Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 33

Shen Baitian Doubting Her Life

“Ye Feng.” Ye Feng told Shen Baitian his name.

When Shen Baitian heard this, she was surprised.

Ye Feng?

Was it the Ye Feng who had a Ferrari Enzo and had a special relationship with Xia Qiu?

Although there was a picture of Ye Feng on the forum, she was too focused on the Ferrari Enzo and did not look at Ye Feng at all. Thus, she was not sure if he was the same Ye Feng.

Of course, she wouldn’t ask him directly. She just smiled and said, “Junior Ye Feng, thank you for today. If it’s convenient, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Ye Feng did not think too much about it, he rejected, “No need, Senior Shen.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Baitian was slightly startled.

She took the initiative to invite him to a meal, but he actually rejected her!

Usually, people would be the ones begging her to treat them to a meal!

Right at this time, Ye Feng’s voice could be heard again: “If you really want to thank me, then help me with the day student pass procedures.”

Shen Baitian was a little suspicious. Was the reason he was willing to send her back to the Student Union was because of this?

She looked at Ye Feng seriously.

Ye Feng did not know anything. Seeing her look over, he said with uncertainty, “What’s wrong? Is this a troublesome matter?”

Shen Baitian didn’t continue to humiliate herself. She took a deep breath and looked away, shaking her head. “It’s not difficult. I can help you do it now.”

“Now?” Ye Feng looked at her feet. “Your foot…”

Shen Baitian waved her hand adorably. “It’s fine. I’ll make a call and get someone to help you.”

“It should be done soon. If it’s fast, it’ll probably be done in a few minutes.”

Then, she made a phone call in front of Ye Feng.

At the side, Ye Feng could not help but sigh. It was easier to do things with someone in the imperial court!

After thanking her, he helped Shen Baitian to sit down in the office chair.

Following that, he followed Shen Baitian’s instructions and submitted some information.

In just a few minutes, Ye Feng successfully got his day student pass.

After getting the day student pass, Ye Feng was already prepared to leave.

But unexpectedly, just as he thanked her and was about to leave, Shen Baitian suddenly raised her head and said with a little embarrassment, “That… Junior Ye Feng, can you bring me to Xia Qiu’s concert…”

Ye Feng was not in a hurry to agree, he just turned around and looked at her.

Shen Baitian felt even more embarrassed by his gaze. She subconsciously poked her little finger and said in a soft and cute voice, “Actually, I’m also a fan of Xia Qiu.”

“However, Xia Qiu is really too popular. I tried my best to get a VIP ticket, but it can’t be compared to your private room.”

“So, if it’s possible, I hope that Junior Ye Feng can bring me along and experience Xia Qiu’s concert better in the private room.”

Ye Feng was a little touched by her cuteness, but he did not rush to speak.

Shen Baitian was also very smart. After stealing a glance at Ye Feng, she quickly added, “If Junior can agree, you can make a request that is not too much after the concert.”

Seeing that she had already said so much, Ye Feng did not reject her anymore. He smiled and asked, “Senior Shen, do you have a car?”

Although Shen Baitian did not understand why he suddenly jumped to this question, she still answered honestly, “There is.”

Seeing this, Ye Feng did not explain that his car could only fit two people. He just nodded. “That’s good, then I’ll wait for you downstairs at the boys’ dormitory tomorrow night at 6 o’clock.”

After he finished speaking, he walked toward the door.

After leaving the Student Union Building, he didn’t forget about the treasure trove and quickly walked into the forest again.

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