Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 37

Mysterious Man!

A few minutes later, Ye Feng and Shen Baitian’s car arrived at the VIP parking area.

Seeing this, Sister Wang was about to bring Ye Feng and the rest to the concert room.

At this moment, a group of people in suits and leather shoes with extraordinary auras walked over.

The leader of the group was a slightly chubby man who looked to be in his fifties.

The man quickly walked to Ye Feng and stretched out his hand with a smile, “Hello, Mr. Ye. I’m Huang Zhiyuan.”

Ye Feng smiled and replied, “Hello, President Huang.”

Yesterday, he had checked the information of Zhonghai Culture and Land Holdings Co. Ltd., so he naturally knew about Huang Zhiyuan.

The owner of Zhonghai Culture and Land Holdings Co. Ltd. was quite rich and had some influence in the business world of Zhonghai City!

After shaking hands,┬áHuang Zhiyuan suddenly said with an apologetic expression, “Mr. Ye, we’re really sorry. We’re late and didn’t receive you well…”

Sister Wang was stunned.

What was going on?

As the president of Zhonghai Culture and Land Holdings Co. Ltd., why did he have to apologize to Ye Feng?

Fatty Chu, on the other hand, was dumbfounded.

Shen Baitian’s expression was still relatively normal, but she was also a little surprised.

She knew about Huang Zhiyuan’s identity.

An existence of this level could be neither servile nor overbearing even in the face of the big shots of Zhonghai City.

But just because he did not come to welcome Ye Feng in time, he had to apologize to Ye Feng?

Wasn’t this a little ridiculous?

Ye Feng, on the other hand, was very calm.

“It’s fine.” He waved his hand, not taking this matter to heart.

Seeing that Ye Feng was not angry, Huang Zhiyuan and the rest heaved a sigh of relief.

After complimenting Ye Feng, Huang Zhiyuan asked, “Mr. Ye, do you want to go to the meeting room first, or do you want to go after the concert?”

“Let’s go to the meeting room first.” Ye Feng did not hesitate.

“Alright,” he said. Huang Zhiyuan nodded and looked at Shen Baitian and the rest.

Shen Baitian, Fatty Chu, and Sister Wang were looking at Ye Feng and Huang Zhiyuan with curiosity.

Huang Zhiyuan looked at Ye Feng, and seeing that he did not seem to have any intention to hide it, he said to the three of them, “Mr. Ye is our company’s new chairman. We would like to invite Mr. Ye over to do a share transfer…”

Fatty Chu’s expression froze when he heard this.

On the other hand, Sister Wang was glad that she did not investigate Ye Feng rashly…

As for Shen Baitian, after hearing Huang Zhiyuan’s explanation, the way she looked at Ye Feng changed again…

Although Ye Feng also noticed the change in their expressions, he did not say anything.

After asking Sister Wang to bring Shen Baitian and the rest to the private room, he followed Huang Zhiyuan and the rest to the meeting room.

He didn’t know that after he went to the meeting room, Sister Wang brought Shen Baitian into the private room and quickly ran backstage…

Not long after he finished the handover and was personally led to the private room by Huang Zhiyuan, someone knocked on the door.

Then, a woman in a long white dress, as beautiful as if she had just walked out of a painting, walked in with Sister Wang…

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