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Chapter 970 - Chapter 970 Battling The True God-Tier Of The Foreign Races! Master God-Tier's Blood And Scarlet Blood Kin!

Chapter 970 Battling The True God-Tier Of The Foreign Races! Master God-Tier’s Blood And Scarlet Blood Kin!

Time passed and it was noon in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Zhou, who was tempering himself in the Time World, suddenly opened his eyes.

“There’s news from Zhou One that eight True God-Tier from the people of foreign races have attacked the human race?”

“In the end, Zhou One, Patriarch Lu, Bai He, and Geralt killed two True God-Tiers, severely injured three True God-Tiers, and escaped three True God-Tiers?”

“He” smiled gently and was not surprised at all that a True God-Tier of the people of foreign races had taken action.

If they did not do their best to stop the humans from retreating to the Primordial World, the humans would really escape after all. Wouldn’t their efforts over the past few days be wasted?

It did not matter if he wasted his efforts. The most important thing was that he could not show his value in front of the incoming people of foreign races.

This was a major event that concerned their future as gods. How could they not be anxious?

“He” was even less surprised that the four True God-Tiers on “His” side had killed off the other eight True God-Tiers.

First of all, according to Zhou One, none of the eight True God-Tiers from the people of foreign races were Advance Grade True Gods. Most of them were Elementary Grade True Gods, and only two of them were Intermediate Grade True Gods.

As for Zhou One and the others, although they were at a disadvantage in terms of the number of True God-Tiers, they all had True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. Especially Zhou One, who even had top-notch True God-Tier Divine Artifacts.

Therefore, even though they appeared to have the combat power of four True God-Tier Elementary Grades on the surface, once the battle started, they would have the combat power of four Intermediate Grade True God-Tier!

Especially Zhou Zhou.

The combination of “His” King and the Myriad Methods Star Palm made “Him” an invincible existence at the same level.

The two True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races who had died were the work of “His” alone.

“He” had also contributed a lot to the remaining six True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races.

Coupled with their home ground advantage, it was not surprising that they could defeat these eight True God-Tiers of the people of foreign races so forcefully.

“After this battle, the people of foreign races around the human territory probably won’t dare to invade my human territory for a thousand or even ten thousand years.”

Zhou Zhou thought to himself

<nulli>That’s right. This is “His” human territory.

The human race was almost 100% certain that they had completely retreated to the Primordial World. Among the remaining human territories, the territory of the three human empires, Knight, Divine Sword, and Saha, was ruled by “Him”. As for the other human territories, they had been officially abandoned because they were too far away and difficult to rule.

“He” could officially say that “He” was the rightful ruler of the human race in the High Continent!

“What a pity…”

“You don’t want to fight, but I do.”

Zhou Zhou muttered inwardly.

How could he let someone else snore beside him on the couch?

These people of foreign races had fought with him before, so they were “His” enemies. When he had a certain level of Master God-Tier means, he had to personally lead his troops to “His” territory.

These people of foreign races had fought with him before, so they were “His” enemies. When he had a certain level of Master God-Tier means, he had to personally lead his troops to “His” territory.

“He” stopped thinking and casually took out a lotus flower that emitted nine-colored light from his King’s Treasure Box.

This lotus was called the Nine-Colored Divine Lotus. It was a precious low-tier True God-Tier supplement. Its main effect was to recover the origin power of a True God-Tier.

Zhou Zhou was now a Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade God Spirit. Without using the Law Skill “King” to increase his realm, this True God-Tier Elementary Grade Nine-Colored Divine Lotus was completely enough for him to recover his origin.

“He” broke off a lotus leaf and slowly chewed it. “He” felt the lotus leaf quickly turn into a cool energy that filled the void in “His” origin. “He” nodded slightly.

At this rate, by this time tomorrow, he should be able to completely It was the drop of spatial Master God’s blood and talent crystal—the Scarlet Blood Kin.

“He” looked at the two items and muttered to himself:

“These two items have huge disadvantages for others.”

There was no need to mention the blood of a Master God-Tier since its owner was still alive.

There was no Master God-Tier who walked the Law of Space even among the 10 Master Gods.

However, one’s strength and methods could not be underestimated to be able to be ranked as a Master God-Tier.

It was only because that spatial mage was fearless that he dared to use the Master God-Tier’s blood so boldly.

Now that Zhou Zhou’s strength and status had gradually increased, he did not dare to rashly use something that seemed to have great benefits but actually had future troubles.

The matter between the Black Dragon Emperor’s dragon soul and the Deep Abyss had already taught “Him” a huge lesson.

As for the Scarlet Blood Kin’s Talent Crystal, the side effect was that it would only become ugly.


Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and took out the Bodhi Supreme.

“Can I use these two items?” “He” went straight to the point.

“The cost is one normal question.” Bodhi Supreme said lazily.

“Sure.” Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

“It can be used,” Bodhi Supreme said happily. “Even though the owner of this Master God-Tier’s blood still exists, this is just an ordinary drop of divine blood. As a Master God-Tier, even if “He” was scattered all over the sea, it can be easily replenished through self-cultivation.”

recover his origin and summon his second clone.

Then, “He” took out the other two items.

“Furthermore, don’t forget the bloodline you have. You have the Chaos Human bloodline. The drawbacks of the Master God-Tier bloodline can be easily removed with your current Chaos Human bloodline level. It will be fine as long as you raise your realm to the Intermediate Grade True God-Tier before consuming this drop of Master God-Tier blood.”

“As for this Scarlet Blood Kin Talent Crystal, there’s even less to worry about.”

“It’s worth 800 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores. If it can affect the current you, even if it only has a slight effect, it won’t be worth this price.”

“But you have to be mentally prepared, since this thing is only worth 800 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores after all. To you, the effect is only comparable to a Legendary-Tier racial talent. It wouldn’t feel like you’ve increased your Scarlet Talent by a lot, It’ll at most give you an entry-level Scarlet Talent.” Bodhi Supreme answered in detail.

“Are you sure I won’t get ugly?”

Zhou Zhou confirmed again.

“Of course.”

Bodhi Supreme said lazily, “It won’t affect you at all. Don’t worry.”

Zhou Zhou was slightly relieved to hear that.

Then, “He” first used the Scarlet Blood Kin Talent Crystal.

He immediately acutely felt that his divine body had undergone a slight change as this talent crystal turned into wisps of scarlet light and fused into “His” divine body.

This change was minimal. If not for Zhou Zhou’s astonishing perception, he might not have been able to sense the changes in his body.

“It’s really just an entry-level Scarlet Talent.” Zhou Zhou sighed.

“He” took out a mirror and looked at “Himself” to confirm that “He” did not become ugly. Only then did “He” truly relax.

Then, “He” picked up the drop of Master God-Tier’s blood and first used his Law Skill, King, to temporarily raise it to the Intermediate Grade of the True God-Tier. Then, “He” put it into “His” mouth and swallowed it.

“Strawberry cream?”

Zhou Zhou said in surprise.

Then, “He” carefully sensed the changes in “His” body and then “He” felt like there weren’t many changes.

“He” could sense that his perception of the spatial laws had indeed become clearer.

However, there was not much else.

To “Him”, the Scarlet Blood Kin was considered a Legendary-Tier bloodline.

Then, this drop of Master God-Tier blood gave “Him” the benefits of a Mid-Tier Deity-level bloodline. It couldn’t even be considered a High-Tier Deity-level bloodline, let alone a True God-Tier bloodline.

Zhou Zhou was a little disappointed, but not too disappointed.

It was just a drop of ordinary Master God-Tier blood after all. It was not the bloodline of a Master God-Tier. It was already not bad to have such benefits.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou received another message from his avatar, Zhou One.

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