Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 23

Is There a Need For a Grand God of Tycoons To Lie?

Without exception, the people who sent the private messages were all here to verify the authenticity of Xia Qiu’s card.

After knowing that the card was real, everyone started to play the emotional card again, hoping that Ye Feng would bring them to the concert tomorrow night.

Even the prettiest girl in his class at Zhonghai University, who had never interacted with Ye Feng before, had taken the initiative to ask him out for a meal today.

Towards this, Ye Feng only smiled.

What the h*ll were you doing earlier?

He had never seen these people being so enthusiastic to him before, and now they were coming to him because there were benefits? It was too late!

Shaking his head, Ye Feng put away his phone, he could not be bothered with those people.

Soon, the truck arrived at the entrance of Zhongtian Lake-View Villa Villa No. 1.

Ye Feng also forgot about what happened just now and started to move the luggage with the moving company employees.

On the campus of Zhonghai University.

The popularity of the diamond card for Xia Qiu’s concert in the male dormitory was getting higher and higher.

Meanwhile, a group chat exploded.

A person who had been lurking all year round emerged. [I’m guessing that Ye Feng rejected you because the card is fake.]



[How do you know that his diamond card is fake?]


In response to everyone’s questions, that person quickly released a series of messages.

[Ye Feng’s family is actually very ordinary. It’s impossible for him to own a card of this level.]

[You don’t believe me? There’s a picture. This old community is Ye Feng’s home.]

[Why would I know? It’s because Ye Feng and I were classmates. We’ve been classmates since elementary school.]


As more and more evidence was presented, the group was in an uproar and they quickly sent screenshots of the chat to the school forum.

Soon, this post was on the front page of the forum.

Countless people were shocked after reading it.

[F*ck, Ye Feng isn’t a rich second-generation?]

[He’s from an ordinary family?]

[He doesn’t have any powerful relatives?]

[So, how did he get that diamond card for Xia Qiu’s concert?]

[It’s fake. His card is definitely fake.]

[No wonder he rejected me. It’s because the card is fake and he’s afraid of being exposed.]

[But if the card is fake, how is he going to get into the concert tomorrow night?]

[It’s so simple. He can just say that he lost the card.]

[Woof! He’s really a despicable person.]


Zhonghai University, in the Student Union’s Public Relations Office.

“What are you guys talking about?” Xu Man had just arrived at the Public Relations Department. She asked curiously when she saw the people talking and laughing.

“Junior Xu, we were talking about the fake diamond card for Xia Qiu’s concert,” one of the boys replied with a smile.

“???” Xu Man was dumbfounded.

“You don’t know about such a big thing, Junior Xu?” the crowd asked.

Xu Man shook her head.

She had been with Lin Jie all this while, trying to get more information about Ye Feng from Lin Jie. She did not have the time to pay attention to gossip.

When the crowd saw this, they began to explain the entire situation to Xu Man.

Xu Man sneered after hearing the whole story. “No way. I can’t believe someone would still use fake concert tickets to scam people these days. More importantly, so many people actually believed it?”

“Isn’t that so? it’s too magical.”

“I didn’t expect things to turn around like this.”

“Bah! Shameless, you’ve embarrassed our entire university…” a boy said with a look of disgust.

Before he could finish, Xu Man interrupted him, “Senior Wang, what was the name of that person you just mentioned?”

Senior Wang did not think too much about Xu Man’s overreaction. He only said, “Ye Feng!”

Then, he showed Xu Man a picture. “Junior Xu, look carefully. This is the man. Don’t be fooled by him.”

“It’s actually him!”

Xu Man’s eyes widened as she stared at the photo.

Although it was a little blurry, she could still recognize that the ‘scammer’ Ye Feng that everyone was talking about was Lin Jie’s roommate.

Did Ye Feng need to use a fake card to deceive people?

This was impossible!

“If it’s him, then the card must be real,” she said to the crowd.

The entire Public Relations Department fell silent.

Everyone stared at Xu Man in shock.

“Yesterday, I saw him spend over 5 million on clothes and watches. He even has a Black Gold Card from World City,” Xu Man explained.

“Do you think it’s necessary for such a person to use a fake concert diamond card to deceive people?”

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