Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 3248

3248 The new deskmate is a little strange (1)

Upon hearing this, many girls objected.

“Impossible! No one can be more handsome than young master Yi, absolutely not!”

no matter how handsome this new student is, young master Jie will always be my male idol in my heart!

young master Jie is the most handsome man in the universe. I don’t accept any rejections!

“Wuwuwu, now that you guys mention it, I really miss Young master Jie …”

The class was in an uproar, and there were all sorts of comments.

Half of the people were thinking about Yin Shaojie, while the other half were discussing the new students.

The boy was most concerned about how the new student looked.

If he was really that handsome, wouldn’t he be snatching girls from them?

That would not do.

A few boys in the back row exchanged glances, hinting that they should give the boy a good show of force when he arrived.

However, the new student still did not show up even after the morning class.

Having just returned from the holidays, most people were not in the mood to go to class, and han qiqing belonged to this type.

Song Shijun, who was sitting in the back seat, watched her play on her phone during class.

This was not a good behavior. Good children should not learn it.

Song Shijun used the end of his pen to poke her back. He leaned close to the back of her head and whispered, ” didn’t you tell the teacher to study hard? ”

I wonder who was the one who boasted so shamelessly when they were arranging the seats.

Han qiqing sighed and leaned back on his table. She said helplessly, ” I can’t listen to this anymore. I can’t focus.

All she wanted now was the air of freedom outside. She didn’t want to be bound to the classroom at all.

Song Shijun noticed that she was chatting on WeChat and asked, ” are you chatting with your brother? ”

Han qiqing shook her head. no, it’s a new friend I met in United States.

Song Shijun asked, ” who? ”

Han qiqing smiled. Peppa’s brother.

Song Shijun was dumbfounded. ah? Whose brother? Who’s Peppa?”

Han qiqing said, ” you don’t even know about Peppa Pig? ”

Song Shijun was speechless. so you’re talking about that Pink Pig … Are you a three-year-old? You even read this.”

Han qiqing didn’t want to talk to him anymore. you don’t have to look at it to know, okay? I’m done talking to you, I want to listen to the class.”

The others were all very quiet. Although her teacher didn’t dare to do anything to her, she still respected her teacher, okay?

And her way of respecting her teacher was to play with her phone quietly and not disturb the teacher in class.

The first period was Chinese class, which was really boring.

It was night time in United States and George was at a party. He even seduced qiqing to come over.

Han qiqing expressed her envy, jealousy, and hatred.

She searched for a picture and sent it to George.

your blue pants are so ugly. Are you wearing this to the party? ”

George quickly replied, saying that he didn’t understand.

He was puzzled. this isn’t me.

Han qiqing said very seriously, ” it’s you! Look carefully!”

George sent a question mark emoji. this is obviously a pig. How can it be me? ” I know, you’re hinting that I’m a little pig, right?”

Han qiqing said, ” no, you’re George, right? ”

“Yeah, and then?”

“That’s you! My Dear George, have you forgotten about your sister Peppa?”

“What’s this? who’s Peppa? I don’t have a sister.”

The two of them were talking like chickens talking to ducks.

Seeing that he didn’t understand her joke, han qiqing felt that it wasn’t fun, so she explained to him directly that Peppa pig’s brother was called George, the same name as him.

While she was laughing happily, a figure suddenly sat down beside her.

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