Chapter 1193 - The Enforcer

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Chapter 1193 - The Enforcer

Old Man Stargazer coughed up blood, his aged face pallid.

Yuan Mu’s clothes were in tatters, and his red hair hung loose and disheveled.

Two Custodians working together couldn’t block the power of a single slash!

The Heavensdeath Demon Empress and Meng Changyun were both flabbergasted.

And here both of them had thought Su Yi would take a step back and prevent this incident from blowing up any further. Backing down had only advantages and no disadvantages.

Who’d have thought Su Yi would attack directly!?

“I have only myself to blame for a moment’s muddleheadedness. I should have realized that given his aloof, prideful disposition, there was no way he’d back down...” The Heavensdeath Demon Empress laughed bitterly to herself.

“This is the difference between His Excellency the Temple Master and me!” Meng Changyun was ashamed of his own unsightliness. He muttered to himself, “I always think in terms of loss and profit, and I’m always willing to endure and take a step back to avoid disaster. That way, both sides emerge unscathed.

“But in truth, this is just because I am cowardly. With absolute strength, what is there to fear?

“The Temple Master is different. When he sees injustice, he swings his sword and cuts it down!”

Meng Changyun was well aware that he wasn’t capable of imitating this. He lacked the necessary strength, but the Temple Master had strength in abundance!

This was the difference between them.

He’d put himself directly in the Temple Master’s shoes, viewing the problem from his own eyes. His worries were entirely groundless.

“This is bad!” The Crane Fairy’s heart sank.

The moment Su Yi swung his sword, he effectively cast aside all pretenses of cordiality with the First Custodian.

That was tantamount to declaring war against all of the Custodians!

“How dare he!?” Jing Feng, Meng Zhan, and Huang Sanjia were alarmed and furious.

And here they’d thought that with Old Man Stargazer and Yuan Mu here, Su Yi was sure to back down and let this end here.

Who’d have thought he’d attack directly anyway? He was completely disregarding the First and Third Custodians!


The skies churned, and sword light flowed through the air.

After sending Old Man Stargazer and Yuan Mu flying in a single slash, Su Yi’s figure blurred as he shot toward Jing Feng, Meng Zhan, and Huang Sanjia.

The three of them were badly injured earlier, and when they saw him approach, they didn’t hesitate to turn and flee.


Su Yi stepped forward and swung, his sword like an arc piercing through the nine heavens before plummeting back down to earth.

Tens of thousands of feet away, a massive, narrow ravine formed as the skies split. Jing Feng was caught in the middle of it, and his body exploded with a rain of blood.

When Su Yi’s sword split and collapsed the skies, it exterminated Jing Feng, too!

Practically simultaneously, Su Yi swung his sword upward.


In another direction, Meng Zhan roared in fury. His fists slammed down, shaking the surrounding ten thousand feet of sky.

But a moment later, a streak of sword qi rose and cleaved Meng Zhan’s body in two.

In the last moments before his death, his eyes bulged in fury. Unwillingness was written all over his face.

Only Huang Sanjia unleashed a divine ability in time to escape without a trace.

However, when Su Yi saw this, his eyes shone with a hint of disdain.


The hum of a sword rang out.

He raised his right hand and flung his weapon with all his might.

Thirty thousand feet from the Black Blood Ruins, beneath the dome of heaven, the skies suddenly shattered like glass.

Immediately afterward, a miserable, desperate cry rang out, and Huang Sanjia staggered back into view.

A moment later, his body split into countless chunks of flesh and fell to the ground.

The streak of sword qi that had traversed the entire thirty-thousand-foot distance gradually dissipated.

Although this had happened outside of the Black Blood Ruins, the power of that slash was far too terrifying. When those present heard Huang Sanjia’s final shout, they realized that he was already dead!

Now, all of the Custodians Wei Heng had led to get revenge were dead, including Wei Heng himself!

Su Yi stood beneath the dome of heaven. As she took in his tall, upright figure, the Heavensdeath Demon Empress looked dazed, and her heart shook.

Meng Changyun slapped his thigh hard and grinned. He suddenly felt that he’d lived far too cowardly a life; none of it had been anywhere near as satisfying as this!

The Crane Fairy was silent, her gaze conflicted. She too was incomparably astonished. She was now keenly aware of just how terrifying this trial-taker was; you simply couldn’t judge Su Yi by his cultivation base.

When she watched as he cut down Wei Heng and the others, one after another, she felt an indescribable terror and unease. 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝒃𝒏𝓸𝒗𝙚𝓵.𝙘𝓸𝒎

Su Yi’s Dao of the Sword was just too terrifying. He could sever even the Laws of the outer ring with ease!

And those Laws were the Custodians' greatest pillar of support!

Off in the distance.

Old Man Stargazer and Yuan Mu’s eyes flashed. Both their expressions were overcast.

Yuan Mu’s face was ashen as he said slowly and clearly, “Su Yi, you’re a trial-taker, yet you’ve violated the rules of the Graveyard of Fallen Immortals. From this moment forth, you are the enemy of the Graveyard of Fallen Immortals!”

His voice was full of fury.

The Heavensdeath Demon Empress and Meng Changyun’s hearts sank. Is the worst-case scenario about to come to pass?

The Crane Fairy couldn’t help but say, “Wei Heng and the others broke the rules first. They brought their deaths upon themselves. How can you...”

Before she could finish, Old Man Stargazer coldly interrupted her. “Crane Fairy, as you saw earlier, we gave him an opportunity to act in accordance with the rules, but Su Yi ignored it, disregarding the rules of the Graveyard of Fallen Immortals completely. His crimes are unforgivable!”

The Crane Fairy fell silent. She couldn’t argue with that.

Here, Su Yi suddenly laughed dryly. “Old-timer, quit pretending. Isn’t this... exactly the result you wished to see?”

The Heavensdeath Demon Empress’s heart shook. Don’t tell me Old Man Stargazer has been anticipating this outcome right from the start?

A chill coursed through the Crane Fairy’s body as she seemed to realize something. Her face filled with disbelief.

Old Man Stargazer frowned, then said icily, “What do you mean?”

“What do we mean? Do you think we are idiots?!” shouted Meng Changyun. He fully understood what was happening, and he gnashed his teeth in fury. “You’re the First Custodian. How could you have been ignorant of Shan Ning’s death?

“And when Wei Heng and company set off to avenge him, how could you not have known? Yet you did nothing. Why? Simple! You wanted to borrow another’s blade to kill His Excellency!

“Had Wei Heng and his allies defeated His Excellency and seized the secrets of reincarnation, you could have used the rules of the Graveyard of Fallen Immortals to punish them.

“That way, you could have seized the secrets of reincarnation smoothly and without impediment.” He spoke with righteous indignation, and his voice spread throughout the surrounding area.

The Heavensdeath Demon Empress’s face filled with a bone-deep chill, while the Crane Fairy looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Yuan Mu’s eyelids twitched.

Old Man Stargazer said expressionlessly, “Your accusations are baseless; that’s mere conjecture. Besides, none of that took place in reality.”

Meng Changyun said coldly, “That’s because His Excellency the Temple Master was too strong!”

He paused, then added, “Why didn’t you step forth to stop him earlier? Simple. It wasn’t to bury the hatchet, but rather, to provoke His Excellency into breaking the rules, heedless of the consequences!

“This lets you use the rules of the Graveyard of Fallen Immortals to proclaim His Excellency your common foe and use every method at your disposal to oppose him! If you succeed, you’ll still seize the secrets of reincarnation in the end!”

Here, he gnashed his teeth hatefully. “You sure are insidious, you old bastard!”

But Old Man Stargazer was entirely unmoved. He said coldly, “Ludicrous! I am the First Custodian, and everything I do is in accordance with the rules. When did I do anything wrong? And even if I did do something wrong... it’s not up to you to accuse or judge me!”

“You...” Meng Changyun was frantic with anger. Even now, the old bastard won’t admit it!

The Heavensdeath Demon Empress’s starry eyes were icy. Meng Changyun had just given voice to everything she was thinking.

The First Custodian was far more insidious and sinister than Wei Heng and his allies.

Old Man Stargazer couldn’t be bothered to pay Meng Changyun any heed. His eyes flashed like lightning as he locked onto the distant Su Yi. “Su Yi, do you admit to your crimes?”

“When you’re looking to condemn someone, you can always find a pretext,” Su Yi said calmly. “Let’s just settle this through combat.”


He stretched out his hand and grabbed. A streak of sword qi condensed in the air, as dazzling as the sun and full of unsurpassed, forbidden power.

Off in the distance, Yuan Mu’s heart clenched.

Old Man Stargazer’s expression was suddenly solemn. He gripped a command medallion and said gravely, “The First Custodian requests His Excellency Jin Chi’s intervention. Please help me execute the criminal Su Yi to uphold Venerate Flooding Heavens’ rules!”

His voice was like the sound of the Grand Dao as it echoed throughout heaven and earth.


The skies instantly split, and a man in golden robes appeared out of nowhere.

His skin was fair, and his long hair was as dark as ink. He had young, handsome features, and his golden robes were covered in strange talisman markings. His entire body emanated a majestic aura terrifying beyond measure.

“His Excellency Jin Chi!” The Crane Fairy’s expression shifted.

Six Enforcers were stationed in the heart of the Graveyard of Fallen Immortals, the secret origin grounds.

Each had Oneness Realm cultivation, and their strength was utterly terrifying. They could control the Laws of the secret origin grounds!

And Jin Chi was one of the six.

The Custodians of the outer ring were mere juniors compared to him.

“So strong!” The Heavensdeath Demon Empress was startled, her expression more solemn than ever before.

“A Oneness expert?” Meng Changyun gasped.

Oneness Realm World Kings could use the Grand Dao as a furnace to refine everything into a singular whole. The loftiness and strength of their cultivation far transcended Heavenly Longevity Realm World Kings!

The Heavenly Longevity Realm World Kings of the outer ring were unquestionably far, far inferior to him. fre(e)webnovel

“Greetings, Your Excellency Jin Chi!” Old Man Stargazer and Yuan Mu stepped forth and bowed. Even the Crane Fairy dared not be negligent; she too greeted him.

“I’m already aware of what happened, so let me resolve this.” Jin Chi subtly inclined his head, his eyes glinting like metal. He seemed as dignified as the heavens, and his majesty was terrifying.

When Su Yi saw this, he laughed coldly. “You’re not just ‘aware.’ I’m afraid you’ve long since been colluding with that old bastard. Otherwise, how could you have gotten here on such short notice?”

“You brazen madman! Don’t even think of making baseless accusations!” bellowed Old Man Stargazer, his gaze icy.

But Jin Chi only laughed. “Why argue with someone about to die? There’s simply no need.”

His words were light and airy.

As he spoke, his sleeves billowed around him, and a glittering golden executioner's saber appeared.

The blade was dazzling, and it flowed with the blood-colored power of the Laws. It was terrifying beyond measure.

This was obviously a divine weapon, and its aura was startling!

The Heavensdeath Demon Empress and Meng Changyun felt their hearts shake. Even just gazing upon it from afar, they felt a piercing, slicing pain in their eyes, hearts, and minds.

The Crane Fairy’s heart sank.

The Demon-Shaking Executioner's Blade!

This was one of the six executioner's blades Venerate Flooding Heavens had left in the secret origin grounds in ancient times. They said it could execute gods and ghosts and slay demons. Its power was unfathomable!

Su Yi couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. The blade was emblazoned with the profundities of an inscrutable Law.

A Law far stronger than those of the outer ring!

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