From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 45 - Master Sheng’s Gift (1)

Chapter 45: Master Sheng’s Gift (1)

On Saturday morning, Yu Xi came to the Old Jian Residence to pick Jian Yiling up.

Grandma Jian repeatedly told him that, “Yu Xi, I’m letting you take care of Yiling for now. She’s my darling. You better look after her. Sometimes the parties that you youngsters hold are too wild.”

“Grandma Jian, don’t worry. That’s a party that other people host. The one I’m hosting for Master Sheng can’t be like that. I promise that it’s going to be milder than an evening ball! It’ll just be an opportunity for people to get together and play a few games. I promise that there won’t be any trouble, nor will there be any alcohol.”

Zhai Yunsheng didn’t drink alcohol. This was a fact that everyone knew.

Yu Xi brought Jian Yiling over to the Yu Residence next door.

Similar to the Old Jian Residence, the Yu Residence was also European styled.

The courtyard was also in that style. There was a large number of roses that were planted there. Alos, Baby roses covered a wall within the garden.

At this moment, the Yu Residence was still relatively quiet.

When they passed the main lobby, there was not a single guest there. Other than the housekeeper and the servants of the Yu Residence, Jian Yiling didn’t see anyone else.

Yu Xi smiled and explained, “Yiling, don’t be scared. The party hasn’t started yet. That’s why no one else is here yet. I brought you over early because of some matters.”

As Yu Xi spoke, he touched his nose lightly. This was a difficult job. It felt as though he was a bad person who was kidnapping a young girl.

Jian Yiling didn’t feel like she was being kidnapped. From a logical and rational perspective, Yu Xi would not do such a thing.

Yu Xi took Jian Yiling to the lounge area of the recreation room.

Zhai Yunsheng was sitting on the leather sofa in the lounge area.

He took a look at Jian Yiling. She was wrapped up in a fluffy sweater. Her face was small and pale.

It felt as though Yu Xi had brought back a pet.

Zhai Yunsheng pointed at a few things that were on top of the coffee table. “Girl, this is what I’m giving you in return for the meal from before.”

“You don’t owe me anything,” Jian Yiling replied.

Her expression was indifferent and her eyes looked clear.

She had given the meal on her own accord. He didn’t owe her anything.

“But I’m giving you this. I don’t ever take back what I give out.”

Zhai Yunsheng’s attitude was incredibly unyielding.

Yu Xi quickly picked up the things on the table and shoved it into Jian Yiling’s hands. “Yiling, take a look at what Master Sheng is giving you.”

Jian Yiling lowered her head and looked at the things in her hands.

There were two books. The cover of the first book read, “Tracking register of access to Heyunshan Resort Surveillance.”

Jian Yiling’s face appeared to be quite surprised.

Heyunshan was where the accident between Jian Yiling and Jian Yunnao had happened.

That weekend, the Jian family had taken Jian Yunnao and Jian Yiling to the resort. The accident happened on the stairs of the resort.

And Zhai Yunsheng actually gave her a copy of who accessed the surveillance of the resort?

Yu Xi was afraid that Jian Yiling didn’t understand the meaning behind such action so he explained, “Heyunshan Resort has installed surveillance cameras in several public areas. This of course includes the stairway. The surveillance video can be viewed by outsiders. However, if you view the surveillance videos, you must write down your name. It’s been a protocol within the hotel.”

Yu Xi continued, “If you look at who has accessed the surveillance, you will be find something unexpected.”

Jian Yiling opened the registration and searched for the records of who had inquired on the day of the incident.

There were no inquiries on that day. However, there was one on the second day. On the registration, there was the name of someone familiar.

It was He Yan.

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