Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2559 Black Stone

Chapter 2559 Black Stone

With a thought of Mo Qing's spirit consciousness, the God figure on the Divine Ghost Immortal Fiend Diagram walked out of the diagram and turned into a completely corporeal God race being!

The cultivation realm of this God race being was identical to Mo Qing's—they were both at Level 3 of the Perfected One realm, Hollow Nether realm!


Sword Immortal Yue Hua smirked. "However, even a true God race being won't be able to defend against my Moon Essence Sword!"


In a flash, Sword Immortal Yue Hua charged towards the God race being summoned by Mo Qing. He waved the Moon Essence Sword in midair and stabbed out hundreds of times in the blink of an eye!

The God race being circulated his blood qi and attacked consecutively. However, he was barehanded after all and could not defend against the sharpness of the Moon Essence Sword.

Before long, the God race being was covered in injuries.

The Moon Essence Sword was a Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Spirit Treasure that could even penetrate the body of the God race being!

Bang! Boom!

The God race being released his Bloodline Phenomenon phenomenon right away and an ancient and mysterious pyramid appeared behind him with millions of living beings prostrating beneath it.

The figure summoned by the Divine Ghost Immortal Fiend Diagram was lifelike and could even release a Bloodline Phenomenon.


Sword Immortal Yue Hua sneered and swiped his finger sword across the Moon Essence Sword. The sword shone brightly and suddenly released a bedazzling sword beam!

Moon Essence Slash!


The sword beam collided with the Bloodline Phenomenon of the God race being.

With a slight pause, the Bloodline Phenomenon of the God race being was pierced by the sword beam of the Moon Essence Sword and collapsed!

The cultivation realm of this God race being was still a level lower at the end of the day.

Furthermore, the secret skill released by Sword Immortal Yue Hua earlier on was also one of his killing moves!

Mo Qing had a calm expression as she took out an ink brush from her storage bag and channeled her Dao Fruit, condensing True Essence on the tip of the brush.

Using True Essence as ink and the void as paper, she drew a few casual strokes on the paper and swiftly drew a soldier riding on a horse with a dagger-axe.

The cultivation realm of this soldier was also at the Perfected One realm. However, he was only at Level 1.

With a thought of Mo Qing's spirit consciousness, the soldier appeared in the void and charged towards Sword Immortal Yue Hua!

Mo Qing drew a few more strokes in the void and outlined a few divine weapons. All of them appeared as though they were real and charged towards Sword Immortal Yue Hua as well!

While Sword Immortal Yue Hua and Mo Qing were fighting, Perfected Immortal Wu Feng, Sword Immortal Chunfeng and Perfected Immortal Mu Feng attacked Yun Zhu again.

Jue Wuying vanished once more.

This time round, under the cover of dozens of Perfected Immortals and more than ten ferocious beasts and living beings, no one could discover his tracks!

A threat that could explode at any moment was the most terrifying.

Meng Yao placed her fingers gently on the ancient zither and looked at Yun Zhu and Mo Qing in the battlefield with a mocking expression.

It was only a matter of time before the two fairies that were ranked alongside her were defeated!

Su Zimo would definitely die today!

The Book Immortal was one of the four great fairies after all and was also a princess of the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom.

Sword Immortal Chunfeng and the others were still wary. Otherwise, the Book Immortal might not have been able to last till now.


A phantom-like figure appeared behind Su Zimo.

Jue Wuying attacked once more and stabbed towards the back of Su Zimo's head. It was silent and did not even reveal any killing intent.

Although Jue Wuying could hide from Su Zimo's five senses, he could not hide from his spirit perception!

The moment Jue Wuying appeared, Su Zimo's heart skipped a beat. Without hesitation, he wanted to summon his Primeval Body as well as Golden Cicada Shedding to avoid Jue Wuying's assassination attempt.

As for Yun Zhu and Mo Qing, they realized that Su Zimo was in danger at the same time and wanted to help.

Unfortunately, Mo Qing was held back by Sword Immortal Yue Hua and was completely disadvantaged.

As for Yun Zhu, she was surrounded by Sword Immortal Chunfeng and the other two and was struggling to defend, unable to escape.

Just as the two of them were burning with anxiety, the sound of Meng Yao's zither sounded without warning.


The sound of the zither was murderous and distracting!

The timing of the zither sound was way too precise!

When Yun Zhu heard the sound of the zither, her ears hurt and she was slightly dazed. Three more wounds appeared on her body and blood gushed out!

On the other side, Sword Immortal Yue Hua's gaze intensified as he shouted softly, "Junior sister, you've lost!"

Mo Qing was not the only one. Even the God race being summoned was affected by Meng Yao's zither sound. Sword Immortal Yue Hua seized the opportunity and sliced the God race being into two with a single slash!

Without the help of the God figure, Mo Qing was no match for Sword Immortal Yue Hua at all.

In the blink of an eye, Yun Zhu and Mo Qing had already fallen into danger and could barely protect themselves, let alone save Su Zimo.

Against Jue Wuying's assassination attempt, Su Zimo was about to summon his Primeval Body and release Golden Cicada Shedding.

However, he heard the sound of the zither as well and could not help but shudder.

That momentary delay was more than enough for a top-tier assassin like Jue Wuying!

Right from the beginning, Zither Immortal Meng Yao had not fought personally.

However, every single sound of her zither would change the entire situation!

A cold smile appeared on Jue Wuying's face.

It was as though he could already see Su Zimo's head pierced by his sword!

"Su Zimo is dead."

Xie Ling shook his head gently and sighed.

Perhaps this was fate. Although Su Zimo managed to avoid Jue Wuying's assassination attempt once, he could not avoid it a second time.

When Yang Ruoxu saw that, he clenched his fists with widened eyes.

Even Immortal King Qing Yang thought that Su Zimo would definitely die. Suddenly, he frowned and looked to the side with a changed expression.


A black streak of light pierced into the battlefield at an astonishing speed and struck the Shadowless Sword instantly!

Initially, the Shadowless Sword was without a trace. The use of light and the environment could hide the body of the sword perfectly. In fact, it could even deceive the entire world and evade the five senses, making it difficult for others to notice.

However, not only did the black light strike the Shadowless Sword accurately, it even exposed its entire body completely!

A series of exclamations sounded from the crowd.

Someone was actually able to dispel Jue Wuying's assassination sword—it was truly impressive!

In reality, bystanders did not know how shocked Jue Wuying was at the moment.

The black light earlier on did not only strike his Shadowless Sword.

The power released by the black light was incomparably domineering and was even transmitted into his body through the Shadowless Sword!

His organs were shaken severely!

"What immense strength!"

Jue Wuying was secretly alarmed and swallowed a mouthful of blood that was already gushing to his mouth.

Su Zimo seized the opportunity to escape from the Shadowless Sword and turned back with lingering fear.


Right then, the black light that struck the Shadowless Sword fell and let out a crisp sound beside Jue Wuying's feet.

Su Zimo, Jue Wuying and the other cultivators looked over instinctively and focused their gazes.

The black light was an ordinary black stone.

On the surface, it looked like a black chess piece used for playing Go.

Su Zimo's heart skipped a beat as he suddenly thought of someone!

Jue Wuying, Meng Yao and the others were shocked when they saw the black stone—it was clear that they recognized its origin!

"She's here too?"

Sword Immortal Yue Hua had a headache when he guessed the identity of the intruder.

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