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Chapter 968 - Chapter 968 Nearly 60 Billion Soldiers! Master God-Tier's Blood! Scarlet Blood Kin!

Chapter 968 Nearly 60 Billion Soldiers! Master God-Tier’s Blood! Scarlet Blood Kin!

Zhou Zhou stood up and walked towards Mu Gu’s residence.

Soon, “He” found Mu Gu who was sitting in an ancient pavilion drinking Jade Sun Tea.

These were tea leaves that the tea farmers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom had obtained by mutating the Jade Sun Tree with supernatural powers. The taste was refreshing and had a faint fragrance that left a lingering aftertaste. Furthermore, long-term consumption of this tea could extend one’s lifespan, so it was very popular both inside and outside the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Seeing His Majesty coming over, Mu Gu hurriedly put down his teacup and stood up respectfully.

“Bai Yun and the rest have already gone to your Ranchland Plane?” Zhou Zhou asked.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Mu Gu said respectfully. ” Legion Commander Bai Yun has just entered the Ranchland Plane.”

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

“He” didn’t go in. Instead, “He” casually sat at the side and got Mu Gu sit down as well. Then, the two of them sipped tea while waiting for Bai Yun to come out.

Currently, the Ranchland Plane of the Shepherd’s Valley could produce at most 6.25 billion ranch monsters a day.

Facing the more than 30 billion soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, it was not enough to split evenly. Bai Yun probably wouldn’t take long.

As expected, in less than half an hour, Bai Yun turned into a white stream of light and flew out of Mu Gu’s palm.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

“He” was not surprised and immediately said respectfully when “He” saw Zhou Zhou.

“Did everything go well?”

Zhou Zhou smiled.

“Your Majesty must be teasing me.” Bai Yun replied with a smile.

How could a group of ranch monsters that were at most Epic-Tier Advance Grade not go smoothly?

After “He” said that, “He” took out a Spatial Ring and handed it to Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou took it and looked at the items inside. They were 13.5 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Recruitment Books, 13.5 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificates, 3.75 trillion Violent Storm Spirit Recruitment Books, and 3.75 trillion Violent Storm Spirit Class Change Certificates.

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

Following that, “He” brought the Spatial Ring to the Gate of Summoning and threw all the recruitment books inside. Then, as usual, “He” called over 20 empty Galaxy and had all the soldiers appear in the inner world of the Galaxy. Then, “He” used 100 Epic-Tier Mist Cores to summon all the recruits at once.

The next second, the internal world of the 20 Galaxy ships suddenly became crowded.

Zhou Zhou looked at these new recruits and nodded slightly.

“He” already had 34,263,379,704 soldiers under “His” command. Now, with the addition of these 17,250,000,000 new recruits, “He” had an astonishing number of 51,513,379,704 soldiers!

Together with the Star Alliance’s 7,412 million soldiers,

“He” had nearly 60 billion soldiers under “Him”!

This was almost twice the total number of soldiers yesterday!

“In two days, my soldiers should be able to exceed 100 billion!”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

<nulli>100 billion soldiers!

This was the total military strength of some high-level Empire Lord factions!

Moreover, unlike ordinary high-level empires,

there were strong and weak ones among their 100 billion soldiers. Moreover, most of them were ordinary soldiers. Only a small number of them were elite soldiers, such as high-level soldiers, Kingdom-level soldiers, and empire-level soldiers.

Among the nearly 60 billion soldiers under Zhou Zhou, almost all of them were Kingdom-level soldiers, the Violent Storm Spirit, and the Empire-level soldiers, the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier.

With such a terrifying army in hand, Zhou Zhou’s courage increased greatly. He felt that even if “He” were to face several high-level empire-level Lords, “He” would still dare to fight them.

But after calming down, “He” still dispelled his thoughts.

When did he have the means to fight against a Master God-Tier? Or when did he encounter an empire-level Lord faction that did not have the means to fight against a Master God-Tier? Then, he could talk about attacking an empire-level Lord faction.

Just relying on Will-like Light, to be honest, his methods were still a little weak. It did not give Zhou Zhou much sense of security.

Then, “He” summoned the 44,000 new Subjects from the Gate of Summoning. “He” took a look at the professions of these Subjects and was pleasantly surprised to discover that among the Subjects summoned this time, there was another Epic-Tier Advance Grade Space Magician, a scarlet mage, and an Epic-Tier Advance Grade clone warlock.

The three of them were top-notch Professionals.

The Space Magician was extremely good at spatial magic. In terms of controlling spatial magic, he was even comparable to a higher-level user of spatial magic.

Crimson Law, on the other hand, was a rare mage who practiced Crimson Law and was good at some scarlet magic.

As for clone warlocks, they were a type of Bloodline Warlock.

This kind of Bloodline Warlock was born with the awakened talent—

Doppelganger Technique. Every time they reached a higher level, they could summon a new doppelganger. Each doppelganger could be controlled as a new version of themselves, and they could even take on a new profession.

Because of this, the Doppelganger Warlock had many methods, and it was extremely difficult for him to die.

Zhou Zhou looked at the three high-level Rare Professionals and nodded in satisfaction.

It seemed that “He” had guessed correctly.

As “His” territory level continued to increase, the Professionals summoned by “His” Glory of the Pioneer VII, would gradually become rare and powerful.

After that, “He” handed these recruits to Bai Yun and asked “Him” to bring these soldiers to the human territory to protect the remaining humans and retreat to the Primordial World.

And then “He” came to the Lord Shop.

When “He” arrived, “He” saw Old Zhou sitting obediently in front of the counter, waiting for “Him” to arrive.

When he saw Zhou Zhou, Zhou Chengmin’s eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face.

“Your Majesty.” Zhou Chengmin smiled.

“Ever since you got into this habit, I’m not used to not seeing you play games.”

Zhou Zhou sized up “Him” and said.

“Your Majesty sure knows how to joke.”

Zhou Chengmin laughed.

Then, “He” took out three golden boxes from under the counter and placed them on the counter before opening them one by one.

Zhou Zhou looked at it.

The first box contained a drop of blood.

Zhou Zhou looked over and raised his eyebrows.

[Treasure Name: Master God-Tier’s Blood]

[Treasure Grade: Master God-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Treasure Effect: This is a drop of ordinary divine blood of a spatial Master God-Tier. After an ordinary life form consumes this drop of blood, it can allow a living being who has no talent in spatial laws to become a top-notch spatial law talent in the blink of an eye. Moreover, when advancing to the God Spirit realm with spatial laws, the probability of advancing to the God Spirit realm will increase by 20%.

The descendants of the living beings who consume the divine blood of this Master God-Tier also have an extremely high chance of inheriting the bloodline talent of the first generation divine-blood life form.]

[Treasure Description: A drop of low-tier Master God-Tier divine blood from a Space Master God-Tier that still exists in the world.]

Zhou Zhou looked at the slightly transparent silver drop of blood thoughtfully.

“He” thought of the Space Magicians among the new Subjects.

“He” remembered that it was written in the Subject Introduction of the Space Magician that when this Space Magician was young, he had accidentally eaten a drop of mysterious liquid. After that, he had the talent of Space Magic. His strength had also advanced by leaps and bounds. From an ordinary life form that was not even a superhuman, he had directly become a Professionals. He was even a rare and powerful Space Magician.

“This is the mysterious liquid that the spatial magician is currently drinking?”

Zhou Zhou felt that his guess should be right.

“He” had a premonition and hurriedly looked at the other two items.

After reading it, “He” couldn’t help but be speechless.

“It’s really exclusive to new Subjects.”

The reason why “He” said this was because the other two goods were the goods of the scarlet mage and the clone.

Among them, the Scarlet Mage’s commodity was a talent crystal called Scarlet Blood Kin.

[Talent: Scarlet Blood Kin]

[Talent Effect: When this talent was born, it was secretly tainted by a wisp of scarlet origin energy. It was born extremely ugly and was tragically abandoned by its biological parents.

However, he, who was ugly and hated by everyone, was born with scarlet talent. He could comprehend scarlet spells and even Crimson Laws that ordinary life forms could not.

“He” had great power, but he yearned for the feelings of ordinary life forms. However, no one pitied him.]

“Scarlet talent…”

Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.

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