Chapter 927: Nan Hua’s Decision

Chapter 927: Nan Hua’s Decision

Wu Shan was a bit surprised at his thoughts.         

Even when he was looking at his older sister, he had never thought of it that way. Was it because Nan Hua really looked like a flower just like her name or was it because her older sister was simply too valiant for him to think of her as fragile as flower?     

Wu Shan silently pushed the thought back.     

If Yu Jin heard what he was thinking, he was sure that she would roast him alive.     

“I’m fine.”     

Nan Hua looked at her sword and silently wiped the blood away. She still needed to use this sword for a long period of time. She couldn’t possibly let it turn all rusty because she didn’t clean it properly.     

Wu Shan nodded.     

Turning to look at the Mountain Tribe, Wu Shan also realized the respect in their eyes when they were looking at Nan Hua. In their eyes, they only held respect for the strong as it was how the society was formed in this tribe.     

And with Nan Hua showing her prowess so clearly on the battlefield, no one had any objection towards her at all.     

They were convinced that her ability was more than enough for her to become Yu Jin’s sister.     

Thus, it was the scene Yu Jin saw when she came back with her loot.     

The soldiers were all behaving very respectfully towards Nan Hua as if she was truly on par with Wu Shan. Of course, their highest respect still only fall for Yu Jin as she is the real queen in this Mountain Tribe.     

“I reckon everything went well?” Yu Jin asked as she threw a jar of wine to Wu Shan.     

Wu Shan’s eyes lit up. He liked wine a lot, but Yu Jin wouldn’t let him drink and only gave it to him occasionally. As he didn’t dare to go against his sister, he chose to endure it and only drank when she gave him one.     

“Yes, it is.” Wu Shan caressed the wine jar.     

“You’re only allowed to drink half of it.”     

“Yes, I know.”     

Yu Jin narrowed her eyes then walked towards Nan Hua. She noticed that the young girl was extremely calm despite watching so many people dying in front of her. Many of them even died in her hands.     

It was as if everything was normal for her.     

“Hua’er, what do you think of the Mountain Tribe’s men?”     

“They’re very organized and strong.” Nan Hua looked at Yu Jin and nodded. “They’re all properly trained.”     

“Of course.” Yu Jin smiled proudly.     

She was the one who designed their training. Despite many people called her madman back then, she was instead the first one to finish the training. Not wanting to lose, the other people decided to follow her.     

“If you want to, I can arrange the same training for you so that you know what they experienced.”     

Nan Hua nodded.     

She didn’t mind. In fact, she was actually a bit curious just what kind of training these people underwent to be able to be so strong. They were much better than Zhang Xu Kingdom and some of them were also better than Fei Yang Kingdom’s soldiers.         

Mind you, the kingdom that was famous for having monstrous strength has always been Fei Yang Kingdom.     

Yet, Nan Hua realized that these Mountain Tribe’s men wouldn’t lose against them at all.     

Of course, there were some generals who were an exception from other kingdoms who have great strength. But their number was not that many.     

“This is the message and report for you.”     

“Oh, you’re so fast.” Yu Jin was surprised.     

Nan Hua nodded. “I’ll stay here for the time being while waiting for him to come. Do you mind, Jin Jie?”     

“Not at all.” Yu Jin was happy to have Nan Hua here. It also meant that she would have more chances to watch how her new little sister fought. Being able to observe this young woman would surely be also beneficial for her.     

“Are you still training?”     


“What’s your plan for your next training? I might be able to help.”     

Nan Hua thought for a moment before recalling the dolls incident. They should start appearing in a few more weeks, so if they were dealt in time, there will be more children saved. She didn’t want to let that incident caused so many casualties within Fei Yang Kingdom’s side.     

“I’ll come back during Winter after this matter is settled.”     

“Winter?” Yu Jin revealed a thoughtful expression then nodded. If that was what her little sister wanted to, she would allow her to do so.     

For Nan Hua to not stay here from now must meant that she had something else that she wanted to do. Whatever it was, Yu Jin had no intention of prying if it was unnecessary. She was not the type to pry too deep on the matter that was a bit off limit.     

Nan Hua didn’t talk much anymore and then went to rest.     

She would talk with Nan Luo later to let him allowed her to be more of a leader in his army for some time. After coming here, Nan Hua had realized that she wouldn’t be able to affect the big picture too much by staying with Nan Luo.     

It might be the best and safest route as she would be growing alongside with Nan Luo.     

But it was not fast enough.     

When the war reached its peak, Nan Luo’s rank wouldn’t be that high and Nan Hua wouldn’t be able to do many things.     

So, Nan Hua decided that she should just stay with the Mountain Tribe as Jun Hua.     

That way, she would be able to influence more of the big picture as Yu Jin’s position and the number of army behind her was similar to that of a general.     

While Nan Hua was resting, Yu Jin was reading the report that Nan Hua gave to her.     

T̺͆h̺͆i̺͆s̺͆ c̺͆h̺͆a̺͆p̺͆t̺͆e̺͆r̺͆ u̺͆p̺͆l̺͆o̺͆a̺͆d̺͆ f̺͆i̺͆r̺͆s̺͆t̺͆ a̺͆t̺͆ n̺͆o̺͆v̺͆e̺͆l̺͆-̺͆b̺͆i̺͆n̺͆.̺͆c̺͆o̺͆m̺͆

“My little sister is really capable.”     

Yu Jin smiled happily.     


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