Genius Summoner

Chapter 1198

1198 Returning to Masang (1)

“Feng.” It was a faint call. Yun Feng only felt that her heart was racing after hearing it. She took a few steps inside and stood in front of the man. “Father, I’m back.”

Yun Jing put down the book in his hand and looked at his daughter in front of him carefully. His black eyes glittered. “Alright, it’s great that you’re back.”

The father and daughter looked at each other and didn’t say anything else. The air was warm and so were their hearts.

“How’s the Golden Dragon Blood in father’s body?” Yun Feng looked at her father’s younger face and asked with concern. Yun Jing frowned slightly. “The Golden Dragon Blood makes me younger. When I stand next to Sheng right now, it’s as if we’re brothers.” Yun Jing was also a bit frustrated in his mind when he said this. “Feng, where have you been all these years? Tell me.”


Yun Feng sat down with a smile. She certainly couldn’t tell him everything. There were some things that her father didn’t need to know. Yun Feng only said a few words casually about everything she encountered on the Central Continent in the few years she was away from home. Yun Jing didn’t ask anymore. He certainly knew what his daughter was thinking and didn’t want to ask for more.

“Why aren’t you with my brother and Xiaojin?” The soldier of the Yun Army just then said that Yun Jing had already returned to Chunfeng Town two years ago. He used to be in Mu City with Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin. Yun Jing raised his eyebrows. Even though he was getting younger, his personality was getting more serious. Even though his facial features were expressionless, Yun Feng saw the pride in his eyes clearly.

“Qingchen is already old enough to study in Masang School of Magic. Your brother and Xiaojin certainly have their own things to do.”

Little Qingchen went to the Masang School of Magic? After being surprised, Yun Feng thought carefully. That’s right. Even though Little Qingchen hadn’t reached the age yet, with Little Qingchen’s potential and the identity of the Yun family’s bloodline, it was obvious that the Masang School of Magic had made an exception and accepted him.

How old should this kid be right now? He should be ten years old… Thinking of this kid, Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel happy in her mind. Yun Jing chuckled. “After you left, that kid missed you a lot. He kept pestering Xiaojin and Sheng, asking when his aunt would come back.”

Yun Feng also smiled. Even though her nephew hadn’t been with her for long, he was extremely close to her. Perhaps they were both summoners, so it was natural for them to be close by blood. Right, this kid was at this age. She wondered if he had contracted a Magic Beast… Thinking of this, Yun Feng had the urge to see Yun Qingchen. If his contracted Magic Beast wasn’t good, she would certainly prepare the best for him!

“Alright, Feng, you should go and see your brother and Xiaojin,” said Yun Jing. Yun Feng also nodded. She must go and see them. “Father, I’ll go first.”

Yun Jing nodded. He didn’t ask Yun Feng if she was going to leave this time or when she would be back. Perhaps everything was in his heart. He knew that his daughter was going to make great achievements. Even though Yun Jing didn’t say anything, Yun Feng knew that her father cared about her. Even though he didn’t talk much every time, everything was already in her heart. Even though he was silent and taciturn, this was her father.

After walking out of the study, Qu Lanyi and the old butler were talking happily not far away. Yun Feng walked over and the old butler turned around. “My Lady, have you finished talking to the master? I’m telling the young master about your childhood.”

Young master? Yun Feng chuckled secretly. He knew how to get closer to the future son-in-law of the family.

“Fengfeng, I didn’t expect you to be so mischievous as a kid,” teased Qu Lanyi. Yun Feng smiled helplessly. “Butler, I’ve already told my father that I’m going to visit my brother and Xiaojin.”

The butler couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. “My Lady, you’re leaving already?”

Yun Feng nodded. “I came back for something this time. I can’t stay for long. I’ll probably have to set off again in a few days.”

The old butler sighed. “My Lady, you’re going to do great things… Don’t you want to meet the soldiers of the Yun Army?”

Yun Feng smiled. “I have. The Yun Army is very well-trained right now. I’m very satisfied.”

The old butler was stunned. When had the Young Lady seen them? Qu Lanyi put on a gentle smile. “Old butler, I’m here for her. No need to worry.”

The old butler chuckled. “Of course. With Young Master taking care of my Lady, I’ll certainly be at ease.”

“Alright, you talk too much,” said Yun Feng with a blush. Qu Lanyi smiled even more happily. Seeing how shy Yun Feng was, the old butler was a lot comforted in his mind. “My wife has said so. I won’t say anything else.” Qu Lanyi blinked twice. Yun Feng rolled her eyes at him. “Butler, I’ll go to Mu City first. The next time I come back… I’ll definitely stay for a few more days.”

“Yes, yes!” The old butler’s eyes couldn’t help but become hot again. She came and went in a hurry every time. Even though the family didn’t say anything, everybody hoped that the Young Lady could stop working so hard and stay in this family for a few more days.

Qu Lanyi pulled Yun Feng into his arms with a smile and held her. “We’re leaving.” As soon as he said that, the two of them had already soared to the sky and disappeared in an instant. The old butler raised his head and looked. He was even more amazed at Yun Feng’s extraordinary ability. The husband she found must be an expert!

“Butler, butler! My Lady, where’s my Lady?” The door of the Yun family’s house was suddenly pushed open. A dozen elites of the Yun Army rushed in, all of them panting. The old butler glanced at them and pointed at the sky. “She just left.”

“What?” The dozen people immediately collapsed after hearing that. They had rushed over with their lives and a few of them were somewhere else. They rushed back just to see Yun Feng, but who would have thought… Ah!

“Never mind, brothers. We didn’t meet her this time. We’ll definitely meet her next time.” One of them said while panting. He leaned against the door and took a deep breath. The others said regretfully, “It’s not that simple…”

The dozen people all sighed. The old butler couldn’t help but smile when he saw that. These people were all elites of the Yun Army. They were so dignified in front of those newbies, but when Yun Feng was mentioned, they were all like impetuous young men. My Lady… These people looked forward to your return from the bottom of their hearts. They missed you. You must take care of yourself.

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