Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4900: Ascension Sacred Lord

Chapter 4900: Ascension Sacred Lord

The man exuded colorful rays filled with divinity. Halos made of dao runes also emanated behind him.

Each rune had the weight of a mountain. They have been polished meticulously before and became one with the man’s oppressive aura. Everyone near him felt themselves being assaulted by tornados.

There were strands of saber energy as well with enough ferocity to cut down the sky and all living beings.

“Ascension Sacred Lord.” Jian Yunyun’s expression changed after seeing the man slowly approaching.

He was the lord of Ascension and a member of Primal. Ascension was a great power under this lineage.

Thus, they were allies but somehow, her expression said otherwise.

“Virtuous Niece, I’ve finally found you. It wasn’t easy.” As he came closer, his aura intensified and engulfed the area.

“Long time no see, Sacred Lord.” She calmly said and then whispered to Li Qiye: “This is our matter, leave first.”

She was sure of Li Qiye’s unfathomable nature. Nonetheless, she didn’t want him to be involved in their internal conflict. After all, this could turn him into Primal’s enemy.

“Who may this young fella be?” Ascension glanced at Li Qiye for a bit before dismissing him: “Virtuous Niece, if you want a lover, you should still maintain a higher standard in order to not humiliate yourself and the Alliance.”

Li Qiye only chuckled after hearing this and continued to play with the bonfire.

She became anxious since he didn’t want to leave. Nonetheless, she didn’t show it on her face as she uttered coldly: “You need not worry about this matter, Sacred Lord. You have no jurisdiction over the Alliance.”

“You’re not wrong, Virtuous Niece, I cannot interfere with your decisions.” Ascension’s eyes suddenly became piercing: “I’m sure you have all the power in the Alliance now with Black-dress Lady gone.”

Her expression became slightly sad only for a split second before she composed herself. Black-dress Lady was their strongest ancestor ever since the disappearance of the empress dowager.

The ancestor served as the pillar of the Alliance before succumbing to her injuries. Now, they no longer had an expert at the dragon lord level.

Therefore, the Alliance found itself in a precarious situation, on the verge of being pushed out of Primal.

Despite her attempt to hide her emotion, Ascension still caught it just in time and confirmed the ancestor’s death.

“Clank!” His saber intent then soared forward and captured her in a net.

“She had taken something she shouldn’t have. I’m sure you know what it is, Virtuous Niece.” Ascension said.

Though he has yet to show malice and aggression, he was clearly not messing around given his strong tone.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said: “Grandma came back from the negotiation wounded, we have not forgotten this injustice.”

“Don’t you know the reason why? She went against Primal and deserved what happened.” Ascension said.

“According to the agreement of our ancestors, the Primal Key belongs to the Alliance! This has been the case for generations now!” She lost her cool and shouted: “You have broken the agreement with your treachery!”

As the successor of the Alliance, she lived with Black-dress Lady her whole life. This old woman, despite only being the empress dowager’s maid, had done so much for her and the sect.

She escaped from the previous negotiation with heavy injuries, eventually dying in front of Jian Yunyun. The hatred and indignation inside her have been boiling.

“I see, so you have it right now.” Ascension smiled, capable of garnering information by provoking her.

Jian Yunyun realized her mistakes and stopped speaking.

“Virtuous Niece, hand the key over.” Ascension glared at her.

“Sacred Lord, the key belongs to the Alliance, you are not qualified to make demands. What you have done is unforgivable and treacherous, going as far as scheming against your own sect members. The ancestors are ashamed.” She chastised.

“This was true in the past, not now.” Ascension shook his head: “If your alliance had handed that thing over to us, then you could have kept the key. Since this wasn’t the case and Black-dress Lady took the key on her own volition, she deserved it.”

“Strong words from a treacherous man.” She responded.

“Is that so, then let us ask the empress dowager to arbitrate this matter.” Ascension said.

When the empress dowager was around, the Alliance could even order Primal. Now, she had disappeared and even her maid didn’t know her current location.

The Alliance has been keeping this a secret but walls always had holes. Within the last one thousand years, she didn’t show up despite the death of Heavenpeak Conqueror. [1]

Therefore, the great powers of Primal speculated about her disappearance and thought that the Alliance was no longer fit to lead.

“Putting Her Highness’ matter aside, either hand that thing over or give us the key.” Ascension demanded.

“I do not have it.” She denied.

“Virtuous Niece, this is rather unwise. You have two choices. First, hand the key over and I’ll let you leave.” His eyes turned cold as he spoke.

However, he paused for a bit before continuing: “Actually, there is a win-win scenario without you needing to give us the key.”

“What is it?” She was wary of his sudden change of heart.

“Ascension Sacred Ground is missing a queen. If you are willing, the Alliance and Ascension shall become in-laws. You may keep the key then.” He stared at her lustfully.

“How ambitious.” She sneered: “You want the Alliance as well.”

1. Changing Heavenseal to Heavenpeak, I misread the similar characters ☜

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