From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Man Who Slept In The Hospital Corridors

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Jian Yiling continued to type. When she was at home, she was constantly using her computer. And now that she was outside, she didn’t want to waste time. She kept tapping away at the keyboard and typing in lines and lines of characters and symbols.

Following that, Jian Yiling opened her mobile mailbox again and checked her emails. Several emails were completely written in English. The date of which they were sent out was a few days ago. In her inbox, there was a bunch of replies. There was one which she received in the morning and was unread. Just then, Jian Yiling was processing a reply to this email.


As Jian Yiling was focusing on her own business, she didn’t notice what was said between Jian Yuncheng and Mo Shiyun.

Instead, it was the two people who were chatting in the front seat who looked at her from time to time out of curiosity.

After they arrived at the hospital, Jian Yuncheng and Mo Shiyun went directly to the ward to see Jian Yunnao. Jian Yunnao appeared to be quite happy to see both of them.

Jian Yiling was requested to stay outside in the corridor to wait for them.


Thus, Jian Yiling found a place to sit down in the aisle.

At this time, there was a young man who was lying down on the bench in the aisle.


The man’s face was covered with a piece of clothing and it looked as if he was sleeping.


Jian Yiling heard the growling of the man’s stomach. At the same time, the man’s phone vibrated several times.

The man didn’t take off the piece of clothing that was covering his face. Instead, he found his phone in his pocket and directly pressed the shutdown button.

This meant that the man was not asleep.

And from time to time, his stomach kept making rumbling sounds.

Jian Yiling took out an insulated lunch box from her backpack.

Jian Yiling had prepared this lunchbox before leaving the house. It was intended for Wen Nuan and Jian Yunnao who were in the hospital.

However, when they had left the house and met Mo Shiyuan, she saw that Mo Shiyuan was holding a lunchbox in her hands. She knew then that the one she prepared was not going to be used.

Jian Yiling walked to the man’s side and extended her finger to poke the man’s arm gently.

The man slowly lifted the piece of clothing that was on his face. The first thing that was revealed was his eyes. He had a pair of almond-shaped eyes that looked like a phoenix. His eyes were bright and the corners of his eyes were long and sharp.


Then, it was his tall nose bridge. His nose bridge was upright and smooth whilst the wing of his nose was narrow.

And finally, it was his lips and chin. His lips were not thick however, they were full and shapely.

His appearance and attractiveness a bit over the top.

However, these weren’t the things that Jian Yiling noticed.


Jian Yiling passed the lunchbox to the man, “I heard that you are hungry. Eat it, I made it in the morning and no one has touched it.”

Jian Yiling especially explained that this was not leftovers from someone else.

Jian Yiling just felt that the meal that she prepared would be wasted. Rather than throwing it away, it’d be better to give it to someone who needed it.

Zhai Yunsheng looked at Jian Yiling for a while. He finally determined one thing, he was ‘given charity’ by a little girl.


Zhai Yunsheng carefully examined Jian Yiling for two seconds. She looked like a delicate doll that was meant to be placed on the window.

Then, Zhai Yunsheng’s eyes landed on the lunchbox that was in Jian Yiling’s hands.

It was a pink lunchbox. On the lid, there was also a pink unicorn.


At this moment, Jian Yiling noticed that the door of Jian Yunnao’s ward opened. She knew that someone was coming out to look for her. She didn’t wait for the man to reach out for the lunch box but rather, placed it onto the man’s thighs.

Immediately afterward, Jian Yiling turned around and walked to the entrance of Jian Yunnao’s ward.

Zhai Yunsheng looked at the pink lunchbox on his thighs for a while. There was a wicked smile that suddenly appeared.


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