First Day In Game, I Got Ten Billion From Infinite Number Of Check-ins

Chapter 410 - 410 Poor Loser

410 Poor Loser

He looked at Chen Yun coldly, his eyes cold.

Under such circumstances, how could he give Chen Yun respect?

“I’ll pay!”

Chen Yun looked at Huang Qi’s bruised face and sighed. “I’ll call and get someone to transfer it to you!”

“What are you pretending for? You even said that you’ll get someone to transfer the money to me!”

Liu Haoran snorted and did not stop Chen Yun from going out to make a call. He turned to look at Huang Qi with ill intentions. “Your sister might be rushing over. It seems like she still can’t bear to part with you, her brother!”

How could he let Huang Qi decide? He had already told Huang Qi’s sister, who was far away. She would be here soon.

Huang Qi looked at him angrily, but he was stopped again. He could only roar angrily, “You didn’t keep your word!”

“Heh, who do you think you are to tell me this?”

He meant what he said, and that was only if both sides were of equal strength.

Everyone had the ability to flip tables. This was the prerequisite for keeping their word!

Huang Qi still wanted to speak, but he had already been stuffed with a rag. He could only wait for his sister while roaring.

“Stay here!”

Just as Liu Haoran finished speaking, a young girl suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hotel.

“Where’s my brother?”

Chen Yun could tell that this was clearly a trap targeting Huang Qi. Strictly speaking, it was a trap targeting his sister.

“You’re courting death!” Chen Yun roared. In the next moment, blood splattered!

A few minutes later…

The tall and horse-like black-clothed men actually fell to the ground one by one.

As for the arrogant Liu Haoran, he was kneeling in front of Chen Yun and begging for mercy!

Before Chen Yun could speak, Liu Haoran, who was also injured, finally could not hold it in anymore.

After all, he was one of the big shots in Jiang City. He was asked to kowtow and beg for mercy continuously, but there was no end to it. Finally, he roared, “Do you think this is the end?!” He looked at the three of them fiercely. “Let me tell you, so what if you can fight? I haven’t brought my best people yet! If you have the ability, just wait!”

At this moment, he felt like he had failed miserably. His lungs were about to explode from anger. “Huang Qi, the contract you owe me is still here! Do you believe that I’ll kill you even if I have to file a lawsuit?!”

Huang Xiaomeng’s expression was ugly. This was the truth. So what if she beat the other party up?

She could run, but she couldn’t hide. The contract was still there!

“Give me the contract!”

With a fierce expression, she actually kicked Liu Haoran’s stomach!


Liu Haoran let out a scream, but he laughed hoarsely. “Hit me. I don’t believe you dare to kill me. As long as I’m not dead, I’ll definitely kill you!”

To be able to reach this position, he was not a coward. Now, he was ruthless and his expression was extremely ferocious!

Huang Qi was so frightened that he took a step back. Huang Xiaomeng gritted her teeth. There was nothing she could do in this situation. She could not really kill him!

Liu Haoran was extremely arrogant. Even though he was in extreme pain alone, he gritted his teeth and smiled. “However, if you’re willing to accompany me for a few nights, everything can be discussed…”

When he was tired of playing, he would let his lackeys “have a good time” accompanying a damn woman like her!


Huang Qi shouted angrily.

Huang Xiaomeng did not say anything. Her heart was in a mess.

How could he agree? That was impossible. However, if he didn’t agree, what could he do with the contract?

He really could not fork out five million yuan!

“Hmph, hmph.”

Liu Haoran, who was experienced and knowledgeable, had seen such situations countless times. “If you know, serve me well! I’ll let you go when the time comes!”

He thought, “Dream on! Damn woman, how dare you hit me!”

“When I’m tired of playing with you, I’ll take a photo of you in bed. Let’s see if I won’t play you to death!”

The experienced Liu Haoran had already thought of several ways. He looked at Huang Xiaomeng greedily.

Huang Xiaomeng could not help but take a step back. At this moment, Liu Haoran had already stood up and grabbed her with a big hand. “Don’t resist. Otherwise, I’ll get your brother to return the money today!”


Huang Qi rushed out, but he was kicked away by Liu Haoran.


Chen Yun watched from the side and finally sighed.

He thought, “Enough, have you forgotten about me? Do you really think that you’re parting forever?”

He did not speak immediately just now because he wanted to teach Huang Qi a lesson.

He was helping Huang Qi, but he had to help him with a plan. He had to let Huang Qi suffer first. Otherwise, something similar might happen next time.

At that time, although he could help again, the world was unpredictable. Who knew if he would still be here at that time?

He did not say much and kicked Liu Haoran away. The other party had been beaten up previously and was still weak!

He lost his strength from Chen Yun’s kick and simply staggered to the ground.

Chen Yun actually hit his people and dared to touch him!

Liu Haoran felt like his head was about to explode. He didn’t want any more money.

“Did you f*cking think…”

He spoke with a ferocious expression, but before he could finish, his phone suddenly rang.

When he saw the caller, he was so frightened that he did not even dare to continue speaking. He quickly picked up the phone and said obsequiously, “CEO Jiang, why are you looking for me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other party shot out like a machine gun. “You lunatic, don’t implicate me if you have a death wish! Do you know that I’ll kill you first if anything happens to me? How dare you provoke Director Chen?”

Director Chen?

Hearing this voice, Liu Haoran was dumbfounded.

The only person in Jiang City who could be called Director Chen was that person, but he didn’t do anything to provoke him.

Before he could complain, Brother Yu said coldly, “I don’t care what you did. Settle it as soon as possible. I’m telling you that Director Chen personally spoke this time. If you don’t want to disappear suddenly, I think you should know what to do!”

Without waiting for Liu Haoran to speak, he hung up.

At this moment, Liu Haoran was holding his phone that was beeping. His eyes were a little dull.

Wait? Who did CEO Jiang say he had offended?

It was as if he was in a dream. He was suddenly woken up by his subordinates. He looked at Chen Yun and then at Huang Xiaomeng. No matter how he looked at it, he felt that it must be one of them.

Speaking of important things today, he also knew what had happened today.

Thinking of Director Chen’s anger, he felt his entire body soften.

After settling the matter, Chen Yun drove his car to the building.

This was a famous shopping mall.

He went straight to a branded clothing store. “Is anyone there?”

When the attendants who were free heard this, they turned around. However, when they saw Chen Yun’s clothes, they pretended not to see him and played with their phones.

Did a poor loser wearing such brandless clothes want to buy clothes here?

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