Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5856: Give Us Half Of The Epoch

Chapter 5856: Give Us Half Of The Epoch

Someone had seen the two before - the founder of Celestial Court.

“Voracious Leviathan and Epoch’s End.” He murmured in a daze.

Few knew of their existence since they chose to hide and slumber. Their rare appearance meant the end of the world.

“Let’s run.” He said weakly to both himself and the world. Alas, no one could hear him.

This was an instinctive response but he realized the futility of the situation. Running was meaningless when both the six continents and Eight Desolaces were about to be devoured.

The five overlords had a serious expression after seeing them too.

Voracious Leviathan came from Divine Beast Epoch. It was the strongest and devoured its epoch.

Epoch’s End was more dreadful. Rumor has it that he had devoured six epochs. No one knew how he alone ended six because they were all gone now. His origin was shrouded in mysteries as well.

Although they had worked with these two before, they knew who they were dealing with. If these two could devour their own epoch, they could devour Trinity and Seven Nights as well. Most importantly, the five overlords were also targets.

“Hahaha, here just in time to take advantage of the situation.” Derivation had no qualms about speaking out against anyone.

“We’re here to help you, gentlemen.” Voracious’ voice echoed across the realm, wielding the unquestionable prestige of a god.

Although the five were divided into two branches, they knew that this was the time to unite against outsiders.

“Help us? I don’t see you answering Old Primal earlier when he called for help, but now, when there is a feast already prepared, you choose to come out.” Derivation said what was on everyone’s mind.

Primal had tried to ask them for help earlier but they turned a blind eye. When they reversed the situation and suppressed Li Qiye, the two appeared for an ambush.

When the outcome was already determined without any danger, these two merely wanted to come and share a piece of the pie - perhaps the epoch, not just Li Qiye.

“You’re being unreasonable, this is not our first time working together.” A faint voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Thank you for your help.” Primal cupped his fist, not wanting to deal with these two right now.

“We don’t ask for much, just half of the epoch.” Voracious said directly.

Listeners beyond the mirror turned pale after hearing this, and the same for the founder who was unable to prevent the situation he feared most.

“Half?” The five didn’t like hearing this.

“There is no free lunch, it’s not easy for us to descend.” Voracious responded.

Primal and Imperial Progenitor exchanged glances. Getting these greedy guys to leave wouldn’t be easy.

“Is that a joke? You think too highly of yourself if you want half for what you did. Just a little soup would be more than enough.” Derivation sneered. The others chose their words carefully but not him.

“You should think carefully about this.” Voracious said slowly: “If you are unwilling to part with a small amount, you will have to pay the big price.”

“Planning to eat us too? Try then, two against five.” Derivation snorted. Although he wanted to run and only reluctantly fought Li Qiye, his battle spirit soared against these two.

“Is that what you want?” A terrifying light burst forth from Vocarious’ eyes.

“Bring it, we’re not afraid of you two.” Derivation was full of confidence.

Although Primal and the others didn’t wish to fight, they still chose to support Derivation.

“Your aggression won’t go unchallenged.” Imperial Progenitor said seriously.

“Gentlemen, this is our Elder Galaxy. Although we have received help and no doubt you two are strong, we won’t stand idly by.” Primal added.

“Haha, we’ll open Elder Galaxy and I’ll summon a tribulation to kill them. Old Primal, I better get a bigger share for all my suffering.” Derivation laughed.

After the previous success, he became bolder and more reckless, wanting to use the same thing again to kill Voracious Leviathan and Epoch’s End.

The four exchanged glances, aware of how effective the curse was. However, they didn’t want to rely on this unpredictable madman.

“Everyone, let’s calm down now.” Dao Ancestor said, preferring not to use something as volatile and uncontrollable as the tribulations.

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