Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 593 - Chapter 593: Chapter 593. Murakami’s Conjecture

Chapter 593: Chapter 593. Murakami’s Conjecture

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Thus, in front of so many people in the room, Song Shi and Murakami began their five-minute-long heated discussion. The main topic of their conversation was Zhuang Xian’s unexpected move!

In this year’s Tianyuan Go Tournament between Z country and R country, Wu Xu and Ida, who had reached the final match, were the rising stars of the international Go circle. The number of Go skill levels behind their names were all true. They relied on themselves to play step by step.

It was the strength and experience accumulated with countless money and energy. It was not something that some people could achieve by chance or luck.

Zhuang Xian’s move was ingenious and exciting. The amount of calculation required for this move was shocking. Ida 6-dan didn’t play. Of course, Song Shi and Murakami couldn’t play either. That was why they were so excited. It was as if they had won a super big prize!

They were praising the hidden courage of this move. This was to directly overthrow Wu Xu’s strangulation of Ida and save the building from collapse. It was amazing! They discussed passionately for a long time, but it was only about the ingenuity of this move and the considerable calculation in between.

However, they had yet to realize that there was something more important than this move.

MO Qian glanced at the Go board and then turned to look at Zhuang Xian. He looked at Zhuang Xian’s slightly helpless expression, and a smile slowly overflowed from his face. It was bright and proud as if Zhuang Xian made him proud.

Zhuang Xian’s brilliance was like a box of surprises that could never be opened. MO Qian did not know what kind of abilities and skills Zhuang Xian would have in the next second that would surprise him.

He smiled and looked at Zhuang Xian. The love and affection in his eyes seemed to be about to be uncontrollable. He said gently, “This move of yours was very clever. It directly broke the black pieces’ strangulation and gave the white pieces a chance to make a comeback. As long as there are not too many mistakes later, the white pieces still have a chance of victory! It could be said to be a great move. It saved the building from collapsing. Not bad!”

Listening to MO Qian’s explanation, almost the same as his analysis, Song Shi looked at him with excitement. He was so happy that he was confused. He didn’t expect MO Qian to play Go, nor did he expect to meet such a powerful female Go player like Zhuang Xian.

At the same time, Murakami seemed to have finally reacted. His keen eyes stared straight at Zhuang Xian, sitting across from him. He was unusually nervous when he opened his mouth but also asked in anticipation, “So, you really haven’t participated in any professional Go matches?

You have such strong and fierce Go skills. Why haven’t I seen you on the Go player rankings in Country Z? If you’re not on the professional Go rankings, are you playing as an amateur?”

Perhaps it was because Murakami was also a director. After asking Zhuang

Xian these questions, he suddenly had an idea. When he opened his mouth, he asked in surprise and anticipation, “Or are you not using your real name at all?

Your attainments in Go should be very high. At the very least, you should be better than Ida and Wu Xu! Because you could tell at a glance that they had already gone all out in this game. This was already an unambiguous indication of this fact!”

Murakami looked at Zhuang Xian excitedly as he continued to analyze, “As for Wu Xu and Ida, one of them is a professional 7th dan Go player who just won the Tianyuan Go Tournament, while the other is a professional 6th dan Go player. For you to see through their game so easily, your Go skills should far exceed theirs.”

After listening to Director Murakami’s analysis, Lin En and Zhuang Bai, as well as Zhuang Hang, who was behind them, looked at Zhuang Xian in surprise. Even Zhuang Ming, who had always known that Zhuang Xian was very good at chess, looked at Zhuang Xian in slight surprise.

Although Zhuang Ming had always liked the game of Go, which was a puzzle and an exciting sport, he only enjoyed it. He treated Go as a hobby, unlike Murakami and Song Shi, who were crazy and passionate. He was also not as professional as them, so his judgment of Zhuang Xian was inaccurate..

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