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Chapter 513 - 513 Shattering And Instant Death!

513 Shattering And Instant Death!

The surrounding people and soldiers fell silent. Everyone’s faces were filled with disbelief.

A smile appeared on Zhou Zhou’s face.

“I didn’t expect that a single arrow would trigger the Law of Shattering. Then, it directly shattered the Vast Sea Divine Dragon Barrier.”

“I thought I had to shoot at least a dozen arrows.”

He thought happily.

This Shattering Law was indeed a Law. The Effect was indeed extraordinary!

The protective facilities of a country’s capital could not stop it at all.

The 10% probability of triggering the Law of Shattering was already so strong.

He wondered how the effect of the instant death law, which only had a 1% trigger rate, would be.

At the thought of this, Zhou Zhou had the urge to shoot an arrow.

His gaze swept across the fog monsters in the capital and finally landed on King Tahan.

“Are you willing to surrender?”

“If you’re willing to surrender to me with your Subjects, I can spare the lives of your monster Subjects and let them join my Blazing Sun Territory and become my Subjects.”

Zhou Zhou thought for a while and said.

The Tahan King, the surrounding monster subjects, and the other monster Subjects who heard Zhou Zhou’s words were stunned.

“You want our fog monsters to be your Subjects?”

King Tahan asked in disbelief.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

“Didn’t you see the monster soldiers behind me?”

He pointed at the monster soldiers behind him.

King Tahan and the other monsters fell silent.

They did see it.

Moreover, what made them feel exaggerated was that this human Lord, who had been summoned to the High Continent by the Supreme Resistance, actually had more monster soldiers under his command than ordinary life forms.

King Tahan was silent for a long time before his eyes finally became determined.

“Our faith in the Crimson Overlord is extremely pure!”

“Don’t even think about us surrendering to you!”

It said with a serious expression.

The surrounding monster subjects also looked like they were on the same side and had the same aura.

Zhou Zhou sneered in his heart.

If you are really that loyal, then why are most of the Scarlet Crystals in your loots Shallow Faith-Tier and True Faith-Tier Scarlet Crystals?

There are pitifully few Pious-Tier and Fanatic-Tier Scarlet Crystals, let alone Holy Spirit Scarlet Crystals.

“You should have seen the difference between us.”

“It’s useless to resist. If you don’t surrender, only death awaits you.”

“Your King will definitely die, but I can give you Scarlet Monster subjects a chance.”

“After the battle starts later, as long as you put down your weapons, tie yourself up, and surrender, my soldiers won’t kill you after the battle. Moreover, when you come to my territory in the future and become my Subjects, the other Subjects won’t look at you strangely. You can enjoy the same rights and obligations as the other Subjects.”


Zhou Zhou raised his hand and pointed at the Tahan King.

“I will definitely reward whoever can kill King Tahan!”

“I mean what I say!”

He was certain.


If not for the fact that it was almost night, he could not be bothered to say such words to persuade them to surrender. He would have directly asked the soldiers to charge.

On the other side, King Tahan’s expression immediately darkened as soon as Zhou Zhou finished speaking.

The eyes of the other Scarlet Officials also flickered.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“It’s going to be dark soon.”

“This human Lord won’t be able to withstand the corrosion of the Scarlet Fog after dark. He will definitely retreat.”

King Tahan hurriedly comforted the subjects.

The subjects replied on the surface, but they were muttering in their hearts.

Yes, the human Lord would leave at night.

But what about tomorrow?

What about in the future?

It wasn’t like the days would continue to be dark, right?

They did not say this out loud, but they already had other thoughts.

In the sky.

When Zhou Zhou saw that the other party had no intention of surrendering, he waved at the soldiers behind him without hesitation.


“There’s no need to leave anyone alive!”

He said.

“Yes!” The nine million soldiers roared.

Then, under the lead of the generals, they rushed towards the capital.

At this moment, there were less than 100,000 soldiers in the capital to begin with.

This was because the other soldiers had already been sent to Left Guardian City to fight the Titan Army.

Now, they had all been dealt with by Zhou Zhou.

Therefore, the current capital of the Tahan Kingdom was almost equivalent to an undefended city without the Vast Sea Divine Dragon Barrier.

As the soldiers attacked, the situation on the battlefield was almost one-sided towards Zhou Zhou.

During this period…

Zhou Zhou also tried to trigger the instant death law.

In the end, he only triggered it once after shooting nearly 200 arrows.

After the fog monster with the bear body and dog head triggered the Law of instant death, its entire body fell to the ground. Even its soul disappeared.

This made Zhou Zhou sigh.

What a terrifying instant death law!

A moment later.

The capital was captured by Zhou Zhou’s soldiers.

King Tahan and all its important subjects were captured by the experts of the Blazing Sun Territory.

Heaven Blood Hall.

Zhou Zhou sat casually at the place where the Tahan King and his subjects had discussed the state affairs in the past.

Below were the important subjects of the Tahan Kingdom who were being detained.

At the front of them was a corpse.

It was the corpse of King Tahan.

This King who had ruled the Tahan Kingdom for nearly a hundred years could not escape the fate of being stabbed in the back by his subordinates.

Zhou Zhou’s gaze landed on a fog monster with purplish-red skin and a slender body. It had two sharp antennae on its head and was wearing a purple minister’s outfit.

That was it.

When King Tahan was not paying attention, a dagger stabbed into his back and ended his life.

Then, it immediately bound itself and pretended to surrender obediently. That was why it was still alive.

“What’s your name? What’s your position?”

Zhou Zhou asked with interest.

“Reporting to my Lord.”

“My name is Cecil.”

“In the past, I was a second-grade clothes officer in charge of Tahan’s daily life.”

Cecil hurriedly flattered.

“You did well to assassinate King Tahan.”

“I won’t go back on my word.”

“From now on, you are my Lord’s Subject.”

“When I officially control the entire Tahan Kingdom, you can choose a territory below the Yellow Gold-Tier from many territories as your territory and become the Lord of the territory.”

“In the future, as long as you don’t violate the laws of our Blazing Sun Territory and do what the City Lord of your territory should do, you will continue to be the City Lord of your territory.”

Zhou Zhou said.

“Thank you for the reward, Your Majesty!”

“I will definitely bear the responsibility of the City Lord well and not disappoint Your Majesty!”

When Cecil heard Zhou Zhou’s words, its eyes immediately became loyal and excited. It immediately knelt on the ground and said excitedly and respectfully.

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