From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Are You Happy Now?

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At this time, Jian Yuncheng noticed Jian Yiling at the door of the ward. He got up and quickly walked to the door.

Jian Yuncheng was more than 1.8metres tall. The fifteen-year-old Jian Yiling in front of him appeared to be especially small. The top of her head just reached his chest.

Jian Yiling wore a simple white sweater. Her face was white as well and she appeared to look like a fluffy little rabbit. However, that was only her appearance. Her heart was most likely all black.

“Go in and apologize.”

He spoke in a simple, yet commanding tone that demanded obedience.

“He will get angry.”

Jian Yiling’s voice sounded soft and immature. She didn’t want her words to sound like that. However, this body was only fifteen years old.

At the same time, Jian Yiling’s speech was very slow. It was almost as though she spoke word by word. Yet, the reason for this was because she was too unfamiliar talking with relatives.

“Now you know that he will get angry? Did you think about him getting angry before you did what you did? Getting angry is probably the least of it!” Jian Yuncheng said, his eyes red and his aura terrifying.

“No, I’m not scared of him being angry and blaming me,” Jian Yiling explained. “I just think that being angry will be bad for his hands.”

She intended to cure his hands. However, he couldn’t wreck his hands further. If he were to wreck his hands further, she wouldn’t be able to help him.

“When did you start stammering? Are you scared?” Jian Yuncheng asked.

Jian Yiling’s natural voice coupled with her slow and stumbling way of speaking made Jian Yuncheng mistaken that she was scared.

Jian Yiling didn’t explain. She wasn’t scared but rather, she wasn’t good at communicating with ‘family’. In her previous life, she met her parents once every year. And every time they met, they did not exchange more than ten sentences

Ever since she learned how to think, she had lived in the research institute. Most of her time was spent in the laboratory. She was familiar with work discussions and not everyday discussions.

Jian Yuncheng coldly warned Jian Yiling, “I don’t care whether you are afraid or you are genuinely worried about Yunnao’s emotions. In this matter, you must work hard to strive for his forgiveness. If Yunnao doesn’t forgive you, then I won’t forgive you either.”

Jian Yuncheng was someone who didn’t go back on his words. Since he said that, he would certainly follow through, even if Jian Shuxing and Wen Nuan asked him not to.

Jian Yiling nodded.

“Go apologize now,” Jian Yuncheng said. He insisted that Jian Yiling should go and apologize to Jian Yunnao. “I’ll pay attention to his injured right hand.”

Hearing this, JianYiling entered the ward.

As soon as Jian Yunnao saw Jian Yiling enter, he became incredibly angry. If it was not for Jian Yuncheng who held him down, he would have jumped up already.

“Jian Yiling! Are you happy now?! I’m crippled! I won’t be able to play the piano for the rest of my life! My entire life is ruined! Are you happy now?!” Jian Yunnao yelled, his words filled with fury.

Jian Yiling didn’t run away. She stood there and accepted his anger.

Seeing Jian Yiling’s calm demeanor, Jian Yunnao’s anger did not lessen at all.

Losing his most important hands made Jian Yunnao’s heart become enveloped in a dark cloud.

His life, his pride, and his dreams were all ruined.

And the source of all this started from when Jian Yiling started arguing with him!

He was angry, he was sad and most importantly, he hated her!

Jian Yunnao violently picked up the lunch next to him with his uninjured left hand and threw it at Jian Yiling’s head.

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