Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 17

Low-Key God of Tycoons, Xia Qiu’s Surprise


Ye Feng was driving and when he heard his phone ring. He answered the call without looking at the screen.

“Mr. Ye, where are you?”

Soon, a woman’s voice came from the phone. Her tone was a little cold.

“Sister Wang,” Ye Feng recognized her voice and said, “I’m already at the hotel.”

“Where is it? Why don’t I see you?”

Sister Wang looked around.

At this moment, a black sports car drove in from outside.

Sister Wang’s eyes were immediately attracted to it.

It was actually…

It was a Ferrari Enzo!

As Xia Qiu’s manager, she had a good eye. She recognized the model of the supercar at a glance and knew that it was worth more than 30 million yuan.

Moreover, this was a limited edition, and there were only 400 of them in the world. It was not something that could be bought with money, but had to have a certain background.

It was rare to see such a car even in a big city like Yanjing. She didn’t expect to see one in Zhonghai.

Who was the owner of the car?

Just as she was wondering, the Ferrari Enzo stopped not far in front of her.

Immediately, the car window rolled down and a young and handsome face appeared.

“Ye… Ye Feng!”

When Sister Wang saw the person in the driver’s seat, she was shocked.

Ye Feng smiled at Sister Wang and hung up the phone.

Then, the door of The seagull-wing door of the car slowly rose.

Ye Feng got down from the car and after passing the car keys to the valet, he walked toward Sister Wang.

Looking at Ye Feng, who was dressed in branded clothes and exuding an air of nobility, Sister Wang was even more surprised.

If she was not wrong, Ye Feng’s outfit was worth at least 100,000 yuan, and that watch…

In the end, she came to a conclusion – Ye Feng was very rich!

Then why was he dressed so shabbily before?

Ye Feng came in front of Sister Wang and said with a smile, “Sister Wang, sorry to keep you waiting!”

“You’re welcome. I just arrived.” Sister Wang came back to her senses and shook her head with a smile. At the same time, her tone became much more polite.

At this moment, her dissatisfaction with Ye Feng’s late arrival had already disappeared. Instead, she said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, Xiao Xia has arrived at the restaurant. I’ll take you there now.”

“I’ll have to trouble you, Sister Wang!” Ye Feng nodded.

“Mr. Ye, you’re too kind.”

As she spoke, Sister Wang took the initiative to help Ye Feng open the door of the hotel.

Ye Feng was slightly stunned.

He remembered that Sister Wang didn’t seem to like him very much before. Why was she suddenly so enthusiastic?

However, he didn’t think too much about it. After thanking her, he took the lead and walked into the hotel.

Then, the two of them went into the elevator.

After a while, the elevator stopped on the fifth floor.

Sister Wang brought Ye Feng to a three-star Michelin restaurant, they walked down a long corridor and arrived at a unique and elegant private room.

Xia Qiu was standing at the door of the private room. She still had that pure and moving face, matched with an exaggerated figure.

She was wearing a white t-shirt and tight-fitting jeans that outlined her perfect figure. There was no trace of makeup on her face, but she was still so beautiful that it could move one’s heart…

When Ye Feng was sizing Xia Qiu up, Xia Qiu was also sizing him up.

Ye Feng was already quite good-looking, and now with the branded goods, he looked even more imposing, sunny, and handsome…

Even though Xia Qiu had seen many handsome men in the entertainment industry, she was still stunned.

However, she quickly returned to normal.

Although she did not understand how a poor student like Ye Feng could afford such luxurious clothes, she did not ask and only greeted Ye Feng with a smile, “Ye Feng, you’re here!”

He looked at Xia Qiu, who did not put on any airs and was as approachable as the big sister next door.

Ye Feng smiled and his impression of her became even better. He also greeted her, “Good evening, Miss Xia.”

“Good evening!” Xia Qiu returned the smile and stepped aside to make way. “Ye Feng, let’s talk inside.”

Ye Feng nodded and walked into the private room with Xia Qiu.

Sister Wang went to inform the waiter to serve the dishes.

When the dishes were served, Ye Feng and Xia Qiu started to chat.

In the beginning, Xia Qiu was afraid that Ye Feng would feel uncomfortable.

But when she saw Ye Feng talking to her calmly and not reserved at all, she could not help but admire Ye Feng.

Inadvertently, when her eyes swept across Ye Feng’s wrist, she was stunned.

Bulgari Octo?

If she remembered correctly, this watch was a limited edition. Each one was sold for more than 6 million yuan, and there were only eight of them in the world…

How could Ye Feng have it?

Could it be an imitation?

But she quickly rejected this thought. She had once endorsed a watch from Bulgari, she was sure that the watch on Ye Feng’s wrist was the real deal.

Immediately, the way she looked at Ye Feng became strange.

Ye Feng noticed Xia Qiu’s strange expression and asked: “Miss Xia, what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine.” Xia Qiu shook her head. She then looked at Ye Feng and praised, “Your watch is not bad!”

“Thank you. I also think this watch looks good, so I bought it.” Ye Feng smiled.

Hearing this, Xia Qiu’s eyes flickered.

A watch that was worth more than 6 million yuan, why did it sound like it was only 60 yuan when Ye Feng said it?

Just how rich was he?

Xia Qiu didn’t ask rashly. She just silently put the bank card back into her bag.

There was 5 million yuan in her bank card. It was originally a thank-you gift for Ye Feng, but now…

His watch was worth more than 6 million yuan. If she used this amount of money as a thank-you gift, she would be looking down on him.

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