Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord

Chapter 474 - 474 A Cliff

474 A Cliff

“Who is starting it?” asked Hazel as his eyes narrowed on the man who chuckled.

“Have you thought that the love of the lord for a human would change the world into a better place?” the man mocked her with laughter, “he had blood of thousands of witches on his hands. No one is going to forgive him for that.” he warned when Hazel scoffed.

“And you think that those witches were innocent? Were they not trying to kill one of them to get more powers or to get rid of a stronger one.” the man shook his head and shrugged.

“That is the rule of the world. You have to be too strong to survive. I did not blame both parties but it had left a hole that was never filled in two decades.

The war is bound to happen and the witches have started preparing for it.” he smiled as if the thought left him at ease.

“Are you against the vampires too?” She could see how relaxed he was while talking about war as if he was going to enjoy it.

“Against the system. But war increases the need for information as it is one of the strongest powers. I don’t mind war as long as I earn better.

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You are here for the same purpose, aren’t you?” he smirked when he saw her holding her hands tightly as if she was restraining herself from beating him.

“Do you know which witch is planning to start the war and how?” asked Lucio holding the shoulders of Hazel who looked furious.


“Hmm, I don’t know who they are but I know that those are the abandoned witches who were not given a chance to live a better life by the council.

They are stealing and buying weapons against humans and vampires. I had heard an auction was being organized for buying weapons at high rates. They have offered a good reward for Beryllium too. And I am sure they have received both of it.”

“Do you know where the auction is held?” asked Lucio in a grim tone when the man finally took his eyes away from hazel and smiled at him.

“Yes, but they need a card for it. And it will be costly.” Another bag of gold was thrown on the table without a word.

“We want two identities and cards for the party.” the man smiled as he counted the rare gems. It is much more than he could earn in his whole lifetime. “And I want a strong name for the party.” added Lucio as he stared at him with dark eyes when the man laughed. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝑡

“A strong name? Shall I announce you as the leader of the biggest coven, marquis Lucio. You will get fame instantly. Many covens who think you have betrayed witches by supporting a human and the lord, will come for you instantly.” Hazel stared at the man who smiled and rubbed his head.

The black wig fell instantly and his hair turned silver.

“I love money. But I am only collecting it to support the war. You will never understand Lucio. The need of freedom and the revenge for our family who had lost their life because of lord.

And now he thinks that he could control our land by making his wife our ruler. We will never let that happen.” a nefarious look on his face as she whistled and the door of the room opened.

More than thirty witches entered instantly and stared at them with a smirk on their faces.

“It was a trap.. Hazel, run.” Lucio shouted as he jumped in front of her to cover her so that she could think of a way.

“Oh.. I was just thinking who this lady is since we had seen Helen in the past. But who would have thought that we would be lucky to have the lady here, herself.” their faces had an evil look while their eyes filled with the desire to kill her.

Hazel closed her eyes, no single hint of being afraid was on her face. She raised her head and whispered a spell and the room started to fill with storing winds.

But all of them were witches too. They had started whispering spells too. Fire, water, air, plants. Everything came at once and each of their targets was hazel.

“My lady, there are too many. You would not be able to fight with all of them. I will try to stall time, you can run away.” he offered but hazel shook her head.

She spelled again, when she felt all of them running at her with a lot of weapons in her hands when the man laughed again.

“I forgot to tell you but I have personally trained them for close combat too. They are stronger than any other witches you have ever met.” Most of the time, it is hard for the witches to fight because of their lack of strength.

But these witches had strong spells supported by strong fighting power.

“They are better. Aren’t they? My friends, why don’t you show Lady Hazel how strong you are.” He laughed evilly again when he looked at their struggling figure.

Hazel could feel the pressure of their powers. They were organized, strong and trained. Not to forget the daggers they were throwing and how skillfully they were fighting.

“Yes, we need to run. But we have to make it up together.” She held him as she whispered the spell again but this time she did not attack anyone but opened a portal near her and then pushed Lucio in it.

She could feel many hands and weapons following her. One of the daggers attacked Lucio before she could close the portal and the blood started to gush out of his hands.

He laid on the ground and sighed.

“I am sorry lady Hazel. I never knew that information guild was part of them. I put your life in danger without thinking properly.”

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