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Chapter 865 - 865 Nine Worlds Divine Demon Dreamfall Array! Summon The Spirit Of The Army Formation!

865 Nine Worlds Divine Demon Dreamfall Array! Summon The Spirit Of The Army Formation!

This Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God’s Heart was originally a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade array treasure, the Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God Statue.

From the information on its surface, he could only tell that it was a top-notch True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that could summon a Nine-Headed Nightmare Demon God and make “Him” agree to a reasonable wish within the paramount law.

However, just like how the Spatiotemporal Region was the hidden ability of the Sword Of New Dimension Creation, as a top-notch array formation treasure, the Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God’s Heart’s ability to set up formations was also hidden.

As the upgraded version of the Nine-Headed Demon God statue, the Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God’s Heart was no longer a High-Tier Deity’s Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God’s Heart. Instead, it was a top-notch formation of True Gods and Advance Grades—the Nine Worlds Demon God Dreamfall Formation!

According to the ability of this array formation, if it was used to the limit, even if 10 True Gods descended, they would be trapped in the Nine Worlds Demon God Fallen Dream Array. It would even cause True God-Tier existences to fall into an eternal dream. With the help of the dream power, they could even kill them.

Which meant…

This array formation had the shocking offensive ability to kill more than one True God-Tier!

Even though Zhou Zhou could not reach that level with his current strength, it was more than enough to trap people.

“This King of the Blazing Sun actually has True God-Tier Divine Artifacts?”

“From the looks of it, “He” also has an existence at the True God-Tier level behind “Him”. “He” thinks highly of “Him” and even supports “Him.”

“However, what did ‘He’ do to make the Supreme Agreement agree to let this human Lord possess a True God-Tier now?”

Occles Zell thought for a moment and stopped thinking about it.

No matter how powerful a True God-Tier Divine Artifact that leaned towards imprisonment and sealing was, it was ultimately not as effective as an offensive-type divine artifact!

Which meant…

The chances of winning were still in “His” hands!

Thinking of this, Occles Zell immediately stopped panicking and a faint smile even appeared on his lips.

“Pass down the order!”

“Don’t hide it.”

“Let the Legion Commanders use their military formations.”

“Don’t let a human Lord like the King of the Blazing Sun look down on us.”

Occles Zell smiled faintly.

“Yes, Commander-in-Chief!”

A light blue scarlet God Spirit nodded. Then, he took out his flesh and blood communication device and issued an order to all the Legion Commanders.

In the sky, the Legion Commander of the Forbidden Legion of the Archmage Scarlet Empire was the first to know of the order.

“Hehehe, you should have done this long ago!”

“He” sneered at the soldiers and God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom. Then, “He” shouted crazily,

“Source Of Impurity Formation!!!”

“Summon the great Abhos!!!”

A total of 10 million taboo images below the God Spirit level gathered at this moment.

They wore grayish-black mage hoods and grayish-black mage robes, completely covering their faces and bodies.

Then, they held the Forbidden Book in their hands and chanted twisted and crazy forbidden incantations.

Wisps of pale blue water vapor emitted from their bodies as they chanted forbidden incantations, then gathered above their heads, forming a pale blue water vapor that was tens of millions of kilometers wide and covered the surface of the water vapor. It looked like a stinky rotten armor that covered the sky.

“He” was surrounded by darkness. Ominous water vapor filled the surroundings and constantly expanded and contracted, as if it was breathing.

Moreover, every breath was accompanied by an extreme stench.

It was the Source Of Impurity—Abhos!

Abhos was a taboo god and was also a direct subordinate of the Crimson Overlord.

“He” was a True God-Tier existence. The God Spirit that he had summoned was only a projection of “Him”.

Then, two more High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade projections of the Source of Impurity summoned the 20 million scarlet God Spirits.

At this moment, three high-level High-Tier Deity-level experts appeared out of thin air on the battlefield!

This was not the end.

After receiving the order from Occles Zell, the other empire-level Scarlet Legions and Kingdom-level Scarlet Legions that controlled the military formations also gathered soldiers and set up the military formations they controlled.

In less than a moment, there were a total of 110 God Spirit-level army spirits on the battlefield!

As for the army formation formed by low-level soldiers, the number of spirits summoned by the lowest Extraordinary-Tier and highest Legendary-Tier army had reached more than a million!

In the current situation, even though the total number of soldiers of the allied army of the fog monster faction had decreased, however, the number of experts suddenly increased by more than one level.

The God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, who had originally relied on the advantage of the number of divine artifacts to greatly suppress the scarlet God Spirits, faced the increase in the number of scarlet God Spirits at this moment and found it difficult to move again.

“Generals, listen up!”

“Set up the array formation with me!”

Bai Yun also shouted angrily at this moment.

“Set up the array!”

“Build the Greedy Wolf Howling Moon Array!”

“Set up the Small God-Sura Myriad Spirit Army Formation!”

“Army God Formation!”

Over 10,000 generals roared.

Then, more than a billion soldiers came near them under their orders to set up the array.

Most of these soldiers were only at the White Silver-Tier level.

Only two million soldiers were at the Extraordinary-Tier level, and 100,000 soldiers were at the Epic-Tier level.

Right on the heels of that, these soldiers set up the Greedy Wolf Howling Moon Array, the Small God-Sura Myriad Spirit Army Formation, and the Weapon God Army Formation!

Among them, there were more than 10,000 Greedy Wolf Howling Moon Arrays formed by White Silver-Tier soldiers. From this, they summoned more than 10,000 spirits of the Greedy Wolf Avatar army that had the strength of the Extraordinary-Tier limit.

As for the two million Extraordinary-Tier soldiers, they summoned the spirits of 20 Sura Swordsman formations with the strength of the Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade!

The remaining 100,000 Epic-Tier soldiers summoned 10 Soldier God Army Spirits with the strength of Low-Tier Deity Level Advance Grade!

After they took shape, the spirit of the strongest Soldier God Army led the charge at the fog monster army with all kinds of battlefield weapons with a murderous aura.

Tens of thousands of Greedy Wolf Avatars followed closely behind.

Meanwhile, the Sura Swordsman stood behind the Blazing Sun Kingdom’s army and continuously fired Shinra Sword Aura to attack the soldiers of the fog monster faction from afar.

Every Shinra Sword Aura required 1,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores to be released.

But now, the spirits of the 10 Sura Swordsman army seemed to be free as they crazily attacked the fog monster army.

On average, 10 Shinra Sword Qi attacked the Scarlet God Spirits every second.

Which meant, every second, 10,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Core were consumed.

However, even though the consumption was huge, the effect was also very obvious.

Facing the sudden appearance of 30 God Spirits and the continuous Shinra Sword Qi that shot over from behind, the sudden increase in the number of God-Tier God Spirit army spirits on the side of the fog monster faction was actually unable to cause too much damage to the army of the Blazing Sun Kingdom for a moment. They even fought equally with the God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom and did not give in to each other.

When Zhou Zhou saw this scene, he naturally did not feel sorry for the consumption of the Sura Swordsman’s Mist Core. He only felt a little dissatisfied and regretful.

“What a pity.”

“The time given to the soldiers is still too short.”

“If my soldiers can be nurtured by the Reincarnation Sacred Palace for a few more days, they will definitely be able to nurture more generals who control military formations. This way, they can summon more God Spirit-level army spirits.”

“This way, we can deal with the current situation more calmly.”

Zhou Zhou said with regret.

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