Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Making the Myriad Beast Bow, Entering the Central Nest!

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[Divine Extraction on the wolf king’s corpse has been successful. Obtained: Beast’s Sense of Smell (D-grade), Helter-skelter (D-grade), Aura Concealment (C-grade), strength +11, agility +14, spirit +9!]

To think that he had obtained three skills and so many attribute points at once, Liu Yan was quite surprised.

At the same time, when the surrounding wild wolves saw that the wolf king’s corpse had instantly withered, they were all frightened.

Having already witnessed Liu Yan’s terrifying combat strength, the wild wolves no longer dared to attack him. All of them retreated in fear and fled.

Liu Yan had scared the pack of wild wolves away just like that...

Liu Yan didn’t chase after them. These wild wolves were only ordinary level one beasts, so they wouldn’t increase his strength much. As such, there was no need to waste time or Divine Extraction on them.

There were many more beasts and Tower defense beasts that were stronger than them in the beast tide. If he wanted to improve his strength, he had many better choices.

Following this, Liu Yan looked at the three new skills that he had obtained.

[Beast’s Sense of Smell ]

[Grade: D]

[Effect: Passive skill, improves one’s sense of danger. One will be able to use one’s keen sense of smell to sense danger and all sorts of situations in the vicinity.]


[Grade: D]

[Effect: Burns MP to instantly triple speed.]

[Aura Concealment]

[Grade: C]

[Effect: Passive skill. If you hold your breath and focus, it will improve the concealment effect, making it even harder for you to be discovered.]

Reading through the effects of the three skills, Liu Yan was instantly overjoyed.

The Beast’s Sense of Smell was a passive skill similar to Spirit Vision.

The difference was that the former was of a higher grade, so it was naturally more powerful.

In addition, the Beast’s Sense of Smell was a perception-type skill related to the sense of smell, while Spirit Vision was related to the sense of sight.

With both, Liu Yan’s perception would become even more powerful, greatly increasing his sense of danger.

As for the skill Helter-skelter, it was also a speed-type skill, but with a grade that was slightly higher than Ghoststeps. Though its actual effects would have to wait until Liu Yan actually used it.

Looking at the introduction, it seemed that Ghoststeps and Helter-skelter did not contradict each other. If the two skills were used together, added with Liu Yan’s already exaggerated agility attribute, he could already imagine how fast he would be.

The last skill he had obtained was Aura Concealment.

When Liu Yan had been following the steel-clawed wild wolf just now, he had been discovered by the wild wolves. As such, it was apparent that his ability of concealment was not very good.

Besides, the grade of the skill Aura Concealment was quite high. With this skill, Liu Yan’s movements in the future would be much safer.

After this battle, Liu Yan analyzed his current situation.

Currently, he had Spirit Vision, Poison Arrows, Ultimate Aim, and Strength Enhancement.

He had also obtained powerful skills in concealment, smell, and speed, which made him suited to be an archer.

His speed was extremely fast, his stealth was strong, his perception was strong, and his long-range DPS was just insane!

However, there was also one problem. He did not have enough arrows. This problem had appeared in the battle just now, which had made it so that Liu Yan had no choice but to come down from the tree to retrieve his arrows, thus leading to the danger that he had encountered.

This time, it was fortunate that Liu Yan had enough strength and was fast to react, which was why he could kill the wolf king.

If there was a next time, the outcome would not be sure.

Liu Yan had to try his best to minimize the probability of such dangerous situations and prevent them from happening. He could not take his precious life as a joke.

He looked at the E-grade bow in his hand. The body of the bow, which had been refined after undergoing Divine Extraction, was of high quality and much stronger than any other ordinary E-grade equipment.

However, the bowstring was not good enough. It could not withstand Liu Yan’s powerful strength.

Liu Yan looked at the wolf king’s corpse. Although it had withered, there were still some things on it that could be used.

Taking out a dagger, Liu Yan dissected it.

Soon, he picked out the wolf king’s tendons.

As the wolf king, the quality of its tendons was very good. They were just right to be used as his bowstring.

Liu Yan changed the bowstrings and the bow was instantly sturdier.

Even with Liu Yan’s current terrifying strength attribute, it was a little difficult for him to pull the bow.

As such, he estimated that after he used Strength Enhancement, the new bowstring should be able to barely withstand his terrifying strength.

Then, Liu Yan cut off the steel claws on the wild wolf king’s corpse and made arrowheads.

Liu Yan tested them with the corpse. They were incomparably sharp and could pierce through the skin of beasts in an instant.

He now had the bowstring and arrowheads, but he still lacked arrows.

Liu Yan turned his gaze to the hair on the wild wolf’s corpse.

After removing the hair, the production of his arrows was thus completed.

Liu Yan tested it out.

“Whoosh!” The whistling sound of air could be heard as the speed of the arrows had nearly doubled!

After all the production was completed, Liu Yan looked at his seemingly brand new equipment and felt satisfied.

The corpses of these beasts were good stuff. They were really useful!

Liu Yan looked at the completely changed bow in his hand and muttered, “I’ll call you the Myriad Beast Bow from now on!”

The current Myriad Beast Bow was already extremely powerful. Coupled with Liu Yan’s abilities, its lethality was incomparably terrifying. Let alone level one beasts, even level two beasts could be easily killed with a single arrow.

However, this was only for now. As Liu Yan’s strength increased rapidly in the future, the bow would gradually be insufficient in quality.

Liu Yan pondered. In the future, when he had more powerful materials, he would slowly replace the components and strengthen the Myriad Beast Bow slowly.

After finishing tweaking his equipment, Liu Yan looked at the rest of the wild wolf corpses.

Although level 1 beasts wouldn’t provide much, he could still get something from them.

Moreover, his Divine Extraction had a higher usage limit now, so Liu Yan was willing to use some here.

Following that, he walked to the wolves’ corpses and used Divine Extraction again and again.

Rays of green light enveloped the wolves’ corpses, and notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[Divine Extraction of the wolf corpse has been successful. Obtained: strength +3, vitality +2, agility +3!]

[Divine Extraction of the wolf corpse has been successful. Obtained: strength +2, vitality +3, agility +3!]


After finishing using Divine Extraction on the six or seven wild wolf corpses, Liu Yan had obtained quite a number of attribute points, and his strength had once again received a huge improvement.

Right now, he was left with more than ten chances to use Divine Extraction, which was enough for the time being.

After tidying up everything, Liu Yan put away his dagger and directly headed toward the nest in the center with the Myriad Beast Bow on his back.

The central nest was filled with quite a number of Awakened corpses waiting for Liu Yan to use Divine Extraction on them and then become stronger!

Upon entering the central nest, Liu Yan felt as if he had entered a completely different world.

He had originally thought that there would be all sorts of beasts living in the nest. Added by the fact that so many corpses of the Awakened had been dragged here, he had thought that it would be extremely stinky inside.

However, what surprised Liu Yan was that not only was it not stinky, but there were was even all sorts of fragrances that were extremely pleasant to the nose.

Smelling the fragrances, Liu Yan immediately had a guess in his heart. He followed the scent and moved forward.

Not long after, when he turned a corner, what appeared before him was a large area of all kinds of precious spirit fruits!

Liu Yan’s eyes were immediately filled with ecstasy. Previously, not only had the detoxifying purple herb helped him increase his strength by a lot, but it also helped to detoxify him. It had played a very crucial role.

And the detoxifying purple herb was only a herb.

Before him, on the other hand, were spirit fruits. The rarity of spirit fruits was a hundred times more than herbs!

With so many precious spirit fruits, hadn’t he struck gold?!

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