Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Book 07 Chapter 149: Divine Blood Poison Ant

Book 07 Chapter 149: Divine Blood Poison Ant

“The White Emperor? Hahaha! The White Emperor is in my secret realm immortal firmament. Do you dare to enter?” Jiang Gautama sneered.

Vairocana looked at Gu Hai.

“Mister Gu, Jiang Gautama has recovered by eighty percent. That Mortal Gautama beside him is more skilled at Buddhist techniques than him, able to interfere with my Buddhist Nation in Hand. Of course, I feel the most dangerous one is Heavenly Gautama. His aura makes my hair stand on end,” Vairocana said with a frown.

“I must enter. How about you stay here first?” Gu Hai looked at Vairocana.

Vairocana looked back at Gu Hai and smiled wryly. “Mister Gu, I said those things not because I am afraid but to inform you of their strengths. Don’t worry. As I said before, they can’t kill me. Since you really want to go in, I’ll accompany you. However, I cannot guarantee your safety at all times.”

“Many thanks!” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

Vairocana nodded.

Gu Hai looked at the distant Jiang Gautama and said, “Since that is the case, open your secret realm immortal firmament. We wish to meet the White Emperor!”

“Oh?” The distant Jiang Gautama narrowed his eyes.

He had only been mocking Gu Hai earlier. Unexpectedly, Gu Hai wanted to enter?

“You are seeking death! Hah!” Mortal Gautama revealed a faint, cold smile.

Jiang Gautama and Mortal Gautama looked at Heavenly Gautama.

Heavenly Gautama gazed at the distant two with misgivings but eventually nodded.

“Alright. Gu Hai, since you are sending yourself to death, then come in yourself!” Jiang Gautama sneered.

After speaking, Jiang Gautama waved his hand.


A six-colored screen of light manifested before the three, appearing to have many layers. This seemed to be a spatial tunnel.

Gu Hai and Vairocana flew to the six-colored light screen and paused.

Gu Hai’s Eyes of Life and Death suddenly opened, radiating the aura of heavenly might. At the same time, he cut off a corner of this six-colored light screen to analyze the entrance to this secret realm immortal firmament.

When the Eyes of Life and Death opened, the nearby Heavenly Gautama arched an eyebrow, and surprise flashed in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Gu Hai, are you regretting it and don’t dare to enter?” Jiang Gautama sneered.

Gu Hai withdrew his Eyes of Life and Death before shaking his head. “Jiang Gautama, I hope you are not lying to us.”

“Huh?” Jiang Gautama frowned.

“If the White Emperor is still alive, we will let you have an easy death. However, if she is not there, we will make you live a life worse than death!” A ruthless glint flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

That ruthless glint made Jiang Gautama’s heart tremble.

After that, Jiang Gautama became furious with embarrassment. To think I got scared by Gu Hai?

“A life worse than death? Let’s see who will be living a life worse than death!” Jiang Gautama said frostily.

Gu Hai stopped speaking. He stepped forward and entered the secret realm immortal firmament. Vairocana followed close behind.


After stepping in, Gu Hai suddenly entered a vast world.

Churning crimson clouds hovered in the sky, giving people a subconscious sense of extremely great pressure. Vairocana looked at the crimson clouds and frowned, clearly on his guard.

As soon as they entered the secret realm immortal firmament, the entrance behind them vanished. There was no turning back for the two.

At this moment, an intense murderous intent poured over.

Three figures sat on nearby mountaintops: Mortal Gautama, Heavenly Gautama, and Jiang Gautama. They watched coldly as the two entered the secret realm immortal firmament.

There was a churning golden fog near Mortal Gautama. The howls of ferocious beasts came from that fog.


A roar shook everyone’s souls, immediately attracting the attention of Gu Hai and Vairocana.

There were many large, two-person-tall, transparent balls beside the golden fog. These balls were golden, looking like large insect eggs.

Each of these eggs seemed to have a figure sleeping within.

These were Jiang Gautama replicas.

There were three thousand such eggs, each containing a Jiang Gautama replica.

These replicas were initially asleep. When the two entered the secret realm immortal firmament, Mortal Gautama gently waved his hand.


A gust blew past these three thousand eggs, and they suddenly shook. Inside the eggs, the various Jiang Gautamas trembled, awakening. When they woke up, they opened their mouths and sucked.

Slurp! The replicas sucked in the egg around them, revealing themselves to everyone.

Slurp! Slurp!

All the Jiang Gautama replicas within consumed the eggs as they woke up.

Three thousand Jiang Gautamas?

“Salutations, true body!” the three thousand replicas greeted Jiang Gautama respectfully.

Jiang Gautama smiled in satisfaction.

Then the three thousand replicas suddenly bowed to Mortal Gautama. “Salutations, Master!”

“Good!” Mortal Gautama nodded in satisfaction.

After nodding, Mortal Gautama smiled coldly at Gu Hai and Vairocana.

As Vairocana looked at the three thousand Jiang Gautama replicas, his eyelids twitched wildly.

“Three thousand? Three thousand Jiang Gautamas?” Gasp! Vairocana inhaled sharply.

Vairocana could hide his skills when dealing with five. Even against sixty-four, he had plenty of maneuvering space. However, there were three thousand here.

These were not from a divine Dao domain where the clones were illusory. Instead, these were all real, all in the ninth-layer Upper Heavenly Palace Realm.

With such strength, they would scare most of the faction leaders to death once they appeared in the Divine Continent. Besides the Myriad Age Daoist Sect, the Huang Heavenly Dynasty, and the Yan Heavenly Dynasty, all other factions would surrender upon seeing such a force.

How were they to fight?

These replicas were all in the ninth-layer Upper Heavenly Palace Realm. How was anyone to fight them? That would just be seeking death.

Vairocana possessed extraordinary means, but he still inhaled sharply upon seeing this scene. He turned to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai looked at the three thousand Jiang Gautamas and felt shocked, a rare feeling. No wonder Long Zhanguo said the Spirit Mountain Holy Land was just the tip of the iceberg.

These three thousand Jiang Gautamas were enough to sweep through the land of the living and the nether realm.

“Where is the White Emperor?” Gu Hai said.

Jiang Gautama and Mortal Gautama narrowed their eyes. They had been hoping to see Gu Hai panic. However, Gu Hai’s shock lasted only a moment before he recovered.

Is he not afraid?

That’s impossible!

“Gu Hai, Vairocana cannot protect you this time. He might have broken the Eighteen Lord Buddhas Formation, but can he break the Five Hundred Lord Buddhas Formation?” Mortal Gautama sneered.

Nearby, Vairocana frowned slightly and said, “You are referring to the Five Hundred Arhats Formation, right? Indeed, the Five Hundred Arhats Formation has reached consummation. There are no openings, and it’s not something that can be broken without great strength.”

“Good that you know. I wonder, how many Five Hundred Lord Buddhas Formations can you handle?” Mortal Gautama sneered.

Vairocana showed a sullen expression. Clearly, he knew the danger. Even he might not come out of it in good shape.

“Where is the White Emperor?!” Gu Hai shouted again.

Jiang Gautama frowned slightly before turning to Mortal Gautama.

Mortal Gautama sneered, “I initially thought it would be extremely difficult to pressure you with the White Emperor. Unexpectedly, it is so easy? Hahaha! You already barged in yourself without my needing to dangle her as a lure. Once you enter this place, you are dead for sure. However, since you are here, I’ll let you see.”

After Mortal Gautama spoke, he opened his mouth and sucked.


The golden fog where the bestial roars came from immediately entered Mortal Gautama’s mouth, revealing the hidden scene.

There was a vast pool five thousand kilometers wide, filled with a golden liquid. Pure and holy energy came from a distance, even giving off faint chanting.

“That is a sea of Buddhist Energy?” Vairocana said in surprise.

“Buddhist Energy?” Gu Hai said in shock.

“That’s right. Indeed, Jiang Gautama and the others are trying to create a Sahā World, a pure Buddhism Dao world. The birth of a Buddhism Dao world requires vast Buddhist Energy. Back when Paradise crumbled, its Buddhist Energy scattered into the world. The Siddhārtha Buddha traveled the world, collecting vast Buddhist Energy and converting countless believers to chant the scriptures. When he finally collected sufficient Buddhist Energy to form the Sahā World, it was about this much,” Vairocana said.

“Oh? A sea of Buddhist Energy?” Gu Hai said in surprise.

However, where did the bestial roars come from?


A towering wave kicked up in the sea of Buddhist Energy. A thunderous bestial roar came from within.


The roar shook the sky; even space trembled.

An enormous beast over thirty kilometers tall slowly emerged from the bottom of the Buddhist Energy sea.

Over thirty kilometers? This was Gu Hai’s first time seeing such an enormous beast. Even when Kong Xuan transformed into a peacock, Kong Xuan was not this big.


Ten chains bound this beast in the Buddhist Energy sea. The beast struggled hard but could not get free.

“This beast is…is an ant?” Gu Hai said in shock.

A thirty-kilometer-tall golden ant?

The ant howled, and space shuddered. The three thousand Jiang Gautama replicas on the shore suddenly knelt in deference to the golden ant.

Unable to struggle free, the ant slowly extended its rear end to the shore.

Bang! Bang!

The golden ant suddenly expelled ten large ant eggs from its rear end. The eggs landed on the shore, and there were Jiang Gautama replicas within.

“Divine blood replication? It turns out it is done using this huge ant? It replicated everything?” Vairocana said in shock.

“You guessed it? It does not matter. Anyway, this is your last time seeing it. The ancient shaman race had a line of inheritance specializing in Gu poison. Haha! This line of inheritance was unremarkable, relying on the other lines to protect it. However, things changed after they nurtured poison bug rulers. Every generation of poison bug rulers killed for supremacy, making the next generation stronger. The snake, scorpion, toad, centipede, and spider were the five strongest poison bug rulers. Eventually, this divine blood poison ant defeated and ate them. It is the rule of poison bug rulers! It is powerful, able to use its flesh and blood to replicate form, and it can bring things to life with just a drop of blood. Its poison dominates the world!” Mortal Gautama said proudly.

“You nourish the divine blood poison ant with the Buddhist Energy sea and control its mind so that you can use it?” Vairocana turned sullen.

Mortal Gautama smiled coldly. “So what? How much longer can you live? Gu Hai, do you see it? There is a platform made from a barrier on the divine blood poison ant’s head. The White Emperor is there. Do you see her?”

“The White Emperor?!” Gu Hai exclaimed as his expression changed.

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