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Chapter 373 - 373 Complaints Against Me?

373 Complaints Against Me?

This was the Jade Pavilion. The shops here were all famous brands in China. It was fine if the salesperson was not enthusiastic, but she was actually talking nonsense. It really made her angry!

The quality of this salesperson was really too poor!

Chen Mengmeng looked at the salesperson who had just spoken. She looked ordinary, but she had heavy makeup on. She wondered what she would look like after removing her makeup. She was now looking at Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen arrogantly with her eyes that were overly covered in eye shadow!

If she usually encountered such a person, Chen Mengmeng simply did not want to say anything to her. This was because she knew that arguing with such a person was simply lowering her status!

However, it was different today. She was choosing clothes for her mother. How could she tolerate such a heartbreaking thing?

“It’s just a piece of clothing. Who can’t afford it?”

Although Chen Mengmeng’s voice was pleasant to the ears, there was a hint of anger in it. “Why are you so uncultured? Where’s your manager? Call your manager over!”

“Manager? Do you still want to complain about me?” The woman looked at the angry Chen Mengmeng disdainfully, not taking her seriously at all! She said slowly, “I’m sorry, I’m the manager here. Is there a problem?”

The woman was right. She was indeed the manager here.

However, she wasn’t a real manager yet. She was just an acting manager!

However, after this month, she would be an official manager, so it was not wrong to say that she was a manager.

Chen Mengmeng did not expect this uncultured person with heavy makeup in front of her to be the manager of Armani!

“It’s fine if the salesperson of an international brand like Armani is average, but I didn’t expect the manager to be so unqualified. I’ve finally seen it!”

Chen Mengmeng was very angry, but Chen Mengmeng was right. The salespeople and manager in the Armani shop were really too snobbish!

In this era where customers were like heavenly dragons, even if they could not treat customers as heavenly dragons, they should at least give customers the most basic respect, right?

However, in this shop, the salespeople all regarded others as below them!

After Chen Mengmeng finished speaking, she turned around and left with Mother Chen.

First, this kind of shop was really disgusting. Even if she liked the clothes in this shop, she did not want to buy them!

Second, it was their own problem if they didn’t want to do business. If they didn’t do business, she wouldn’t buy it!

“Wait a minute!”

However, just as Chen Mengmeng pulled Mother Chen to the door, the manager of the shop actually chased after them and stopped them.

The manager shouted at the top of her lungs, placed her hands on her hips, and spit flew everywhere. She was no different from a quarreling auntie. “Who are you talking about? Who doesn’t have manners? Do you know how to speak?”

The manager was not afraid of Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen at all. After all, Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen did not look like rich people. If they were bullied here, they would only go back and cry. What else could they do to her?

“Who am I talking about? Of course I’m talking about you!”

When Chen Mengmeng heard the manager’s words, she was not afraid at all and retorted. She was really angry.

Chen Mengmeng had always had a good personality and usually did not get angry with others. However, this manager today really angered her. It was fine if she was stuck-up, but she even spoke rudely. Her character was really too lowly!

She was clearly the one who had done something wrong, yet she still had an expression that said, “What can you do to me?” What right did such a person have to be a manager?


Mother Chen called Chen Mengmeng and wanted her to leave. After all, there were many people in their shop here. They would be at a disadvantage if they quarreled. Besides, there was really nothing to say to them!

“Are you saying that I have no manners? Do you have manners? Don’t you know what kind of person you are? Look at what you’re wearing. How dare you come to our shop to buy clothes? I’m afraid you don’t know the price of Armani!”

However, Mother Chen’s voice was directly covered by the manager’s voice. How could Chen Mengmeng let this go?

“Mom, don’t interfere in this matter. I have to teach her a lesson today!” Chen Mengmeng snorted coldly, clearly not taking the manager seriously.

Mother Chen shook her head and went out with her phone. After such a thing happened, she definitely had to quickly inform Chen Yun and the others to come over.

As soon as the manager shouted, the other salespeople in the shop quickly surrounded Chen Mengmeng and looked down on her!

“That’s right. Do you know how much a piece of clothing here costs?”

“Let me tell you, the price of a piece of clothing here is your annual salary!”

The salespeople were all relying on their power. Of course, they were also trying to please the manager, so they humiliated Chen Mengmeng mercilessly!

Chen Mengmeng was telling the truth, but she did not expect their attitude to be so bad. She immediately felt a little aggrieved, but she did not retreat!

Her beautiful and exquisite face looked at the manager and the four salespeople fearlessly. Although Chen Mengmeng’s voice was angry, it was clear!

“First of all, not everyone likes luxury goods. Just because I don’t have any luxury goods on me doesn’t mean that I can’t afford them!”

“Second, I believe that anyone can tell from your service attitude that I’m right!”

“Lastly, I don’t want to quarrel with you. If you insist on going too far, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“This b*tch is quite good at showing off. She said that just because she doesn’t have any luxury goods on her doesn’t mean that she can’t afford luxury goods… Did you see that when this b*tch looked at that dress just now, her eyes were shining?!”

“Hahaha, ae you being rude to us? We want to see how rude you are to us.”

There were a total of five people, including the salesperson and the manager. Five mouths attacked Chen Mengmeng as if they were firing bullets. Chen Mengmeng argued with a red face. For a moment, they were arguing!

“Little b*tch, let me tell you, if you don’t pay a price for what you said to me today, don’t even think about leaving this place!”

After all, it was five people against one person. Although Chen Mengmeng was reasonable, she was helpless against five unreasonable people. Therefore, after arguing for about ten minutes, Chen Mengmeng was vaguely defeated.

Not only did Chen Mengmeng’s concession not make the manager and the others restrain themselves, but they also intensified!

“You… I’m not talking to you anymore. You’re simply unreasonable. I’ll complain about your shop now!”

Chen Mengmeng argued with the manager for a long time. She was simply exhausted and her throat was hurting. She really could not hold on anymore. She could only turn around and complain about this shop!

“Complain? You little b*tch, I think you don’t know the complexity of things!”

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