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Chapter 374 - Excavation  

Chapter 374: Excavation

In the passage, a fierce battle was going on.

Su Jincheng was about to be driven mad by those Lickers!

The group of Lickers shuttled through the passage and went around in circles, not attacking head-on.

After a long time, Su Jincheng and the few players he brought along didn’t manage to kill any Lickers. Instead, they wasted a lot of ammunition.

Su Jincheng was unsettled by the Lickers.

He had no choice but to defend the entrance of the few main passages outside the control center hall.

After waiting for a while, he found that the surroundings were quiet. Su Jincheng thought that the Lickers had retreated, but just as he turned around to go back, they suddenly came out from the ventilation duct.

Parason was a support player. Most of the time, he hid at the back of the team and shivered.

He felt that it was still okay if the Lickers did not fight head-on.

After all, they might not be able to handle the Lickers charging over at the same time.

As he was lost in his thoughts, a sharp alarm sounded in the passage.

“Alert! The stabilizer of the space tearing device has been damaged! Its operating efficiency has decreased. Please repair it in time! ”

“It’s broken? Troubles are coming one after another,” thought Parason as his eyelids twitched.

He stood up abruptly and was about to turn back to check when Lickers swarmed over at the passage entrance in front.

Almost instantly, the Night Owl players raised their guns and fired.

As gunshots rang out, Parason quickly hugged his head and squatted down, hiding behind a bunker.

When the gunshots stopped, Parason felt someone pat his shoulder.

“Fang Shuo? ” Seeing the red mask on the person’s face, Parazon asked anxiously, “What’s the situation with the stabilizer? ”

“Not too good. Do you have any evolution crystals? ”

“Evolution crystals? ” Hearing Fang Heng’s words, Parason was stunned.

“The central part of the stabilizer for the space tearing device has been damaged. It probably won’t be able to hold on for long. To completely solve this problem, we need to replace the converter. The manufacture of the converter parts requires a large number of evolution crystals. ”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. ” When Parason heard Fang Heng’s explanation, he did not doubt it.

Fang Heng’s explanation was very logical. Coupled with his anxious tone, it appeared very realistic.

“I have some on me. I’ll give them all to you. ”

District 5 was an old server. The overall standard of the players was several grades higher than District 8. Tier 1 crystallization crystals were all publicly traded, so they were not considered particularly rare items.

Since they weren’t heavy, Parason had a lot of crystals on him.

He immediately traded all the evolution crystals in his backpack to Fang Heng.

“Hint: you have obtained 2271 evolution crystal fragments, 588 complete crystallization crystals, and 57 Tier 1 evolution crystals. ”

“Parason has quite a lot, ” thought Fang Heng.

He calculated with his fingers and found that the evolution crystals provided by Parason were enough for the zombie clones to evolve.

However, after the initial evolution, Tier 1 evolution crystals were still needed for the stabilization of the evolution form. During the process, additional Tier 1 evolution crystals were needed.

“I’m still short of some Tier 1 evolution crystals. Do you have more? ” asked Fang Heng.

“There should be some spare materials in the second basement’s warehouse. However, there is a security lock at the door there. We need Su Jincheng to go over to unlock it. ” Parason was distressed. “We can’t go there in this situation. ”

“Try to think of another way. I’ll go back and temporarily strengthen the spacial rift stabilizer. It won’t be able to hold on for long. We need to replace the stabilizer immediately. ”

“I understand. I’ll think of a way. ”

Troubled, Parason carefully poked his head out and looked outside.

The Lickers that had just launched a surprise attack retreated.

After a round of battle, not a single Licker died, and a lot of bullets were wasted.

“I’ll be going, ” said Fang Heng.

“Hey! Be careful! ” Parason turned his head, but before he could stop Fang Heng, the latter had already slipped through the other side of the passage and was quickly running back to the control center hall.

Parason, still in shock, thought Fang Heng was really stupid and bold to have run out despite the risk of a Licker appearing in the passage.

“Hint: player has consumed 42,000 survival points, 84 complete crystallization crystals, and 42 Tier 1 crystallization crystals to perform a zombie clone fusion transformation. Fusion transformation success rate: 27% . Consumption of survival points has shortened the time needed for evolution. ”

Fang Heng still had a lot of points left, so he used a large amount to further shorten the time needed for evolution.

“Hint: player has consumed 124,000 survival points to accelerate the completion. Remaining time needed for evolution: 180 minutes. ”

Gulp Gulp…

A series of bubbles emerged from the cultivation pods, and the zombie clones’ bodies expanded like a beating heart.

“I must have as many successful fusion transformations as possible! ” Fang Heng secretly prayed.

All that was left was to wait for three hours, and the transformation process would be done.

During that duration, Fang Heng thought he might as well think of a way to obtain the first-generation meteorite.

After that, he could quickly run away.

Fang Heng felt that he should not stay there for long. With the Federation and Night Owl fighting so vigorously, he might risk getting entangled in the mess.

Turning around, Fang Heng walked to the front of the alloy metal door at the back of the laboratory.

If his guess was correct, the metal door led to the seventh basement where the first-generation meteorite was probably hidden at.

Fang Heng tried to use the researcher’s magnetic card to scan the card reader on the door.

“Beep Beep Beep… Access denied. ”

As Fang Heng expected, he was unable to open the door.

He reached out and tried to push the heavy metal door again.

With a hammer, Fang Heng immediately acquired knowledge of the total durability of the metal door from the game log: 5.5 million.

However, every knock of the hammer only deducted 5 to 20 durability.

“Looks like I can only resort to that. ”

Fang Heng controlled two vine zombie proliferators to walk to the door and fight each other.

When their HP dropped to 10% , they self-destructed.

A large amount of blood splashed on the metal door, and a white mist rose.

The metal door corroded, and its durability had dropped by nearly 800 points.

It was too little of a decrease.

Fang Heng did a rough calculation in his mind. Even if he self-detonated all the zombies he brought with him, he would not be able to open the metal door.

“What should I do? ” Fang Heng mused as he suddenly thought of something. “I must be an idiot! ”

Since he had confirmed the building layout and confirmed that the secret laboratory was directly below the sixth basement, he should just directly dig downward!

“Why should I try to knock down this metal door? ”

Fang Heng took out the initial blueprint of the Meteorite Company for reference. Then, he controlled the zombie clones to gather in an inconspicuous corner of the laboratory.

The zombies took out the shovels that they had gotten from the storage room and started digging at the floor of the research room.

Fang Heng wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He simply sat down on the spot. While supervising, he opened the game log and controlled the Lickers in the third basement to tease the players from the Night Owl organization.

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