Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 464: Good Evening Sir~

Chapter 464: Good Evening Sir~

“Huh? You’re kidding me!”

Monk just arrived at the mouth of the spiraling staircase when he immediately came to an immediate halt when he heard the words that came from the radio, and he had this utter confusion on his face!

“What? No! He’s not “that” John Wick! J-just go, I’ll explain later! We don’t have time for this nonsense right now!”

“John Wick? But that person had already retired decades ago, and was even rumored to have already passed away. Don’t tell me he had actually been hiding here and was doing such a laborious task all along while the world thought he had long died?”

Compared to being an assassin for hire, intelligence gathering by far has the most complicated working and stressful environment as they have to be constantly on high alert to prevent themselves from getting exposed.

They have to be better actors than the actors you see in the movies, live a fake life and endure the loneliness just to achieve their goals and sometimes, they even have to do things that go against their own moral code of honor.

Well in short, they have to fake it till they make it.

That’s why scouts back in the day who relay important information from place to place are vital to a successful conquest.

But as our favorite characters in books we read or movies we watched would say:

“In the face of absolute strength, all schemes are useless”

A few moments earlier, when Monk had just made his way inside the mansion.

“Sir, one of the attackers had just made his way inside. It would be best if you hide for now while me and my men confronts him”

Through the people manning the surveillance room, Monk’s arrival was quickly relayed to the team protecting Richard and Grom.

Richard’s face immediately turned grave and he said, “Do not underestimate whoever is coming, I’m pretty sure that person is an assassin of high caliber just from the fact that they had managed to reach all the way here without getting noticed”

“Don’t worry sir, we won’t” replied the head of his security detail as he gestured for his men and the other bodyguards to prepare themselves to greet their “guest”.

Because the two were talking in a low voice, the others didn’t immediately figure out what was happening, but when they saw that they took a defensive position facing the spiraling staircase, they immediately realized what the guards were doing and figured out that their attackers were probably making their way towards them.

So Sun Bin’s informant quickly hid behind a large SUV and the others also followed after him as they watched the staircase with all seriousness.

Every single second that passed made the already tense situation even more nerve wracking as everyone would subconsciously swallow out of nervousness.

Since everyone knew that this would be a decisive battle ahead that would determine whether they would live or die tonight!

‘Shit, this is so nerve wracking! I wonder who it is? Is it Sun Bin or the person who she said that she would be coming with?’

Sun Bin’s informant thought while wiping the sweat that’s dripping from his forehead.

‘I’m so curious who it is! W-wait! Shit! If the one coming down is not Sun Bin, then aren’t I in trouble!? That person certainly wouldn’t know me! Craaaap! I shouldn’t have come here and just left! Shit! Shit! Shit!’

At first, the person was brimming with anticipation, but then a horrifying thought suddenly struck him when the realization that the person who came with Sun Bin didn’t know him at all!

And now the thought of getting killed due to friendly fire is slowly eating him inside!

A minute had already passed, but there’s still no signs of anyone coming down the stairs, so the head of security immediately contacted the people monitoring them from the surveillance room at the bottom of the mountain.

“What’s happening? I thought you said he was making his way here?”

“Sir, he is! B-but-”

“But what!?”

The head of security yelled out of frustration! He couldn’t help it! He didn’t want to admit it, but he himself knew well how dangerous it is to face an extremely skilled assassin!

‘I just hope it’s not one from The Continental or the Blood Lions, or we’re doomed!’

He was sweating bullets! Since he had survived an encounter with one before, he knew how despairing it is when one is met with people from either group!

The chance of surviving is almost zero!

Back then, he had only managed to survive because he was extremely lucky!

“He..he’s just standing still at the mouth of the staircase sir!”


“Heh~ it seems they already know I’m here”

Standing before the staircase, Monk mumbled to himself while glancing at the security cameras in the kitchen.

“Then I can only resort to this” with that said, Monk fumbled inside his clothes and actually brought out a stun grenade and a grenade.


“Good evening”

Monk greeted in a low monotone voice as he threw the stun grenade first down the staircase.

“What do y-”


“Take cover!”

At the same time as the person from the surveillance room shouted those warnings, the stun grenade also reached the bottom of the staircase and everyone immediately saw it!

The Head of Security didn’t even need to remind them as every member of the security detail heard it through the comms at the same time when they saw the stun grenade dropping before them!

Everyone immediately took cover and..


A loud deafening explosion exploded into their ears, along with a blinding flash of light!

Everyone who was unlucky to be caught up in it suffered a ringing sound in their ears and left them disoriented, while those who were fast enough to quickly turn their head away from the other direction only suffered half of the effects.


But that wasn’t the end because something more dangerous was dropped on the floor!


It doesn’t even need an explanation to know that the surrounding fifteen meters from where that grenade dropped was turned into ruins, while the cars near the explosion suffered varying degrees of damage, and luckily for the people below, no one died during the explosion as they were hiding behind the cars, but the explosion certainly stunned them for a few good seconds before they finally snapped back to reality!

But those few seconds had been fatal because the man of the hour…is here!

“Kakaka! Long time no see, b*tches!

“I-it’s you!”

“It’s indeed me, how have you been, Mr. Rothschild, sir~?”

He grinned, and despite being a Monk, that grin on his face looked so devilish that he almost looks like the character, Lloyd.

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