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Chapter 308 - 308 The Divine Dragon Will Eventually Bloodbath! An Ant Can Turn The Sky!

308 The Divine Dragon Will Eventually Bloodbath! An Ant Can Turn The Sky!

Zhou Zhou looked at him quietly and suppressed the restlessness of the Dragon Slayer King’s Will in his mind. He suddenly smiled.

“So what?”

He said calmly.

The Extreme Venerable Lord was stunned.

“I know that in the eyes of you high-level Races,

“We, life forms of the Normal Race, might really be like ants.”

“But what does that mean to me?”

“Whether we are a low-level Race or a high-level Race like you.”

“Our fate has been destined ever since we stepped onto this battlefield.”

“We have to kill each other on this Lord Battlefield until the final Lord of All Races is decided.”

“This is the only choice between you, me, and the other Lords.”

“We have no way out.”

“You, Extreme Venerable Lord, are the same as me.”

Zhou Zhou said calmly.

“The same?”

“Do you think you can fight for the Lord of All Races?”

The Extreme Venerable Lord smiled disdainfully.

“Then do you think it’s possible for you?”

Zhou Zhou asked.

The Extreme Venerable Lord’s expression darkened and he stopped talking.

He had fought the top three Lords of all races.

However, it was precisely because they had fought before that he understood how terrifying they were.

He looked at Zhou Zhou while using the extremely terrifying Dragon Might of the Extreme Dragon Race instantly pressed down on him.

Zhou Zhou looked at it calmly as if he did not feel anything.

“Look, you and I are the same.”


“The divine dragon will eventually bleed.”

“Even ants can overturn the sky.”

“If you can take the position of Lord of All Races.”

“I, the Lord of The Blazing Sun, can also sit on it!”

“Lastly, thank you for your reminder.”


“Lord Father is not my match.”

“You won’t be either.”

Zhou Zhou said.

The Extreme Venerable Lord looked at him quietly.

A moment later.

The Extreme Venerable City behind him gradually disappeared from the Lord Battlefield along with him.

[Extreme Dragon Race Lord—Extreme Venerable Lord has surrendered!]

[You have defeated the Extreme Dragon Race Lord—Extreme Venerable Lord (Mythical-Tier Advance Grade Lord). You have won this ranking competition!]

[Congratulations, you have obtained 100,000 battlefield points!]

[Congratulations, you have obtained 20 ranking points!]

[Ranking System Notification: Your current ranking score is ’65’. Please continue ranking and obtain a ranking score to increase your ranking!]

[You need to participate in at least one ranking competition every three days. Otherwise, your rank will -1!]

[Your Battlefield Shop has been updated!]

Zhou Zhou’s expression was calm.

He did not feel happy.

He might have easily won this ranking, but the other party’s words did cause a huge wave in his heart.

Over the past few days, he had continuously won and his rank had increased. Even though he did not show anything on the surface, he still felt a little proud.

This was also inevitable.

However, the words of the Extreme Venerable Lord made the pride in his heart disappear. He valued these top Lords again.

“A temporary lead is nothing.”

“To be able to lead to the end and become the Lord of All Races is a true winner.”

“I still have to continue becoming stronger.”

“Even if these top Lords of all races completely master the civilization power of their race in the later stages, I have to be able to resist them or even surpass them!”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

After that, he left the Lord Battlefield with the soldiers and looked at his ranking.

After the Extreme Venerable Lord surrendered without fighting, his ranking increased again to sixth place.

Zhou Zhou did not hesitate and continued to rank.

Taking advantage of the ranking period.

Zhou Zhou opened the Battlefield Shop and spent 300,000 battlefield points to exchange for the Mythical-Tier Master-Servant Territory Contract and the Index of All Races (Book 10).

At this point, he had exchanged for all the most valuable treasures in the Battlefield Shop.

The remaining goods were nothing more than some Territory Rebirth Tokens and Resurrection Tokens.

He could slowly exchange for these things in the future.

After that, he took out the Index of All Races from the first to the tenth volume.

A text notification appeared.

[Do you want to fuse it into the complete Index of All Races (Copy)?]


Zhou Zhou pondered.

When he first obtained the Index of All Races (Copy), he remembered that it said that only the first Lord to collect all 10 volumes could obtain the complete Mythical-Tier treasure, the Index of All Races.

From the looks of it, the original should have been redeemed.

“The first Lord to collect all 10 volumes should be the Original Spirit Race’s True Lord who has occupied the first place in the Lord Battlefield of All Races.”

Zhou Zhou shook his head.

Even though he felt that it was a pity, he could not change anything.

That party was the first to collect the complete 10 volumes after all.

He stopped thinking and chose to fuse the 10 volumes.

The next second.

The 10 volumes of the Index of All Races in front of Zhou Zhou fused together, forming a thick black-gold book.

Zhou Zhou looked over.

[Treasure Name: Index of All Races (copy)]

[Treasure Grade: Mythical-Tier]

[Treasure Effect: A copy of the Mythical-Tier treasure, Index of All Races. It records the detailed information of the Races that are born and destroyed at all times in the myriad worlds. It can be used to search for the Race information you want to know!]

[Treasure Description: It was copied from the Index of All Races by the Supreme Will. There is only slightly less detailed information about the Race than before!]

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

Even though it was only a copy, it was at least a Mythical-Tier treasure.

Even though there might be less detailed information about the Race recorded than the original, it was not unacceptable.

He put away the Index of All Races (copy).

At the same time…

The news of the Lord of The Blazing Sun increasing his ranking on the Lord Battlefield of All Races spread on the World Channel again.

Other than Lords who were hostile to the Blazing Sun, most of the Lords were excited and expectant.

They really wanted to know what rank the Lord of The Blazing Sun from the Cerulean Planet would eventually advance to.

They did not dare to think about getting first place.

But what about the top three?

All the Lords were guessing. Someone even specially placed a bet for this.

The World Channel became quite lively because of this matter.

Two hours later.

Zhou Zhou looked at the ranking that had yet to begin and could not help but feel speechless.

What were the other top Lords of all races doing?

He still wanted to encounter the top three Lords.

Zhou Zhou looked at the sky.

It was almost noon.

Seeing this, he gave up on continuing to rank.

Let’s queue tomorrow.

In any case, it was only the fifth day today. There were still five days before the end of the Myriad Races Lord Battlefield event.

It was enough for him to continue increasing his ranking.

Then, Zhou Zhou came to The Shelter of the Goddess of Life and converted the Holy Spirit-Tier Scarlet Crystals in his hand into a Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystal.

Then, he took the Faith Divine Crystal and left Blazing Sun City with all his soldiers. Then, he headed straight to the original territory of Thorn Dune.

The territory where the original Thorn Dune was.

It was now a part of the Blazing Sun Desert.

After Zhou Zhou brought his men here, he immediately arrived at the God of Death Temple.

In front of the statue of the God of Death, Thanatos.

Zhou Zhou placed the Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystal on the Altar of the God of Death.

“Lord God of Death.”

“I abided by our agreement and brought this Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystal.”

“Lord God of Death, please accept it.”

He said respectfully.

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