Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 963 - 963 Unintentional! Business Opportunity!

963 Unintentional! Business Opportunity!

1.5 million for a trump card comparable to the full-strength attack of a top-notch Greater God.

It could be used to kill or stop the enemy.

The cost-effective ratio was already very high!

The market price would be at least three million.

Of course, everyone knew that the final price would definitely be more than this.

However, the problem was that such a high-grade technological creation could not be bought with money!

Such one-time-use Yuheng was powerful enough and easy to use, which made it the most popular. It would bring an indescribable sense of security if they bid for it and put it in their house!

Therefore, even if the final price was higher, everyone could accept it.

Some who had thoughts had already begun to look forward to it.

Seeing that he had already piqued everyone’s interest, Third Master Bao said without hesitation, “I hereby announce that the auction begins. The highest bidder wins!”

Immediately, someone hurriedly said, “1.5 million!”

But before he could finish speaking, someone hurriedly said, “1.6 million!”

“1.7 million!”

Soon, the price approached 2 million.

Chu Feng was also interested.

He had already experienced the effect of such a thing before.

However, at that time, the Yuheng’s rank was still very low. It was not even at the divine rank. Even so, it had allowed Chu Feng to escape death several times!

He had to get it!

At critical moments, this was a life-saving thing.

Thus, Chu Feng took action.

This time, he was not too arrogant. After all, the Star Domain Essence he could use now was only 8 million. He had to use it sparingly.

“2 million!”

It was only 50,000 drops higher than the previous bidder.

After shouting, Chu Feng did not take it seriously.

He was ready to increase the price after others shouted again.

As long as it did not exceed four million, Chu Feng felt that it was quite worth it.

However, after waiting for a long time, Chu Feng did not see anyone bidding.

What was wrong with everyone?

Out of money?

But this was only 2 million, not even the market price. They were not even competing?

Chu Feng tilted his head and looked around.

Everyone around him was staring at him.

Their eyes were filled with indignation.

They seemed helpless.

After hesitating for a long time, they still did not raise the number plate in their hands.

“They… What are they doing? They’re making me flustered!”

Chu Feng gulped and asked Shu Wanjuan beside him.

Shu Wanjuan pursed his lips.

“Do you really not understand, or are you pretending to be ignorant after taking advantage of us?”

Chu Feng cried out in grievance.

What did I do?!

This time, I was even careful to increase the price. Is this wrong?

Shu Wanjuan sighed and said enviously, “That move of yours just now was really marvelous!”

“In everyone’s hearts, you’re the representative of Grandmaster Mo!”

“With Grandmaster Mo’s status, who would still be willing to compete with you? Who would dare to compete with you?!”

“If the price is too low, they won’t be able to get it. If the price is too high, they’ll be afraid that you’ll give up and trap them. They’ll suffer a huge loss for nothing. They might as well stop competing!”

“The auction has just begun. There are still many good things to come. Why should they fight to the death with a second-generation rich blacksmith like you?”

“There’s no benefit to winning, and it’s embarrassing to lose. Why bother?!”

Shu Wanjuan explained.

Chu Feng was immediately enlightened.

So this could happen?

The old man’s aftershock actually had such an effect?


He knew that the old man had been squeezed dry, but the others did not know!

They thought that the old man was rich and was willing to spend money on Chu Feng. Who could afford to offend such a second-generation blacksmith?!

Chu Feng’s eyes immediately lit up.


This was a huge business opportunity!

If he could buy these treasures at a price lower than the market price, wouldn’t he make a killing?!

At this moment, Third Master Bao also sensed that something was amiss.

No matter how he encouraged them, the crowd did not respond.

Was he really going to let this kid take away these three top-grade Yuheng with 2 million?!

Then the Sky Treasure Pavilion would lose at least half the price!

Third Master Bao even wanted to arrange for someone to bid for it!

Unfortunately, the credibility that the Sky Treasure Pavilion had accumulated over the years did not allow him to play such a small trick.

In the end, Third Master Bao could only look at the people in the private rooms on the second floor for help.

These guys were at least Divine Lord experts. They should not be afraid of Chu Feng, right?

But the truth made Third Master Bao want to cry again.

There was still no movement.

The people on the second floor would indeed not care about anything, but a treasure like Yuheng was clearly not enough to move them.

Another reason was that at this stage, no one wanted to provoke Chu Feng, this “lunatic dog”…

Didn’t you see that Huangpu You’s face was about to swell from the slap?

If they offended this vengeful kid, when they encountered a treasure they wanted later, what if this guy came to cause trouble?

He could raise the price to the sky with just a few shouts!

Firstly, they did not need it. Secondly, it was unnecessary.

Therefore, who would be stupid enough to stand out!

Third Master Bao seemed to have recognized reality. With a bitter expression, he could only announce the final outcome under Chu Feng’s expectant gaze.

“Since no one else is bidding, these three Yuheng will belong to Chu Feng!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Third Master Bao felt as if a piece of his heart had been cut out.

He had been in the business world for tens of thousands of years. When had he ever suffered a loss!

Today, he had suffered a loss because of a little fellow.

How heartbreaking!

Chu Feng happily put the Yuheng back into his pocket.

He had profited!

Chu Feng’s eyes shone.

The strange balance he had unintentionally facilitated was a great opportunity that was rare in ten thousand years. He had to seize it!

There were still six million drops of Star Domain Essence left. It was still very promising!

Under Chu Feng’s eager gaze, the appraisal meeting continued.

The third item was a top-grade forging material that could be used by the Demon Hunting Team for divine weapons. It was auctioned!

The fourth item was a top-grade spiritual pill. It was said to be able to revive the dead. Regardless of whether it was useful or not, he had to obtain this divine medicine first!

Bought it!

Fifth, sixth…

Bought it!

Bought it!

Chu Feng did not refuse anything. He would take all the good things he liked!

And they were all extreme prices that were far lower than the market price!

This made the others angry but not dare to say anything!

Of course, there were also people who were unconvinced. They could not stand Chu Feng’s arrogant appearance and wanted to compete with him.

However, every time this happened, Chu Feng would be like a “mad dog”. No matter how high the price was, he would always increase the price!

“This is the final price. Even the remains of the herbs are more expensive!”

That was what Chu Feng said.

His careless appearance really left everyone at a loss.

Third Master Bao even had the intention to pinch Chu Feng to death.

This guy was purely a scourge!

How long had the Sky Treasure Pavilion prepared for this five-star treasure appraisal meeting that happened once every ten thousand years? How much had it paid?!

Now, it was about to be exploited by this kid alone!

They could not tolerate it any longer…

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