the missed opportunities that could have elevated his skills to unprecedented heights.

The intermission concluded with the announcement of the four semifinalists: Brandt, Gweeneth, Glita, and Octavius. The stage was set for an epic showdown, where these formidable warriors would clash in a bid to claim the coveted title of Earth's strongest.

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