Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1935 - 1935 Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry

Chapter 1935 - 1935 Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry

1935 Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry

Moreover, Lin Yuan intended to properly understand the Yi family during this trip so he could compare them with the Su family to judge which family he should take in.

Lin Yuan knew that he needed to have his own native faction in the Startling Lines Continent in order to take control of the Startling Lines Continent through them.

“Sky Creation will finish with the Yi family’s order tomorrow morning. I will head to the Yi family then. I hope the items in the treasure vault won’t disappoint me. I heard that the head of the Yi family has reached pinnacle thearch-class. Is this true?”

Lin Yuan’s question was very disrespectful.


It was taboo for experts to be questioned about their power.

If another young person dared to ask him such a question, Yi Huailong would rip into him without hesitation. He also had no qualms about teaching the Yang family’s direct descendants a lesson.

In a world where experts stood at the forefront, their pride had to remain unblemished.

However, Yi Huailong dared not lose his temper with Lin Yuan even slightly.

Moreover, Lin Yuan’s question immediately caused the gears in Yi Huailong’s brain to turn as he wondered what Lin Yuan’s reason for mentioning his power could be.

Yi Huailong could not puzzle out an answer. Thus, he said candidly, “My power isn’t as exaggerated as the outside world makes it out to be. Only the Su, Yang, and Bai families have pinnacle thearch-class combat power in the Divine Wood Federation. My main fey is only at Sovereign IX/Creation VII. I am still a ways away from pinnacle thearch-class.”

Lin Yuan looked deeply into Yi Huailong’s eyes as he said,

“I don’t think the Su, Yang, and Bai families’ top power is only pinnacle thearch-class, right? The Yi family is a long way from these three families regarding combat power. But if I am satisfied with what I find in the Yi family’s treasure trove and future performance, I might be able to give you a chance to reach pinnacle thearch-class or even Immortal.”

Lin Yuan’s previous words had surprised Yi Huailong. But what Lin Yuan just said had utterly astonished Yi Huailong.

Yi Huailong stopped breathing when Lin Yuan said the word ‘Immortal’. It was a level that he always saw as a pipe dream.

Every expert in the Divine Wood Federation dreamed of reaching Immortal.

Lin Yuan was right in saying that the Su, Yang, and Bai families had Immortal experts. With these experts, they sailed past the other families, giving them no hope of catching up.

If Yi Huailong could also reach Immortal, his lifespan would increase explosively. With him guarding the Yi family, no one would dare to look down on them even if their combat power did not develop any further.

In spite of his excitement, Yi Huailong had also caught the main point of Lin Yuan’s words.

Apparently, Sky Creation’s goal was to take control of the Yi family.

If Lin Yuan had only promised to raise him to pinnacle thearch-class, Yi Huailong might have turned him down after some contemplation.

But now, Yi Huailong did not have the reason or courage to turn Lin Yuan down because he was offering far too much.

Additionally, after talking to Lin Yuan, Yi Huailong noticed that Lin Yuan had spoken in the first person. He had not mentioned the Class 5 Creation Master even when the transaction involved such a staggering number of precious resources.

As such, Yi Huailong found it difficult to define Lin Yuan’s position for now.

As time went on, Yi Huailong felt that Lin Yuan seemed to have the authority to represent the will of the entire Sky Creation.

As Lin Yuan looked at him calmly, Yi Huailong steeled his will and said, “Lord, if you have use for us in the future, I’m willing to lead the Yi family in serving you.”

Lin Yuan did not respond to Yi Huailong’s statement. Instead, he asked, “Why don’t you take out the fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline you want me to evolve to Suzerain/Myth so I can take a look at it?”

Lin Yuan and Morbius had already done their preliminary analysis of the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm.

When they saw another fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline, Morbius could analyze its bloodline and confirm if their analysis was accurate.

Yi Huailong took out the Diamond/Legend Item-Storing Walnut and threw it to the ground.

Soon, black and red vines filled the room. They did not surround other items but twirled around their main vine instead. The main vine provided a focus of strength for the side vines.

As the side vines twisted around the main vine, the black and red leaves bunched together to sway like flowers. There were purplish-red fruits nestled within the vines.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the vines, and he raised his eyebrow as he looked at Yi Huailong with amusement.

At that moment, he felt that Yi Huailong could be defined as a terrorist.

In the Divine Wood Federation, which was full of snakes, even regular people knew that the fruits of the Snake Strawberry could attract snake-species feys.

When the Normal Snake Strawberry turned ripe, it could attract Bronze snake-species feys.

The fey that Yi Huailong took out was called the Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry.

It had the same species as the regular Snake Strawberry. This meant that they had the same source.

Even without Morbius’ analysis, Lin Yuan could be certain that the

Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry could have been a regular Snake Strawberry that had been infected with the bloodline of the fey in the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm and transformed.

The Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry was currently Diamond X/Fantasy V. All of its abilities were geared toward seducing snake-species feys.

Its exclusive skills Lethal Attraction and Wild Snake Heart boosted its abilities to seduce snake-species feys.

Even the Suzerain I/Myth I Black Enchanting Snake Strawberry could easily attract the Suzerain X/pinnacle Myth III snake-species feys. It might even be able to attract the thearch-class snake-species feys surrounding Sacred Forest City.

It could be said that as long as Yi Huailong wanted to, he could bring a city down with an army of snakes.

When it was used in conjunction with the Snake Blood Nether Rose, the snake-species feys that had been attracted would lose their minds and immediately fall under the Snake Blood Nether Rose’s control.

It was no wonder that Yi Huailong had not developed the Yi family’s combat power and focused on increasing his own power.

The Yi family could have an army of snakes whenever they wanted.

When he saw Lin Yuan’s gaze, a lightbulb lit up in Yi Huailong’s mind. His mind instinctively went to the Snake Blood Nether Rose and Hundred Flower Honey Mouse.

The Hundred Flower Honey Mouse had been left in Sky Creation’s tree castle yesterday.

Yi Huailong had only seen Class 4 Creation Masters and had no concept of the might of Class 5 Creation Masters.

Yi Huailong felt that Lin Yuan looked at him in such a way because he knew of the Snake Blood Nether Rose’s existence.

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