Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

Chapter 1220 Drake’s "True Form"


With a monstrous and aberrant roar, the gigantic three-headed sea beast-like mechanoid, made of three different golems attacked the three knights! Swinging its massive, clawed flippers and its sharp ended tail, it slashed and crushed the three knights before they could even defend.

"T-This is utterly ridiculous!"



One of them got caught in between the golem's tail attacks, and then was swiftly pierced by the spear-tipped tail, which pierced his chest and heart!

"Shit, shit!"

The two other knights gritted their teeth, as they evaded the mechanoid attacks rather swiftly. If Kate creations had a solid weakness, was their incredible heavy weights, even if they could float in midair, they were very slow at moving, although hard to destroy and powerful.

"We have to aim at the little girl! She must be controlling this!"

"If she only relies on summons to fight, I bet she's weak…! Let's do this!"

The two knights quickly conjured afterimages of themselves utilizing mist created using their Water Magic, filling the golem and Kate's surroundings with many images to confuse them. The golem naturally aimed at each mirage, while the two knights sneaked towards Kate, attacking her from the back!


The two loaded their spears with high quantities of Mana, piercing the unaware girl's chest!



Kate felt slightly surprised, as she glanced back at the two knights, while raising her tiny eyebrows.

"W-We did it!"

"This is what you get for relying on your summons, you fucking bitch!"

However, as the two celebrated, they realized Kate wasn't bleeding at all.

In fact she was glancing back at them with her usual adorable yet expressionless face.

"Well done, that one surprised me. But playtime's over. Nn!"


Suddenly, as if she were not even made of flesh, Kate easily slipped off the spears piercing her chest, the hole that was in her chest quickly disappeared as she looked… as good as ever.

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"W-What the fuck?!"

The two knights simply didn't knew what the hell was going on.

However, it could be easily explained as Kate was one of Drake's daughters.

Much like their father, both of Drake's daughters inherited a lesser version of his Immortal Body Unique Skill, in Benladra, it granted her incredible self-regeneration almost on pair with her father.

And as for Kate, who was a non-corporeal half spirit, it made her completely immune to physical attacks that didn't contained a certain amount of Divine power within them, and these two knights didn't even made her flinch.

It felt as if they had just pierced the empty air!

Kate had the amazing power of change the composition of her body from "Spiritual" to "Physical" at any moment, and she easily evaded the otherwise annoying attack by turning spiritual.

Spirits can still be damaged if hit hard with mana or divine power, but thanks to Kate's inherited power from her father, her near immortal body granted her the ability to just ignore these attacks altogether.

"T-This is…!"

"No, this can't be!!!"

The two knights panicked, as they started attacking Kate with countless spear attacks, unleashing all of their mana, soul power, and divine power together!


However, as the smoke created by their intense barrage of attacks dissipated, their faces were once more filled with dread as they found the girl completely unscathed.

"That itches a bit. Now's my turn! [Mechanoid Claws]!"


Suddenly, a magic circle channeled the claws of one of her creations which Kate kept hidden within a different pocket dimension she had created, and then slammed both Knights with it.




And then, another claw emerged above them.


And then, another.


And another.


And many more.


Their armor started to shatter into pieces with each blow, their weapons as well! Their faces filled with despair could only watch as their bodies were slowly shredded into pieces, until nothing but minced meat was left, bloodily falling into the ground.

"Nn." Kate nodded, feeling proud of having finished off her foes, and quickly watching up to her father, as Drake was fighting the new Knight Commander.


Countless slashing attacks impacted against one another. Drake's Dragon Claws impacted against Henry's enormous Golden Sword and golden armor, as the sound of their impact reverberated across the skies.

"It is useless! Even your Dragon Claws cannot pierce through my regal new armor! The Ocean God has designed this armor and my powers exclusively to deal with you!" Henry laughed, as he revealed the truth of his new form to Drake.

"So, he planned a counter by designing your equipment and choosing you as his vessel." Drake nodded, quickly understanding it.

"Of course! I am the chosen one! My combination of Water and Light Magic Affinity was the ultimate nail in the coffin! He discovered your attributes are darkness and blood primarily, such attributes, and now that I've seen you fight, it is quite clear you're an aberrant Vampire!" The Knight Commander laughed. "Vampires are incredibly weak against Light, especially Holy Light element!"

The young noble suddenly overcharged his massive sword with divine power, mana, and the very essence of his soul, unleashing a powerful beam of Holy Light in the shape of a sword!

"PERISH! [Divine Holy Blade]!!!"


Drake glanced at the scene as his red eyes glowed brightly.


And then, was completely blasted by the attack. A huge explosion like nobody else has seen in the Island emerged within the skies. Even the islanders within the city noticed it, feeling completely afraid of what might be happening within the forbidden swamps.

"Hahaha… HAHAHAH! That must've totally screwed you over!" Henry celebrated, his enormous golden form raising its claws upwards as if celebrating his victory.

"That's true, now that I am a Vampire Dragon I am kind of weak to that element. Kinda."

Drake suddenly showed Henry his body, which was half-burn, but which quickly went back to normal. The attack only burned his skin and showed a bit of his roasted flesh, but it didn't even pierced through his stronger muscles.

And within seconds, he was back to full health!

"W-Wha…?! What sort of accursed regeneration is that?! Vampires' regeneration is weakened when they're facing their weaknesses!!!" Henry panicked.

"Well, let's say I don't rely in that type of power." Laughed Drake, his entire, black-scaled body quickly shapeshifting to his Ice Dragon King Form, with silver and clear blue scales, and ice crystals growing all over his body, with menacing golden horns resembling a crown.

"H-He transformed?!" The Knight Commander fell into completely disbelief.


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