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Chapter 305 - 305 Lord Father's Mythical-Tier Talent!

305 Lord Father’s Mythical-Tier Talent!

Zhou Zhou did not think too much about it and began to recruit people.

He first recruited Bai Yun, Wu Xin, Feng Luo, Nezario, Auguste, Maris, and the others.

Then, he recruited another 100,000 soldiers.

As for the remaining soldiers, they stayed in reality to protect Blazing Sun City.

After all the soldiers appeared, Bai Yun, Wu Xin, and the others began to calmly arrange their positions.

Zhou Zhou looked at Lord Father City in the distance.

At this moment, the Lord Father had already summoned his Machina race Subject.

More than 60,000 Machina race Subjects were lined up neatly, looking like cold machines.

When the Lord Father saw his Subjects, he nodded slightly.

The 60,000 Machina race Subjects were all combat-type Mechanical Race.

Among them, there were 30,000 Black Iron-Tier Machina race members!

There were 20,000 Green Bronze-Tier Machina race members!

There were 9,500 White Silver-Tier Machina race members and 500 Yellow Gold-Tier Machina race members!

As a Lord Father type intelligent lifeform, it had even reached the White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade!

There were two ways for the Machina race to advance.

Firstly, he could increase his energy core level by hunting fog monsters and absorbing promotion energy. When the energy core level was upgraded, he could officially advance to the next level.

As for the second method, it was to directly use a large amount of mechanical materials and energy cores to create and increase the level of the mechanostriders.

There was no need to mention the mechanical materials.

The energy core was the modified Mist Core.

It could be said that…

As long as there were enough materials and energy cores.

The Machina race could continuously create Machina people.

More than 50,000 of the 60,000 Machina race people in front of Lord Father were made by consuming a large amount of mechanical materials and energy cores.

Especially the Yellow Gold-Tier Machina race!

All of them were created by him.

Otherwise, it would already be good enough to advance to the White Silver-Tier at this time by absorbing promotion energy to increase his strength level.

As for why he could reach the White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade, it was a mechanical invention he created through his Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent, the Ultimate Algorithm. He controlled the computational power of all the Machina race.

This mechanical invention could allow him to put the intelligent core of his Subjects under his own program and turn them into his ‘mechanical clone’.

This way, the promotion energy they obtained when destroying the fog monsters would all be circulated to Lord Father.

Lord Father used this method to gather the promotion energy of some Mechanical Subjects to quickly increase his strength until he reached the White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade.

[Start launching the Apocalypse Satellite!]

Lord Father ordered.

[Executing the order!]

[The Elemental Energy Sail Board is normal! The core program environment is normal!]

[Prepare to launch the Apocalypse Satellite…]


[Launch successfully!]

Program information gathered from all directions and was accepted by his intelligent core.

At the same time…

A huge silver-white satellite also shot into the sky, turning into a silver light spot before disappearing.

Lord Father looked at this scene calmly.

The Apocalypse Satellite was another mechanical invention he had created with the Ultimate Algorithm.

It had a high-altitude attack ability and had an extremely wide range. It was extremely powerful. Even the Yellow Gold-Tier Regional Scarlet Lord had once died to the Apocalypse Laser.

It could climb all the way to the Mythical-Tier Advance Grade on the Lord Battlefield.

The Apocalypse Satellite had contributed greatly!

Then, he turned to look at Blazing Sun City in the distance.

Looking at it this way…

He immediately frowned.

“The human Lord… is the Lord of The Blazing Sun.”

“Why does he have so many Subjects?”

“Is it an opportunity he saw in reality or a Lord Talent Effect?”

“The other party has high-energy creatures.”

“And there’s more than one!”

“So many high-energy creatures!”

Lord Father was shocked.

As a super intelligent lifeform, it naturally had something similar to emotions.

However, it was different from life’s interpretation of emotions.

The Machina race believed that emotions were a high-precision calculation reaction that had been super compressed.

After a long evolution, life condenses this computational response into instant or lasting emotions.

The Machina race worshiped the evolution of such life forms and called it a ‘computational miracle’.

This was also why the Machina race had always wanted to transform into a mechanical lifeform.

To the Machina race, life was the end of machina evolution.

10 minutes later.

[Deployment time has ended!]

[The Battle has begun!]

Zhou Zhou looked at Lord Father City in the distance.

He knew that the Machina race was planning to fight a positional battle seeing that the other party had no intention of leaving the city.

He was not afraid at all.

Just as he was about to send troops out to fight,

A white Laser descended from the sky and shot straight at Zhou Zhou’s head.

Zhou Zhou reacted immediately.

However, before he could defend,

The next second.

Feng Luo, who was standing beside him, had already jumped high into the air.

He flew in the air, his eyes calm. He held the saber with both hands and suddenly slashed down at the white Laser.

Emperor Heavenly Saber Qi!

A golden saber energy shot out and collided with the laser a thousand meters away in the blink of an eye.

Right on the heels of that.

The laser was crushed by the Emperor Heavenly Saber Qi without any suspense. Then, it shot in the direction of the satellite and finally disappeared into the sky.

Zhou Zhou looked up at this scene.

His Six Senses was astonishing. He could clearly see that the Emperor Heavenly Saber Qi could not continue forward after flying more than 7,000 meters because its energy was exhausted and it collapsed in the air.

The height of the Apocalypse Satellite was 15,000 meters.

Feng Luo also saw this scene.

“That thing is like a sword hanging in the sky.”

“We can’t let them live!”

He looked at the Apocalypse Satellite, and a sharp golden saber light appeared in his eyes.

Then, his entire body turned into a huge golden saber.

The huge golden saber appeared in midair and suddenly shot into the sky.

Heavenly Saber Shield Technique!

Lord Father seemed to have sensed something and his expression changed slightly. He immediately asked the Apocalypse Satellite to move its position while letting it shoot 40 to 50 Apocalypse Lasers at the golden saber.

Facing these Apocalypse Lasers,

The golden saber did not even dodge and rushed straight towards the Apocalypse Satellite.

The 40 to 50 Apocalyptic Lasers quickly landed on the surface of the golden saber.

However, what made Lord Father’s expression change was that

this huge golden saber actually seemed to be invincible.

These Apocalyptic Lasers could not even break through its defense. They were shattered by the saber energy on the surface of the golden saber and disappeared into the air.

The next second.


After the golden saber approached the Apocalypse Satellite, it immediately restored to Feng Luo’s appearance.

Heavenly Saber Thirteen Slash!

He slashed 13 more slashes that were even sharper and more domineering dark golden saber qi that landed on the Apocalypse Satellite.

There was a loud bang.

The Apocalypse Satellite immediately exploded into countless fragments and fell to the ground.

Feng Luo casually waved a few saber qi and crushed these fragments into powder. Then, as if he had done something insignificant, he flew down calmly and landed beside Zhou Zhou.

“My Lord.”

“The threat from the sky is resolved.”

Feng Luo said respectfully.

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