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Chapter 1127 - Chapter 1127: Wei Xiaobao Taking the Blame

Chapter 1127: Wei Xiaobao Taking the Blame

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If she had not seen it with her own eyes, Wuyou would definitely not believe that it was true!

The surroundings were empty. There was no one around. The only place to hide was the miasma forest.

However, the miasma forest was at least 200 feet away. No matter how good her qinggong was, it was impossible for her to rush in within an instant.

Could she be hidding on a tree?

Wuyou raised her head and carefully swept her gaze across every tree.

Although these tree trunks were thick, they were very stretched and there was no place to hide.

Could she be hidden behind the tree?

Wuvou walked warilv towards a biz tree opposite.

“Stop hiding. I’ve already seen you.”

She swung her sword and darted behind the tree, stabbing with all her might.

The stab missed.

There was no one!

She found several big trees in a row.

“This is really strange. Where is that girl hiding?”

Speaking of which, this forest was also strange. It looked like a peach forest from the outside, but there were not many peach trees. When they entered, it was another forest.

She felt that Young Master’s actions this time were too risky.

It was fine. Elder Feng was here.

As long as he was around, no one could touch a single strand of Young Master’s hair.

Wuyou was a stubborn person.

Ordinary people would suspect that Su Xiaoxiao had entered the miasma forest or fled to a forest further away if they couldn’t find her.

There was no need to worry.

She was certain that Su Xiaoxiao was hiding nearby, but she couldn’t see through her illusion,

In that case, she had hit the jackpot.

It was time and Su Xiaoxiao was thrown out of the pharmacy.

When Su Xiaoxiao saw Wuyou, who disdained looking for her, she felt terrible.

No way. What was wrong with her? Was she so stubborn?

Was this what it meant to be given a shovel and digging three feet into the ground?

Wuyou sensed the aura behind her. Before she could see clearly, she turned around and slashed.

Su Xiaoxiao reached out with her silver-gloved hand and caught her sword firmly.

Only then did Wuyou size Su Xiaoxiao up suspiciously.

Where did this woman come from?

Why didn’t she hear any movement?

Also, what kind of weapon was this woman’s glove? It was actually not slashed by her sword?

While Wuyou sized up her, Su Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to take out a silver needle and quickly pricked Wuyou’s temple.

The silver needles used as hidden weapons were special. One needle could pierce through the head.

Wuyou saw her actions from the corner of her eye and reached out in time to grab her wrist.

The long silver needle was only half an inch away from her temple.

Wuyou said coldly, “You’re quite ruthless.”

Su Xiaoxiao said calmly, “There’s no need to show mercy to a vicious person like you!”

Su Xiaoxiao stomped her foot.

Wuyou dodged again.

What speed!

Su Xiaoxiao was secretly shocked.

However, she did not expect to hit her in one move.

She took advantage of the moment when the other party was circulating her energy to escape from the restraint of the other party’s right hand. Su Xiaoxiao pulled out her locked hand and slapped Wuyou’s shoulder.

The two of them took a few steps back.

Wuyou was completely enraged and slashed at Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly used her qinggong and wanted to leap up.


She couldn’t move!

She leaped again!

She leaped up..

She fell down again!

Su Xiaoxiao was flustered and floundered.

Wei Xiaobao!

You’ve gained weight again!

Wei Xiaobao, who did not want to take the blame, was speechless.

Fortunately, the pharmacy did not fumble.

At the critical moment, Su Xiaoxiao entered the pharmacy.

Wuyou, who was left in the forest, could no longer remain calm.

She quickly walked under the tree and raised her head.

What happened?

Did that woman know tricks?

Had she disappeared from the tree just like that?

Su Xiaoxiao had learned her lesson and came out after making sufficient preparations.

The moment she flashed out of the pharmacy, her figure fell rapidly.

Fortunately, she had already thought of countless ways to save herself.

She grabbed a thick tree trunk and used the momentum to land steadily on another tree trunk.

She took down the arrow in her mouth, drew the golden bow, aimed at Wuyou’s back, and shot fiercely!

The arrow was unbelievably fast.

By the time Wuyou sensed danger and wanted to dodge, it was already too late.

The arrow pierced through her right shoulder.

She cried out in pain and was knocked down by the powerful impact of the arrow. She spat out a mouthful of blood in a sorry state!

Wuyou was in so much pain that her entire body was spasming.

The color quickly drained from her face. Even her breathing felt the pain in her lungs.

“There’s poison on the arrow…”

Wuyou hurriedly sealed the acupoints on her right shoulder.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at her calmly. “It’s useless. What I smeared on the arrowhead is not ordinary poison. As long as your heart beats once, it will spread throughout your body in an instant.”

Wuyou said with hatred, “Who are you? Where did your poison and your

Thunderbolt Beads come from?”

Su Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows. “Yo, you’re still thinking about my Thunderbolt Beads?”

Wuyou threatened, “Give me the antidote and I can consider not killing you. Otherwise, with your skills, even if I’m poisoned, I can drag you down with me before I die!”

Alright, she admitted that she was not as skilled as the Head of the Secret Service.

If the Head of the Secret Service was here, he could kill her in three moves.

However, everyone had their own strengths and there was nothing to compare.

Moreover, she could make up for her lack of skills with equipment.

“You look down on my skills. Then who did you lose to now?”

Wuyou gritted her teeth and said, “You’re playing dirty!”

Su Xiaoxiao wouldn’t be led by the nose. “Who cares if I played dirty? These are

good moves to kill you with!”

Wuyou placed one hand behind her back and silently took out a small porcelain bottle from her sleeve pocket.

She didn’t show any intention on her face and continued to deal with Su

Xiaoxiao. “Do you dare to attack?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Why don’t I dare to attack?”

Wuyou said coldly, “Aren’t you accumulating some virtue for the child in your womb?”

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t fall for her tricks. She said domineeringly, “I’ll do a lot of good to get rid of evil for the people!”

Her stomach bulged, and Wei Xiaobao kicked again. Su Xiaoxiao said, “Wei Xiaobao, stop fooling around.”

Her belly seemed to be very aggrieved and quiet.

At this moment, Wuyou finally removed the stopper of the porcelain bottle.

That thing could kill anyone on the spot!

She raised her hand and was about to throw it at Su Xiaoxiao.

However, to her surprise, a ferocious beast’s roar suddenly came from the miasma forest.

Right on the heels of that, a black shadow pounced at her like a hurricane.

She was thrown to the ground and the porcelain bottle rolled out of her hand.

She got up and ran.

When she passed by a col, the black bear behind her jumped up and pounced on her.

She felt like her spine was about to break.

Before she could react, the black bear bit her neck and tore her throat!

After Leng Zhiruo escorted the two princesses and the children to a safe place, she immediately returned to look for Su Xiaoxiao.

The battle was over.

There was no worry at the event location, but there was a black bear waiting.

The black bear did not show any aggressiveness and was playing with its head.

Su Xiaoxiao was standing under a big tree behind it.

Leng Zhiruo probed, ‘What’s going on?”

Su Xiaoxiao said calmly, “Oh, it’s settled. Don’t be afraid of it. It won’t attack you.”

Leng Zhiruo let go of the sword hilt. “Then what are you doing on the tree?” She thought that Qin Su was hiding from this black bear.

Su Xiaoxiao blinked and faced the tree as if she was facing the wall and reflecting. She dug her index finger into the bark and said in a muffled voice,

“I can’t get down.”

Leng Zhiruo was speechless..

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