Chapter 1116 - 1116 Collecting Plants

1116 Collecting Plants

Slash! Clang! Slash!

The sound of battles continued. With Nan Luo rearranging the force in the middle, their advantage in number could be utilized to the fullest and the people were dying until they couldn’t even stay alive anymore.

Inside the carriage, Wei Mu Qing was looking through the gap in the window. She was worried when she saw her older sister getting suppressed.

But when Nan Luo came, everything turned to their side.

‘How cool.’

Just like their father, with few words and order, General Wei was capable of overturning the tide of the battle. Wei Mu Qing rarely followed her father, but even she knew how amazing her father was.

And now, she could see the amazing capability of another young commander.


“T…Thanks.” Wei Mu Ya was feeling embarrassed when the battle was over. Without Nan Luo’s help, she knew very well that she would have been overwhelmed here.


Not long ago, she was despising her father’s decision for asking help.

Now, she realized that it was not her father didn’t trust her, but it was because he knew her capabilities.

She was not as capable as many other young commanders even though she had been at the battlefield for a long period of time.

Nan Luo glanced at Wei Mu Ya and nodded. He then urged his horse to walk closer to the carriage and knocked the window. “Second Young Miss Wei, are you alright?”

“Ye…Yes!” Wei Mu Qing was startled. She could feel her face turned hot when she heard his question. Who would have thought that he would actually came to ask about her wellbeing?

She was inside the carriage all this time since she had no martial arts capability.

With all of them protecting her, how could she be hurt?

“That’s good.”

Nan Luo nodded and then urged his horse away again. He didn’t even bother with the cleaning up here since most of the soldiers in this area were Wei Mu Ya’s soldiers. She would be able to do it on her own anyway.

Wei Mu Ya watched as Nan Luo left and felt even more ashamed.

“Second Young Commander Wei…?”

“Clean up and then we’re set up tents. Those who are injured…” Wei Mu Ya pulled herself and tried her best to give orders. She didn’t really want to interact with the other two young commanders right now.

To think the difference between them would be this large.

She thought that her older brother was actually correct when he said that she was being too complacent with her progress. Compared to him, she was indeed much slower, but Wei Mu Ya never thought that it was slow.

Now, she realized that as a commander, she was actually very lacking.

It was not hard for her to reach this point.

But looking at the others who were much better than her, Wei Mu Ya realized that she was actually really bad.

Clip! Clop!

“Are they done there?” Feng Ao Kuai asked when he saw Nan Luo came back. Even without Nan Luo here, he would be able to lead the soldiers and prepare their resting place for the night.

“More or less.” Nan Luo shrugged. “Anyway, she’s still a commander, so she should settle her soldiers by herself.”


Feng Ao Kuai didn’t say much, but Nan Luo knew that even Feng Ao Kuai could see that as a commander, Wei Mu Ya was indeed lacking. But it was not their position to say anything, so they stayed silent.

They were not close to her either.

Soon, the camp was ready.

Nan Hua didn’t really have any interest in helping out this time and wandered around to collect some plants. There were some rare plants that she noticed growing in this area. Since she rarely came here, collecting some of them and dried them off should be a good idea.

When it was time for dinner, Nan Hua was back with a basket full of herbs.

“Why do you collect so many herbs?” Nan Luo was stunned. He was speechless when he thought that Nan Hua would surely dry these things and then packed all of them to bring them along.

There were already a lot of herbs inside Nan Hua’s room in their residence.

“These are plants that you can’t easily found in Fei Yang Kingdom,” Nan Hua explained. She was not that bored to collect ordinary herbs either and only found some that was quite rare in Fei Yang Kingdom and useful.

“Fine, up to you.”

Feng Ao Kuai shook his head and then handed the meat skewer to the two of them. “Eat first.”

“What meat is this?”


“I thought that our ration today would be dried meat.” Nan Luo happily eat the meat skewer.

Nan Hua shook her head, but felt that this was quite nice. Camping out and ate together like this was just like how they used to be in the past before they entered the army and had to fight for their kingdom.

She heard faint steps and saw Wei Mu Qing came towards them.

Wei Mu Qing curtsied. “Second Young Commander Feng, Young Commander Nan, and Adjutant Nan, Mu Qing would like to thank you for protecting me just now. Without your help, this one wouldn’t be able to stay alive.”

“There’s no need to be so polite, Second Young Miss Wei!” Nan Luo waved his hand hurriedly. He smiled embarrassedly. “We’re only here to fulfill our duty. There’s no need for the excessive thanks.”

“Even though it’s your duty, I still would like to thank you personally, Young Commander Nan,” Wei Mu Qing smiled sweetly.

Nan Luo scratched the back of his head and nodded politely.

Beside Nan Luo, Feng Ao Kuai answered in his stead, “We accept your thanks, Second Young Miss Wei.”

Wei Mu Qing curtsied in response.

“Is there anything else that you need us to help with, Second Young Miss Wei?” Nan Luo asked, trying to be polite just like before.


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