Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1091 - 1091 Unknown Identity! Lightning Fallen!

1091 Unknown Identity! Lightning Fallen!

Hearing the little elf’s introduction, Chu Feng’s eyes were filled with surprise and shock.

“Seven natural attributes correspond to seven Guardian Astral Beasts?!”

“Hunting four of them will complete the mission?”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng suddenly felt puzzled.

“That’s not right. If that’s the case, this mission shouldn’t be difficult, right?”

“Could it be that these seven Guardian Astral Beasts are all very strong? Just like the Beamon Giant Beast?”

Chu Feng muttered to himself. However, he still felt that it shouldn’t be right.

The Beamon Giant Beast was indeed very strong, but it was not invincible.

In Chu Feng’s understanding, the Starting Ground did not restrict the strength of those who entered. Even if one was at the peak of the Divine Lord Realm, one could still enter the core area. It was just that one could not go to the periphery.

In such a long period of time, countless candidates had rushed into the Starting Ground one after another. There was definitely no lack of extreme experts.

To them, even the Beamon Giant Beast at its peak could be dealt with.

And the final reward was so generous.

If Chu Feng was the leader of the Human Spirit Race, he would be more than happy to send the strongest expert of the clan in every year, or even the experts of the clan collectively.

He had to fleece the Starting Ground again and again!

Then why would he have to worry about not being able to develop better than the Demon Spirit Race?!

So… what was the problem?

Seeing Chu Feng’s confused expression, the little elf hurriedly explained, “Master, it’s not as simple as you think!”

“It’s true that the seven Guardian Astral Beasts in the Starting Ground are all very powerful, but they’re not as abnormal as the Beamon Giant Beast!”

“Some of them might only be middle-level lords or even low-level lords! Their strength is different! Of course, the weakest is a lord-level. This is certain.”

“That’s even more wrong…”

Chu Feng became even more confused.

At this level, there were even more candidates who had the strength to kill the seven Guardian Astral Beasts.

The little elf continued.

“Because the key isn’t actually the strength of the Guardian Astral Beast!”

“It’s… their identities!”

“The identities of the seven Guardian Astral Beasts are all confidential! No one knows!”

“Furthermore, the Guardian Astral Beasts will take turns in every Guardian Title Mission. The corresponding Astral Beasts of the same attribute are different!”

“For example, the Astral Beast corresponding to the Earth last time was not the Beamon Giant Beast, but another ancient existence, a Titan!”

Chu Feng took a deep breath as if he had come to a realization.

“I see!”

“In other words, no matter how strong you are, if you’re not lucky enough, it’s useless if you can’t find the corresponding Guardian Astral Beast?!”

The elf nodded and smiled sweetly.

“Master, you’re right!”

However, Chu Feng changed his words.

“But what if there’s really such a candidate who’s extremely powerful and can sweep through all the Astral Beasts in the core area?”

The little elf spread her hands.

“Then there’s no choice. Being strong enough is also a special kind of ability! It can even change one’s luck!”

“But in reality, even a peak Divine Lord can’t do this!”

“Because there are too many powerful Astral Beasts in the central core area!”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. Against a Beamon Giant Beast at its peak, even a peak Divine Lord wouldn’t dare to say that they would win! At most, it would be 50-50!”

“If the battle drags on, it will attract the siege of other Astral Beasts!”

“Who do you think has the ability to sweep through the Starting Ground in this era where Master Gods don’t come out?”

“Furthermore, there are a large number of ordinary lord-level Astral Beasts in the core area. They might also be guardians! They can be spawned at any time. In that case, how can you kill them? You won’t be able to kill them all!”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng nodded in agreement.

“From the looks of it, the difficulty is indeed not small. Moreover, the key is that this mission does not just require strength. It also requires extremely good luck!”

Then, Chu Feng could not help but say, “Damn! Isn’t this completely random? Is the Starting Ground playing with us?”

The elf pursed his lips.

“Master, don’t be discouraged!”

“Actually, there are still clues to follow.”

“Because the general direction has already been given!”

“The sky, stars, ground, rivers, lightning, wind, and mountains! In the Starting Ground, there are corresponding directions!”

“Furthermore, there’s a high chance that the Guardian Astral Beast will also have a portion of the corresponding attribute. If you try them one by one from this aspect, you still have a chance to clear the mission in a month!”

Chu Feng was originally nodding in agreement.

But suddenly, he raised his head.

“What? You said I only have a month?!”

The elf nodded.

“That’s right. There must be a time limit! Otherwise, if it continues indefinitely, when will it end!”

As she spoke, the little elf turned her gaze to the Earth Secret Key of Laws in Chu Feng’s palm.

“You can infiltrate your consciousness into this Secret Key of Laws to sense the current progress of the mission and the remaining time.”

“For example, now that this Secret Key of Laws is flickering and glowing, it means that there have been some changes to the mission. For example… someone has obtained a Secret Key of Laws!”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression immediately froze. He did not have the time to say anything and directly seeped his consciousness into the Secret Key of Laws.

Seven different images appeared in front of him.

There was the vast blue sky, the thick and boundless land, the starlight in the universe, the flowing water, the violent lightning, the whistling wind, the towering mountains…

However, at this moment, Chu Feng discovered that the pictures representing Earth and Lightning were gray.

The next moment, the little elf’s figure also appeared in the key space. This did not seem difficult for her.

She took a look at the images and said, “The guardian Astral Beast representing Lightning has been killed and the Secret Key of Laws has been snatched.”

Chu Feng frowned.

“I can tell, but… who can it be?”

The elf shook her head.

“No one knows except who did it.”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

“Then if many people obtain the Secret Key of Laws in the end and don’t know who else has it, doesn’t that mean that they will never be able to gather a full set?”

The little elf smiled mischievously.

“How is that possible! There won’t be such an obvious loophole in the Starting Ground!”

“The rules stipulate that the final guardian must be decided within a month!”

“A month later, if no one has gathered a full set yet, the locations of the Secret Keys of Laws that have already been obtained will be announced! Three days will be given to them for them to kill each other!”

“Of course, if there are less than four known Secret Keys of Laws, nothing can be done.”

Chu Feng nodded.

This made sense.

He took a deep breath and stared fixedly at the dimmed Lightning image.

However, familiar figures flashed across his heart.

Chu Feng had a feeling that he might know this person!

Because none of the people who walked out of the Third World were good!

All of them were geniuses!

Chu Feng would never believe that they had not obtained any opportunities here!

“Mo Tianqiong, Demon Son Er Qi, Huangpu You, Shu Wanjuan… I wonder who it will be? An enemy or a friend?”

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