Chapter 1003 - 1003 Shattered Lighthouse Territory

1003 Shattered Lighthouse Territory

From the moment Liu Yan and the others began their attack until it concluded, only a matter of minutes had passed.

The sudden battle quickly came to an end.

The bodies of dozens of Lakonian lay on the ground, dead beyond any chance of revival.

The remaining Blue Planet members observed this scene with astonishment.

After all, they were all fellows of the Lighthouse Territory. They never anticipated that Lu Dajiang and his group would swiftly resort to violence and eliminate the Lakonianian.

“Vice captain, what’s happening? Aren’t we all part of the same territory?”

“Yes, even though they are Lakonian, they are now members of our Lighthouse Territory. They are our people. Why would you do this?”

“What exactly is going on?”

“Did something occur in the front?”

The team members were filled with confusion.

Their astonishment grew when they noticed Liu Yan, whose presence had been concealed until now.

Liu Yan was not their enemy. Wasn’t the Origin Territory a hostile territory?

How could Liu Yan and a few top experts from their Lighthouse Territory join forces and attack the Lakonian together?

This bewildering scene left them utterly perplexed.

Lu Dajiang glanced at the Blue Planet individuals and calmly responded, “I don’t have the time to explain everything now. You will understand later. If you trust me, cooperate and follow us obediently. Do not resist. Otherwise, you will suffer a grim fate. Please believe me. As long as you do not resist or attempt to escape, not only will you be safe, but you will also have a better future.”

The remaining Blue Planet members of the Lighthouse Territory exchanged uncertain glances. Though fear gripped their hearts, they had no choice but to place their trust in Lu Dajiang.

After all, Lu Dajiang had accompanied them on the arduous journey from the tower and had faced countless life-and-death situations together. He had earned their trust.

Without delay, Lu Dajiang and his companions proceeded to the warehouse of the Lighthouse Territory to collect the available resources.

Since the Lighthouse Territory was on the verge of dissolution, the entire territory would soon crumble. It was necessary to take these resources.

Utilizing a substantial number of storage rings, they were able to carry a significant amount of resources.

Unfortunately, the vast quantity of resources within the Lighthouse Territory’s warehouse made it impossible to take everything at once.

Due to time constraints and the risk of being discovered by the Lakon Territory, they couldn’t make multiple trips to retrieve all the resources.

If they were detected by the Lakon Territory, everyone from the Origin Territory, including Lu Dajiang and the others, would face dire consequences.

Therefore, Lu Dajiang and his companions could only salvage as many valuable resources as possible, while leaving the rest behind.

After packing the warehouses with all the available resources, Lu Dajiang and the others planned to leave.

Liu Yan, who was nearby, couldn’t help but feel a sense of regret.

There were so many resources in the Lighthouse Territory’s warehouses, yet they couldn’t take them all. It was truly a pity.

However, they had managed to take a significant portion of the resources, which was already quite substantial.

With a cursory glance, Liu Yan noticed various high-level equipment, cultivation resources, and a variety of materials. He even found some rare materials that the Origin Territory had been lacking.

With these resources, he believed that the future development of the Origin Territory would proceed smoothly.

From now on, the members of Team Origin would no longer need to worry about materials.

Having an ample supply of materials, they could focus on the development of the Origin Territory.

The members of Team Origin could now dedicate themselves to training and cultivation, enhancing their strengths.

Especially with the considerable amount of cultivation resources obtained from the Lighthouse Territory, the members of the Origin Territory would be able to rapidly improve their strength.

Liu Yan couldn’t help but marvel at the unexpected fortune they had gained from this situation.

As a result, the future development of the Origin Territory would progress at an accelerated pace.

When Lu Dajiang and the others approached, Liu Yan asked, “How’s it going? Have you taken everything that needs to be taken?”

Lu Dajiang glanced at the pile of storage rings in his bag and nodded, “We’ve taken away all the valuable resources. The remaining resources that couldn’t be taken aren’t particularly precious or crucial.”

Huang Yuan turned around and looked at the Lighthouse Territory, feeling a bit sentimental. “Compared to the resources in the warehouses, this Lighthouse Territory is the fruit of our hard work. We’ve put so much effort into building it, but now we have to disband it. It’s truly a pity.”

Wei Feng also nodded. “Yes, establishing such a powerful Lighthouse Territory was a step-by-step process. We have gone through so much danger and hardship. It hasn’t been easy.”

The other members of the Lighthouse Territory who were aware of the situation had a sense of unease upon hearing this.

“Vice captain, what do you mean?”

“Dissolve the territory? Are you out of your mind? If we dissolve the Lighthouse Territory, where will we go? Aren’t we dead for sure?”

“Vice captain, what’s wrong with you?”

“Captain Huang Yuan, why are you here? What’s happening?”

Lu Dajiang furrowed his brow and turned his head to reprimand them. “All of you, stop talking and be quiet! I didn’t want things to turn out this way either, but I have no other choice. You’ll understand everything when you learn about the situation later!”

Lu Dajiang never wanted to disband the Lighthouse Territory. After all, it was the result of their hard work and had been built over more than two years.

The Lighthouse Territory not only sheltered them but also represented their efforts and achievements in the Wind Barrier on the sixth floor of the tower. It was a precious asset.

However, facing the immense threat from the Lakon Territory, Lu Dajiang knew he had no other option.

No matter how valuable the Lighthouse Territory was, it couldn’t compare to the lives of the Lighthouse Territory members. The territory could be rebuilt, but once people were gone, they were gone forever. Lu Dajiang understood the importance of prioritizing lives.

At this point, Huang Yuan stopped hesitating and gradually regained his composure. He said, “Alright, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s move quickly!”

Ning Shanshan let out a sigh. “It seems we have no other choice.”

Lu Dajiang nodded and promptly led everyone out of the Lighthouse Territory.

Just now, Lu Dajiang had obtained the highest authority in the Lighthouse Territory.

After all, the captain of the Lighthouse Territory, Luo Feng, had already died. As the vice captain, Lu Dajiang easily acquired the highest authority in the Lighthouse Territory.

Upon reaching outside the Lighthouse Territory, Lu Dajiang no longer hesitated. He decisively used his newfound authority to choose to disband the Lighthouse Territory!

As Lu Dajiang chose to disband the Lighthouse Territory, the sturdy city wall of the tower, over 200 meters tall, which had been impregnable moments ago, collapsed instantly!

Simultaneously, all the buildings within the Lighthouse Territory also crumbled and shattered!

In less than a minute, the once magnificent Lighthouse Territory had turned into a heap of ruins!

While witnessing this scene, Lu Dajiang and the others felt a mix of heartache and gradual acceptance.

Lu Dajiang immediately gave the order, “Everyone, leave. Don’t look back. Keep moving forward!”

Liu Yan, who had remained silent throughout, understood that this was the fruit of Lu Dajiang and the others’ hard work. It was a moment that deserved respect and not interruption.

Upon hearing Lu Dajiang’s command, everyone suppressed the pain in their hearts and turned away, heading west.

At this point, the level 5 Lighthouse Territory had completely vanished from the Wind Barrier.

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