From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: This is Candy

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“Do you know that it is illegal to bring a knife to school? The school rules of Shenghua High School clearly state that students are not allowed to bring dangerous knives into the school. Anyone who violates this will be punished!”

The Head of Teaching’s expression was strict.

“I didn’t bring a knife,” Jian Yiling replied.

“Didn’t bring a knife? How dare you say that you didn’t bring a knife?” Qiu Yizheng was furious. “We all saw you take out a knife just then, and it was an entire set! And now you’re pretending to be innocent! Who are you lying to?”

The Head of Teaching was well aware of Jian Yiling’s character. Although she appeared to be innocent, she was, in fact, the one who pushed her brother down the stairs.


The Head of Teaching attempted to persuade Jian Yiling to cooperate. “Student Jian Yiling, if you hand your knife over, I’ll give you a lighter punishment. However, if you are stubborn, don’t blame me if I call your parents.”

Jian Yiling took out the box of scalpels that she had just stored away in the drawer.

“Yes, yes, that is the box! Teacher, that black bag stores her scalpels!” Qiu Yizhen prompted at once.

“Student Jian Yiling, hand me this bag.” The Head of Teaching said quickly.

“It’s candy.” Jian Yiling replied.


That’s ridiculous!

“Who are you bluffing? Do you think I haven’t eaten candy? It’s obviously a knife!” Qiu Yizhen said as she rolled her eyes. Why would she make such a lie when death is at hand.

The Head of Teaching said in a ‘meaningful and heartfelt manner’, “Student Jian Yiling, if you continue speaking nonsense, this incident won’t be as simple as you bringing a knife to school without permission. People can be forgiven for doing something wrong once. However, if you are to do something wrong repeatedly, no one will be kind enough to forgive them.”

The Head of Teaching was quietly implying the incident of which Jian Yiling pushed Jian Yunnao off the stairs.


Jian Yiling didn’t explain. In front of everyone, Jian Yiling pulled out a ‘scalpel’ and put it into her mouth…

Everyone in the classroom got scared, what was Jian Yiling doing?

The person who got especially scared was the person who shared a desk with Jian Yiling. She cried out, “Jian Yiling, don’t take things badly!”

Then, everyone heard a ‘crunch’ sound. The ‘knife’ that was put in Jian Yiling’s mouth broke.



It actually broke, just like that!

It was evident that it wasn’t made out of metal.

Jian Yiling explained whilst licking the candy. “This is candy, it’s made out of granulated sugar, glucose, or malt sugar. After being mixed, simmered, pulled and blown, it can be made into the shape of a knife.”


Although this sugar knife looked especially sharp, it wouldn’t be able to cut anything.

What Jian Yiling was talking about was ‘sugar art’.


It was a must-have item in the international West Point competition.

There were all sorts of flowers, animals, and characters that were made out of sugar. For Jian Yiling to use this art form to make a ‘scalpel’, was a first.

Although it looked simple to make a scalpel, the difficulty was definitely not low. It was necessary to mix the pigments into a metallic color and make sure that it did not appear transparent in a very thin state.

Jian Yiling picked up another ‘scalpel’ and smashed it onto the desk. The blade shattered in sugar pieces.

Everyone in the class was in shock.

The one who was most in shock was Qiu Yizhen who went to look for the Head of Teaching.

They spent half a day on this and it was candy?


It was candy?! Edible sugar!?

At that moment, Qiu Yizhen thought that she was a joke.

The expression on the Head of Teaching’s face was ugly.

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