Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Then, they looked again at Chu Feng.

With just a light tiptoe, he deftly dodged the crack like a roc spreading its wings.

Xia Qingwan’s small mouth opened slightly, a shocked expression appeared on her icy face.

Can those actions of Chu Feng just now be possibly done by a human being?

She wanted to ask Chu Feng.

However, she found that at this moment, Chu Feng was staring intently at the deep pit that had suddenly appeared.

It did not look like he would be bothered with her at all.

She swallowed the words which were about to come out of her mouth.

A huge deep pit had appeared in the middle of the gymnasium.

Everyone could no longer sit still.

They craned their necks to see what was going on.

Someone muttered, “Eh, why do I have a feeling that this huge pit that suddenly appeared is similar to the one in Country A?”

“I think so too. It can’t be, right? Will there be monsters running out?”

“Bah, you jinx! When the monsters come out, let them eat you up first!”

“Hey, you don’t say, I do really hope to see the monsters. All those soldiers who had killed the monsters obtained a mysterious information panel. Perhaps this is our opportunity.”

The atmosphere among the spectators was relatively relaxed.

All had thought that it had been just a sudden earthquake.

Some people even started to discuss what had happened recently in Country A.

Obviously, they did not think that the same bizarre thing would happen in their midst.

Sun Jian also heaved a sigh of relief.

He asked his lackey beside him.

“Why is Chu Feng standing at the edge of the deep pit?”

His lackey was also very quick-witted. He knew that Chu Feng and the captain of his team were not on good terms, so he said hurriedly,

“Who knows? He’s probably just making a show. He got lucky and saved the school Belle once, so he is showing off in front of the school Belle.”

Sun Jian burst out laughing.

He glanced at his underling with a pleased look.

“He really knows how to ingratiate himself with her.”

At this moment, a teacher stepped forward to stabilize the situation.

“Students, please remain in your seats and don’t move. Don’t panic. It’s just a small earthquake. Please line up and leave through the door later.”

Before the teacher could finish speaking, the ground suddenly started shaking again.

“Will this earthquake ever come to an end?”

Sun Jian lamented, but before he could finish, his eyes opened wide and he froze on the spot, pointing ahead with his finger.

“Monsters… Monsters!!”

Four massive monsters covered in black carapaces could be seen leaping out of the deep pit.

The monsters were three meters tall and all wrapped in black carapaces. A sticky green liquid was dripping from their mouths. On their rear, a black tail with an inverted hook swayed casually.

This unexpected sudden twist stupefied everyone in the gymnasium.

“Are… Are they underground monsters?”

“I… I’ve seen the live broadcast. Those monsters in Country A could not even be killed by bullets. They’re also very fast. This is it! We’re doomed. We’re doomed.”

“Call the police!”

“Help me, Mom. I don’t wish to die. Boohoo.”

“They are just four bugs with scorpion faces. Not too bad,” Chu Feng muttered to himself, after he had raised his head and seen the four monsters which were already very near him.

Currently, he was a Grade D martial artist, and these low-grade demonic creatures were on par with a human Grade D martial artist.

However, Chu Feng had been a Grade A+ expert in his previous life.

These few low-grade demonic creatures on par with him now were nothing to him.

“Chu Feng, be careful!”

Behind her, Xia Qingwan felt as if her heart had stopped.

“This guy! Why didn’t he stay away from the deep pit earlier!”

She had no doubt that those devils from hell would tear Chu Feng apart.

But in the next second, Xia Qingwan could not believe her eyes.

She saw before her eyes that Chu Feng not only did not flee but was actually facing the monsters head-on.

Pressing the tips of his feet onto the ground, Chu Feng leapt into the air and punched his fist hard on a monster’s carapace.


The single punch from him had deformed its carapace.

Green blood splattered everywhere.

The monster hissed in pain.

Xia Qingwan was dumbfounded.

An armor which even bullets could not penetrate has actually been shattered by this guy’s punch?

How heavy was that punch just now?

The King of Fists was known to have a punch force of 800 pounds; any random punch from him could kill a cow.

The physique of a Grade D martial artist was comparable to that of a superior human; the force of his punch would exceed 1000 pounds.

At this moment, Xia Qingwan suddenly realized that Chu Feng had not responded to Sun Jian earlier not because he was afraid, but because he simply could not be bothered with Sun Jian!

Otherwise, a casual punch could kill Sun Jian.

Just as Xia Qingwan was letting her imagination run wild, Chu Feng had already started to fight the four scorpion-faced bugs.

He was able to do this with ease.

The scene made the crowd who were fleeing in all directions stop in their tracks.

They stood dumbfounded as they watched Chu Feng’s performance.

“Is this fellow… still human?”

“Brother Feng is simply more monstrous than a monster!”

“My idol!”

Suddenly, a skeptical voice could be heard saying, “Hmph, the monsters that have appeared this time are different from those shown on television in Country A. They are perhaps weaker. If I were to take them on, I think I can do it too.”

Sun Jian could sense everyone’s gaze turned on him.

He forced himself to straighten his back.

He did not wish to appear inferior to Chu Feng before the crowd.

Hence, he had thought of a reason which seemed to make sense.

Some of Sun Jian’s lackeys immediately chimed in.

“Yeah, they’re totally different from the ones on television. They’re definitely very weak.”

“Our Brother Jian has already passed the 7th-dan Black Belt test yesterday. If Chu Feng can do it, so can our Brother Jian!”

“That Chu Feng is deliberately showing off. I don’t believe it. Let him give one monster to us. We also want the opportunity!”

Chu Feng, who was still fighting, smiled.

Indeed, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

The demonic creatures which had appeared in Country A were from the leech tribe. With their much smaller build and weaker strength, they were almost the lowest form of existence among the demonic creatures.

The scorpion-faced bugs today were much stronger than those from the leech tribe.

However, since they had made a request, Chu Feng did not mind sharing one monster with them.

The battle with the Abyss was not something any human could avoid.

Sooner or later, they would have to go through it.

With this thought in mind, he stepped to the side and let one scorpion-faced bug go.

With its low intelligence, the scorpion-faced bug did not stop at all.

It grabbed the marble with its claw and crushed it into pieces, and charged madly toward Sun Jian and his gang.

Seeing this sight, the faces of Sun Jian and his lackeys all turned green.

“Could this thing even be that strong?”

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