Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 1769 The Primordial Spirit Tree Of Yggdrasil

Chapter 1769 The Primordial Spirit Tree Of Yggdrasil




Just as I was considering evolving Shadrach already, I suddenly saw several messages popping out of thin air one after the other, shocking me greatly.


[The [Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] has taken notice of what you've done.]

[The [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] is happy to see her promising young daughter evolving so fast!]

[She says that she's expects a lot of things from you and the other Yggdrasil you "awaken"]

Awaken, what does she means?

[Awakening them as if by giving them an "Ego"]

[Yggdrasil Trees with "Egos" seem to be able to "awaken" prematurely compared to adult ones.]

[Usually, Yggdrasil Trees can take from over a hundred thousand years to a million years to awaken a consciousness]

[However, through the "Egos" you implant into them, they awaken immediately, without having to wait for so long!]

[Additionally, she says that your "Alchemy" methods are very interesting, she never expected to see them be used in such ways that could benefit her daughters.]

Huh… So Yggdrasil Trees take so long to gain a consciousness?! Now that's something new…

I guess this powerful deity is happy I can make her daughters have consciousness right away, something that can only happen within a ridiculous timeframe.

[The [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] says that it is essential for her children to develop consciousness, as it can help them connect with one another from afar.]

[By connecting and growing, they can bring life to the farthest places across dimensions and realities.]

[It is her purpose as the [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] to spread life and make it flourish, especially Spirits, a race of beings that every world in every corner has.]

["Life is precious, it is my duty to bring it everywhere I can"]

I see… So consciousness is necessary to facilitate this process, yes?


[The [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] says that she has great expectations for your potential. You've been one of the few that has touched the Root and has come out of it intact, with all your memories.]

[She says this is something impossible to begin with.]

Huh, alright? What else do you want from me? To be thankful of your recognition?

[The [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] says she knows you're greedy.]

[She has chosen to give you some rewards.]


[You acquired [Skill Proficiency Elixir (B Grade)] x2, [Skill Points Phial (B Grade)] x2, and [Lesser Yggdrasil's Branch (A Grade)] x1!]

[Does this pleases you?]

Hoh, I guess she really wants to be my sugar mommy, alright. I guess I could try to give more egos to other Yggdrasil Trees! In fact, I've sent my Chaotic Beasts to do that right now. Some should have already gotten it by now.

[The [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] seems pleased.]

[She wishes you good luck and says you better help Yggdra grow strong faster. She won't settle down for anything below A Rank.]

Alright, alright~ I'll let your little girl get super strong.

Now that we are done with this… I got some items inside of my Item Box!

I really didn't expect that, she can handle me items like its candy.<.com>

Let's check the important items I've gotten through this world without counting the materials from monsters.



[Fragment of the Primordial World (World-Rank)] x7

[Super Enhancement Elixir (Demigod-Rank)] x7

[Ancient Spiritual Elf Egg (Divine-Rank)] x1

[Primordial Human Heart (Divine-Rank)] x1

[Grand Conqueror's Hubris (Divine-Rank)] x1

[Wrath of the Demon Lord (Demigod-Rank)] x1

[Lust of the Demon Lord (Demigod-Rank)] x1

[Greed of the Demon Lord (Demigod-Rank)] x1

[Sloth of the Demon Lord (Demigod-Rank)] x1

[Envy of the Demon Lord (Demigod-Rank)] x1

[Skill Proficiency Elixir (B Grade)] x2

[Skill Points Phial (B Grade)] x2

[Lesser Yggdrasil's Branch (A Grade)] x1


Huh, I see… I still have not much idea where I could use that Elf Egg thing, what is it even for? I feel like it has some sort of purpose, not just laying an egg, right? So something else entirely… Well, I'll just think about it later.

Aside from that, I've got the Sins of each Demon Lord I've fought, the only one missing is Gluttony and Pride, right? It has been a little while since Envy, I feel like if this were a novel, this desert arc has been stretched a tiny bit too much. But well, it has still been filled with action-packed fun, so its forgivable.

The Fragments of Primordial World seem to have a clearer purpose as I learn more myself, with them I could unify them to create something that could be called a "Primordial World". Seven pieces are not enough though, the System gifts me one alongside the Demon Lord's sin each time I defeat one.

And then there's the Enhancement Elixir, which I've been saving all this time because I don't want to waste them. But they do give an amazing boost to the Divinity Stat and therefore to all sorts of powers related to divinity and the like… Hmm, I guess I could try out something eventually with them, or even use them as Alchemy Materials.

Honestly, I want to save them for when I'm back to Genesis so I can beat Hel with overpowered buffs. If I drink all the elixirs at once, I could get a nice temporary buff and beat her to smithereens!

But aside from that, this is the fist time I get actual items for a while now, Yggdrasil last time gave me Skills, that I remember very well. For now, let's check these items in detail… First of all, these got Letters for Rankings of quality, so I don't know if I could compare them with the others that are ranked differently.

Nonetheless, let's see what they are, I can't waste this nice gift from Yggdrasil-sama!


[Skill Proficiency Elixir (B Grade)] x2

An Elixir originated from the world of Rune Terra and its Divine Principles and crafted through the powers of the [The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil] gifted to the Existence [Kireina].

A powerful Elixir capable of granting Skill Proficiency to a Random Skill. However, if the user desires, the Skill Proficiency can be given to only Skills related with Yggdrasil, although it will still be randomly chosen.

Skill Proficiency given: 100000






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