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Chapter 1177 - Chapter 1177: Strength is Far Beyond Our Imagination!

Chapter 1177: Strength is Far Beyond Our Imagination!

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When the group of Yamaguchi- gumi members with weapons rushed over, although Xu Man was extremely afraid, she still blocked in front of Ye Feng, “Xiao Feng, run…”

Her action made Ye Feng laugh. This stupid woman, did she think that with her weak body, she could create space for him to escape?

However, he was still very touched that she could do this.

The Yamaguchi- gumi member who was charging at the front was already waving his machete and slashing at them.

He suddenly pulled Xu Man behind him and quickly reached out with his right hand. He grabbed the man’s wrist that was holding the knife and twisted it.


The man’s Wrist made a bone-cracking sound, accompanied by a miserable cry.

The machete in his hand had already been snatched away by Ye Feng, and he was kicked in the abdomen, smashing into the crowd behind him.

Ye Feng had a machete in his hand, he had an imposing aura.

He pulled Xu Man with one hand and charged at the Yamaguchi- gumi members with a machete in the other. It could be said that he killed one person with each step.

There was nothing aesthetic about his saber techniques, but the angle of each slash was very tricky, and each slash was lethal.

The Yamaguchi- gumi members were all experienced fighters, but in front of him, they were all weaklings, unable to resist at all.

In an instant, they were killed.

At first, Xu Man was so scared that her face turned pale, but when she felt the warmth from Ye Feng’s hand, her heart calmed down.

From her angle, she could see his determined side profile.

It had to be said that he was really handsome at this moment!

At this moment, Miyamoto Sei carefully poked his head out of the washroom, but he realized that Ye Feng and Xu Man were no longer in the café.

At this moment, all the staff and customers in the café were leaning against the window, looking at something.

When he walked over curiously, he was immediately shocked by the scene outside the window.

A man with a knife in one hand and a woman in the other charged left and right in the siege of more than 20 people.

This scene would be beautiful even in a movie.

A few female customers were looking outside with infatuation.

“Wow, that man is really handsome!”

“Yeah, not only is he handsome, but he’s also so good at fighting. Those Yamaguchi- gumi people couldn’t stop him.”

“That girl is so lucky. I really wish that the person he was holding was me.” “Me too, If that person was me, I would probably die of happiness, right?”

“It’s really sweet…”

Unlike these women, the men were discussing Ye Fengs strength.

“Isn’t this young man too strong? In front of him, those Yamaguchi-gumi people are like pigs and sheep.”

“Don’t say that. Even if there were twenty pigs, it would be impossible to kill them so easily.”

“l feel a surge of hot blood in my body. I really want to fight with him!”

“I seem to see Sasuke Uchiha. I feel that the chakra in my body is about to be unable to suppress it anymore. Eh…”

Well, alright, the Japanese people’s chuunibyou disease was deep in their bones.

Although Miyamoto Sei didn’t shout like they did, he was no less shocked than they were.

Just like that, in less than three minutes, the twenty-plus Yamaguchi-gumi members who were attacking Ye Feng were all lying on the ground and wailing. The entire street was dyed red with blood.

Of course, Ye Feng had already gone easy on them. He did not really kill them, he only cut off their tendons in their hands and legs.

The entire street fell into a dead silence.

Ye Feng and Xu Man stood in the midst of the mournful cries. They were like a beautiful yet bloody oil painting!

Yamamoto Takeshi heard his subordinate’s report and did not speak for a long time.

Kawasaki hurriedly pulled the man back. “You just said that he killed more than 20 people by himself? And he’s completely unharmed?”

The subordinate hurriedly nodded. “l saw it very clearly from afar. There were more than twenty people, and none of them survived.”

Kawasaki looked at Yamamoto Takeshi in shock. “Vice President Yamamoto, this person’s strength is far beyond our imagination!”

Yamamoto Takeshi clenched his fists. “Indeed, I thought that 20 people would be enough to kill him. I didn’t expect him to be so terrifying. I was too careless.’

Kawasaki was a little helpless. “Actually, we should talk to him first. Now that things have turned out like this, I’m afraid it’s not easy to clean up.”

Yamamoto Takeshi glanced at him unhappily. “Are you blaming me?” Kawasaki was shocked and hurriedly waved his hand. “l didn’t mean that. I just wanted to say…”

Yamamoto Takeshi raised his hand to interrupt him. “You don’t have to explain. I did not do it properly.”

“If I had known that he was so powerful, I would never have acted so rashly. I accept your criticism.”

Kawasaki didn’t know what to say when he saw him admit his mistake. “But since things have come to this, there’s no turning back.”

“He has injured so many of us. If we stop now, I’m afraid we’ll immediately become a joke in Japan.”

Although Kawasaki didn’t want to admit it, he knew that Yamamoto Takeshi was telling the truth.

They had already realized that they had provoked a very troublesome enemy. They could only make do with it.

That Ye Feng had injured so many of them. If the Yamaguchi-gumi did nothing about it, the other gangs would look down on them.

“Let Kudo Eagle lead the people of the Yamata division. We must kill this person!” Yamamoto Takeshi’s voice was filled with killing intent.

Kawasaki was shocked. “Are we really going to let the Yamata division go? Aren’t you thinking too highly of this kid?”

The Yamata division was the most elite department of the Edo Yamaguchi- gumi. Only those who had shown great bravery in other departments could enter. Although there were less than a hundred people, each of them could fight against a hundred people.

It could be said that the Yamata division was the Edo Yamaguchi-gumi’s great

killing weapon, and it was not enough to be used in ordinary small disputes.

Now, Yamamoto Takeshi actually wanted to use Yamata division, it showed how much he valued Ye Feng.

“This battle is not only to kill that Chinese pig, but also to show off to the other gangs. Let them know that even if we, Yamaguchi-gumi, are old, I am not someone they can covet.” Yamamoto Takeshi’s eyes were filled with viciousness.

“Vice President Yamamoto is wise.” Kawasaki immediately flattered him.

The smile returned to Yamamoto Takeshi’s face. “Drive the car to that street. I want to see that kid die in front of me with my own eyes.”

“Yes, sir!” Kawasaki agreed and immediately started the car.

At this moment, everyone in Xiaoye Café was dumbfounded by the scene before them.

Although they had long guessed that the scene would be bloody, they did not expect it to be so bloody.

One person against more than twenty people, and he was actually unscathed.

This kind of combat strength was simply appalling!

Everyone felt their scalps go numb.

“Unbelievable! A single person can actually defeat so many people and still remain unscathed. It’s too terrifying!’

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would never believe it. This is unbelievable.’

“The Yamaguchi- gumi actually lost? More than twenty people were actually killed by one person? Is this still the strongest society in Japan, the Yamaguchi- gumi?”

“It’s too embarrassing. It seems that the Yamaguchi-gumi is just an empty reputation.”

“Hehe, you have an empty reputation? Why don’t you try? I can only say that this young man’s strength is too heaven-defying.”

“That’s right. These twenty-over people aren’t weak. If it were anyone else, they would have been chopped into meat paste long ago.”

“How do you think the Yamaguchi- gumi will respond? Are they going to admit defeat just like that?”

“No, absolutely not. If the Yamaguchi-gumi do not retaliate, who will be afraid of them in the future? Therefore, they will definitely take revenge.”

“Isn’t it over yet? I’m really looking forward to it…”

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